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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 38

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 38

By : Blessing Arubuola

Wesley’s Pov

He glared at the paper i gave to him and he gave me a cranky look .

He threw the paper away and he let out a hiss. Huh?

“What’s the meaning of that ?” i asked him with a smirk .

“Meaning of what ? You gave me a check of 3 million dollars all because you want to help ?” He scoffed and he rested on his chair .

“Don’t you want to be in possess of this company huh?” i gave him a hard look .

“You told me that you’re going to help me but you didn’t told me that am going to pay for your help ?” He asked me and i scoffed .

“Did you know why i came back to my daughter ? Did you think i came to your company for a job or reconciliation ? Hell no! I came back here to drain kayden , i want part of his money because he’s dating my daughter and i know that my daughter will be best target for me

“I can get my money all by myself but i felt like i should help you . But since you said my charge is too much , then i can go away with my plan .” I said to him and i picked up the paper he threw on the floor .

I folded it back and i kept it in my pocket , i turned around to leave but he stopped me .

“Wait ! ” His deep voice stopped me .

I turned around and i saw him approaching me . This is what i wanted ! .

“I’m really sorry for my rudeness ” he apologized

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“What did you want now ?”

“Please let’s sit down .” He urged me to a couch that was in the middle of the office .

I smirked and i went to the seat and i sat down on it, He also sat down in front of him , he crossed his legs and placed his two hands on it.

“Uhmm, What plan did you have before ?” He asked me and a wicked smile crept on my lips .

” That’s what you’re supposed to asked me before ….”


“I love the plan , if it should work out then i’ll make sure to credit you with 5 Million dollars ” He enthused with a radiant smile .

“Really ?” i beamed .

“Yes ! So when are we carrying out the plan ?”

“On Thursday ” i replied him .

” That’s two days from now. ”

“Yes ! i’ve got everything set , just leave everything to me . ” i assured him

“But… Are you sure the plan will work out , will kayden drop everything because of your daughter ?” He questioned with worry .

I bought out my phone and i showed him the new trending video that was posted yesterday .

“You mean this happened yesterday ?”

“Yes,he kissed her in his record label ,in front of everyone . ” i explained to him .

“Are you still doubting the plan ?” i asked him and he shakes his head .

Good !


Kayden’s Pov

I smashed my phone on the floor and i ruffled my hair in anger . I can’t still believe what i heard at the audition .

i heard everything ! Every damn thing! Their annoying conservation ! .

So Mateo is riele’s Ex boyfriend ?

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And he applied for the audition ? This is bull shit ! When i’m already liking her , her ex appeared .

So f**k up !

I inhaled in deeply , i sat down on the bed and i dipped my finger into my hair . I don’t even know why i followed her .

i won’t have hear that damn shit if i hadn’t followed them ! What the hell is wrong with me ?

This feeling am having , i hate it so much that i feel like dying ! This was the same feelings i had for cassy in school .

That i got myself embarrassed. I remembered my first crush at volder Highschool .

When i was still in my dream world that i always fantasy about the mist beautiful girl at my school.
I’ve always liked Cassy since my very first day at the school .

i gathered courage to ask her out but i was embarrassed by cassy , she poured coffee on my body .

it was a day i will never forget , she ridiculed me in front of the students . It was the ill incident that made me to hate love and i became harsh to people.

But here am i , falling in love with a girl that came here to stayed with me for three months .


I don’t want to lose her to any f**king ex and i know what i will do !


I walked quiet beside kayden , new attitude ! Since yesterday,he has been acting cold to me .

After kissing me ,he is now snubbing me again ! Really !

When i thought my mission is already getting complete , Gosh !.

He didn’t hold my hand today neither did he act seductive to me today . What’s wrong with him ?

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I will admit, i loved what happened between us yesterday, the kiss and his touch , it was a magic on my body .

“Your hand .. ” His icily voice bought me back to life.

I glared at him and the look on his face was really scary and intimidating ! .

Out of fear, i gave him my hand . He intertwined our hands together and he walked inside the hall .

“Where is mateo ?” He asked immediately we entered .


Mateo ?

“Sir..” one of the staff approached him but he shoved him away and he walked angrily to the judges seat .

“Kay, are you alright ? ” Nolan asked him .

“I’m fine, where is mateo ? ” He asked again and mateo came out .


“You’re out from this contest and the winner for this audition is contestant 1 and 5 ” He said angrily
What !

“Kay, what’s wrong with you ? You can’t eliminate when he’s the winner !” Nolan and dylan chided at him .

“This is my audition and i can f**king do what i like. He was the winner i choose but i’ve changed my mind . I want him out of my contest . ” he yelled !

“Kay! What is wrong with you ?” i asked him angrily as i removed my hand from his .

“what’s wrong with the fact that am eliminating your ex boyfriend ? ” He asked and a gasp escaped from everybody’s mouth .

My eyes opened wide in shock ! How did he found out .