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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 41 and 42

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 41

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov
After spending ten minutes under the shower , i turned it off and i walked closer the hanger on the wall . Damn! The clothes are wet !

But with the wetness, i’m gonna wear the shirt like that . I searched my clothes but the shirt was nowhere to be found .


I searched it again like a cray woman but nothing like a shirt . Oh no! How come the shirt isn’t here ?

I placed my hand on my waist and i tried to remember where i placed the shirt .

Oh my ….
What the f**k!

The shirt is still in kayden’s room, i forgot to take it from his room . What am i gonna do now ? And am naked !

Should i call him that he should help me with the shirt?

No! I can’t do that !

What if he see my body ….

And my clothes are all wet . Am i gonna sleep here?

But…They have to be a towel in his bathroom . I came out of the shower and i glanced around his bathroom .


I scurried to the piles of folded towels and i took one from it . This should help me out .

I quickly wrapped it on my body ….

The towel was shirt ;Very short ! It stopped at my thighs,it wasn’t even touching my knees and b*tts weren’t helping the matter .

It made the towel to look somehow on my body . Gosh! This isn’t helping my situation .

But how am i gonna get out ? I was still thinking on what to do when a knock came on the door .

“Riele ? Are you in there ?” i heard his voice and my heart suddenly beat fast .

I’m taking time !

“I’m fine ..” i answered him with a shaken voice .

I’d no other choice than to go out with this towel . But how am i gonna look in front of him ? Won’t he thinks i left the shirt in his room on purpose ?


I don’t even want to think about that right now . I went back into the shower glass and i packed my wet clothes, i dropped it in the basket that was placed beside the sink .

I checked myself in the mirror to make sure my nervousness wasn’t that much . I think it’s ok for now .

I left the mirror and i headed for the door , i cupped my hand around the door hinges , i breathed a sigh of relief .

“It’s ok Riele .” i said to myself just to calm down .

Then, i opened the door . Jeez ! Kayden was backing me . He was already shirtless, he was only putting on his trouser .

His broad shoulders were smiling at me ,it made my heart to fluttered more . What’s wrong with me?

i cleared my throat for him to noticed my presence and he turned around .

“I was about knocking…..” He said as he turned around but swallowed it when he noticed me .

He used his eyes to scanned my body, and his mouth fell down . Jeez! I knew this will happen .

“Sorry about this,i forgot the shirt ” i rushed my words nervously .

He was still looking at me in a weird way ,that look of his was making me to held in my breathe . I quickly scanned the room for the shirt and i saw it laying on the floor at the other side of the bed .

finally !

“My shirt ..” I scurried to the other side of the bed and i scuttled down to picked it up .

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“Have seen it …” i said to him and i started to unbuttoned the shirt .

i was about loosen the towel when my eyes went across the room and i saw him _ still staring at me!.


“I thought you also wanted to shower ?” i said to him .

“Shower ? yes ! i wanted to shower , i almost forgot that . ” he feigned a smile and he went into the bathroom .

That was close !

immediately he left, i quickly used the opportunity to dressed up .


Kayden’s Pov ????
I entered the bathroom with a rush , i quickly locked the door and i went to stood in front of the wall mirror . ..

What was that ?

i can’t believe i got lost while staring at her . I even felt hard too . Why would she forgot her shirt in the room ?


Her shape in that towel was really killing ! I couldn’t denied the fact that i drooled over her .

This is my second time !

Wait! What was i thinking when i told her to come to my room ?

How will the both of us sleep ?It’s just a night,nothing will happen between us, i can’t even do anything to her without her consent right ?.

Enough of my thinking , i need to bath right now.


I came out of the bathroom with towel wrapped around my head . She was sitting on the couch . Was she waiting for me to come out ?

Funny !

I walked in fully , i dropped the wet towel on a couch and i put on one of my nightie shirt . Transparent shirt precisely.

“You’re done ?” i heard her voice ,it came out like a whisper .

“Yes…” i replied her and i went to sat on the bed too.
Suddenly we both became silent , i was fondling with my thoughts . I don’t even know what to do right now .

“Thank you once again ” she broke the silence .

“You’re welcome …” i replied her and i turned over to her side,she also turned over .

The shirt….

It didn’t fit in her breast very well . Tempting moment !

“But kay…”

“Why did you eliminated Him from the contest ? ” she asked me the question i wasn’t’t sure of the answer .

I didn’t eliminate him because of the relationship she had with him but because i was scared of losing her to him .

“Don’t worry about that ,let’s sleep ” i said to her and i lied down on the bed but she didn’t lie down .

“What’s wrong ” i asked her

“Uhm..are we going to sleep together on the bed ” she asked me and i forced myself not to laugh .

Funny question.

“Yes,are you scared ?” i asked her as i sat up on the vbd . She tried to lie but it was written on her face ,she was scared .

“You don’t have to be scared, i just don’t want be alone . I need someone to sleep with but am not doing anything with you ok ! If i really want to have something with you, i would have done that when you came out with a towel .” i teased her and i saw the quick surprise on her face .

“I was just joking ,let’s sleep” i cooed and i helped her to lied down on the bed .

She lied down on the bed and she faced me . Even in the dark room,she was still looking really beautiful .

Everything about her right now is really tempting,her lips. Everything .

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I moved closer to her and the fear in her eyes shone .

I moved my head closer to hers . I placed my hand on her lips,and i saw her shaking .

“Can i ?” i asked her referring to her lips .

I don’t knoe If she knows what i meant but she nodded her head like a baby .

I wrapped my head around her waist to drew her closer to myself and i placed my lips on hers .

She opened up to every Bit of the kiss, i saw her moving closer to me ,she also wrapped her hand around my neck ,awaken the beast in me .

No…i need to stop .

When i noticed that thr ROmance was getting hot,i auickly unlocked from the kiss .

“Good night ..” i said and i stroked her hair gently .

I quickly turned to the other side of the bed , i just hope i calm myself down .




????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 42

By: Blessing Arubuola

Amber’s Pov
I dropped my coat on a stool and i went to the apron shelf to picked up my apron . I quickly worn it on my neck .

Today is sure gonna be a busy day for me .

Few minutes ,i was done with the shop opening , ready to welcome a customer in .

Suddenly, i heard the door’s bell jingled, My first customer for today . I was kinda of excited and overwhelmed .

Yes, ever since riele left ,Mrs venassa left me with money ; huge amount of money that can feed me for a two years without working .

But i don’t want to lazy at home so i decided my mind to set up a snack shop since am a caterer , that was what i learnt at school .

I really wanna relieve Riele of working burden , if she doesn’t achieve the mission ,then we will live off with the money that mrs venassa gave me and with the one i earned .

“Good morning…” i swallowed my greetings when i saw my dad standing right in front of me .

What the heck!

“Dad?” i stuttered blearily .

“Surprised to see me right ? Wow, you’ve become a big lady . Look at you…” He tried to soften my anger with his stupid compliments but ain’t buyin’ that from him.

“What the hell are you doing here ? How dare you show your face in front of me ?” i snarled at him with my hand fisted together .

“Has your mom’s dismissal affected your manners huh ? ” He questioned with a grin .

“Did you realized that am your father ?” He asked me and i rolled my eyes at him .

“Did you just asked me that question huh ? You lost that right when you abandoned us 15 years ago . Did you know what? Just leave !” i half yelled at him
“Amber, i know that i deserved your anger but I’ve realized my mistakes . I came here for reconciliation …” he pleaded and i found myself giggling .

“Really ? The Mr Wesley i knew doesn’t know how to plead for forgiveness . Tell me , what did you really want ?” i asked him with my hands at akimbo.
“Have you heard from Riele?” He asked me and i frowned .

“I knew it ! You came here because of riele right ? You came here for what you never have … Really ? Are you a father ? I despised the day i knew you to be my father , now get out !” i yelled at him with my hand pointing towards the door .

“I know that your stubborn will always show up . i didn’t came here unprepared ….”

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What does he mean by that ?

Suddenly, he bought a spray bottle and sprayed it on my face .

what the …..

“Dad, what are you doing to me ?” i asked him as i felt myself choking already . .

“Hang in there,you will soon know” that was last thing i heard before i blacked out .


Riele’s Pov
Flashes of sun rays made me to opened my eyes , i tossed around for some seconds before i turned to the window’s side .

i saw Kayden in front of the window; a cup was on his hand while his second hand was in his pocket .

He wasn’t putting on any clothes , He looks Hot ! I can’t believe i shared the same bed with him without not having anything with him .

Unbelievable ! .

i sat up on the bed and i saw a tray of tea beside me . Without even asking ,i sipped a drink from the cup and i dropped it back on the tray .

Then,i returned my gaze to the window and i saw….

He was already staring at me !

Not that look again .

“Good morning ” He greeted but it seems like i’ve forgotten how to construct a complete sentence .

“Hey.” he cooed again and i remembered that i haven’t replied to his greeting .

“Good morning “I finally said .

“How was your night ?” He asked me as he started walking closer to me .

Oh my !

My night ? It was ……

Unforgettable ! Undeniable ! Tempting night for me! Everything that happened yesterday night began to flashed back .

The towel incidence ..
The look on his face that sent shiver to my spine ….
And the …
Kiss !

Everything was just a memory for me .
Can this be an achievement for me ? Is he falling in…

Or should i say ,are we falling in love already ?

“Hey.” he tapped me snapping me outta of my thoughts .

I didn’t even realized that he was already sitting close to me . Jeez!

I don’t even realized that my heart beat has increased .


“are you alright ? ” He asked me and i nodded like a baby .

“Uhm…You have sweats on your head .” He said and he raised up his hand and cleaned the sweats on my face .

He was still cleaning the sweat when my eyes collided with his .

We both stared at ourselves for a long term, they is this look that i saw in his eyes . It was in definable, it was my face time of seeing him like this .

Then,i traced my gaze to his pink lips ; his tempting lips .

“Uhm ,thanks . ” i quickly said as to avoid the tempting moments between us .

“Sure ” He stuttered .

I removed the duvet from my body when he stood up from the bed and i got up.

“I need to change at my room ” i announced to him and i saw him running his eyes through my body especially my breast . .

Someone should tell him to stop that look.,he is giving me heart attack .

“Sure…” Suddenly his phone started ringing .

“excuse me ” He said before he picked the call .

“Hello,please who is this ?” He asked immediately he picked the call .

He went silent for some seconds before he talked Again .

“Amber? Who is she ?” he asked the caller .

Wait! Did he just mentioned amber ?

What happened to her ?