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Billionaire’s Maid. Chapter 6

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❤The Billionaire’s Maid ❤

A Romance Story


????Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit????

Authoress Anna

Note :- This chapter is Unedited

???? Chapter Six ????

????Nadia’s POV????

I was walking towards them not until I felt someone pull me from nowhere into an elevator

“What the…. ” I turned and was surprised to see that it was Lewis “Lewis?? What.. What,??

Just then the elevator closed

“Wait, tell me you’re blind?? Cos I really need to know ” Lewis asked and I shot him a glance. What does he mean?

“I don’t understand ” I replied

“You’re walking into your grave., don’t you know that?? Wait let’s just assume I left already, what do you think ephod have happened?? He asked

Honestly, I don’t understand what he is trying to pass across to me but I decided not to talk

“someone called you.. Do you know who it was?? He asked and I shook my head “Fine, are you blind that you don’t see who was standing next to the lady calling you ”

“Of course I saw a guy standing next to her, so what?? I shrugged

“A guy?? Now I can tell you’re blind ”

“You don’t have the right to insult me” I practically yelled

“Of course I do, cos if you’re not blind them you will know that guy is my brother Christian ” He said and my eyes widened

“Ch.. Christian?? I said

Oh my goodness, the guy standing next to the lady calling me was christian, I looked at myself, I was wearing my maid uniform. What if he had seen me dressed like this?? Oh goodness!! Then I am finished

“Yes,.. That was christian ” Lewis said

“I don’t know it was christian,.. I have a problem with my eyes so I can’t see from afar… I really don’t know it was christian ” I said and then the elevator stopped

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Lewis shook his head and went out, he then turned to look at me

“Then get yourself a glass” he said and left

What?? Is he trying to insult me?? But seriously I am fed up of this Dakota act.. Really fed up, I think I should come clean..

Then lose my job?? Ohh no way

What am I going to do?? I am really not free in this hotel, what if someone finds out that I have been staying in Dakota room or what if Christian ask one of the maid about whereabout of Dakota then the maid will spill everything out that Dakota is not back… Gosh!!! This is really frustrating

Just one little mistake and I am in this big mess

“Nadia ” Someone called and I turned to see Linda walking up to me

“Good morning ” I greeted but there was no response.. It dawned on me that something ain’t right


“Nadia.. Where have you been?? I hardly see you around and during the party.. Where were you?? I gave you some tasks to do but you didn’t.. Is this how lazy you are, huh?? Are you telling me that this is the real you?? She said and I really felt bad

“I am sorry, it’s not what you think.. I am really not a lazy type.. Plss give me one more chance.. It won’t happen again” I pleaded and she let out a sigh

“Fine but you should know that some maids are chosen to go to go to Mr George new construction site ” Linda said and I arched my brow

“Mr George?? Christian father?? I asked

“Yeah and we need at least 15 maids from the hotel and you’re among them ”

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“Uhmm, will Christian also be present?? I asked and she nodded

“Of course and why are you asking me this?? Linda said and I shook my head

“It’s nothing but is it compulsory for me to go.. I mean…. ” she shot me a glare making me keep shut

“I have to go now ” she said and left


I was pacing to and fro thinking of what to do and someone hugged me behind making me yelped, I turned to see who it was but it was Brianna

She was also dressed in her maid attire

“Bri.. You scared me ”

“Sorry Nadia but why didn’t you answer me when I called you earlier ” She asked and I raised my brow

So it was Brianna who called me but what is she doing next to Christian??

“Ohh sorry I didn’t hear ” I replied

“What?? Of course you heard and you are already coming but someone dragged you into the elevator.. I actually wanted you to meet my crush, he is really handsome and cool ” Brianna said while she held her chest

Gosh!! Brianna is crushing on Christian?? That’s bad.. How is she going to feel when she found out that her crush actually like Dakota which is me.. Ohh this is not good

” Even though I don’t really know him yet but I believe he is cool and that reminds me, i need to go cos I was chosen to go to the construction site too” She said

“I was chosen too” I said sadly

“Ohh I hope christian won’t come cos you know if he is present, he will get to know the real you “Brianna said

“That’s it Bri.. I don’t know what to do?? I said

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“How about you just tell him everything and come clean.. You can’t continue to act as Dakota forever.. I believe he is going to understand ‘ Brianna said but I didn’t answer

I don’t really wanna lose my job

“Nadia, everything is gonna be okay ” Brianna said and smiled “I have to go now ” she said

“Bri….. ” I called but she is already gone


I was left thinking about what to do.. How am I going to be at the construction site and Christian won’t see me.? This is really frustrating

I don’t really know what to do.. How am I going to stop christian from going or how am I going to stop myself from going.. Now Brianna is also going and she is going to found out that the guy he is crushing on Christian, the son of the founder of this hotel

I kept thinking of what to do when suddenly people started running up and down.. I was curious to know what is happening but everyone seems busy with what he or she is doing

What is going on?? I thought

Nadia?? Linda called and I quickly ran to her

“Uhm.. What is going on?? Why is everyone running around?? I asked

“We have to add more maids that are going to the construction site ” she said


“Because Dakota Gold will also be present, she is coming today and she is going to the construction site first ” Linda said and I was beyond shocked

“Dakota is coming today??

“Yes.. Now get everything prepared ” Linda said and she quickly left

Oh my goodness… Dakota is coming today.. ” I thought to myself and I wish the ground could swallow me up

I am doomed