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A Maid For Him. Episode 17

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
( Mum brought her )

Episode 17
By Simrah Saeed

????️ Nora ????️

I feel so tired and now, there’s a lot of work to do this evening!

Will I be able to continue with this work?
I might end up passing out one of this days .

Yeah, I just came back from the hospital, the doctor told me to come back after a week for check up and so far, my baby is fine.

Like I said before, even if I don’t know how come about the pregnancy, I am ready to accept the responsibility of motherhood.

I pushed opened the door and ….what ?
The door hit Evan in the face!

” I..I..I..am sorry please, I didn’t know you were there ” I said sincerely but what’s he doing in my room? In my absence?

He held in head letting out a little groan! I must have hurt him.

” It’s uhm fine, I…I..came back and you were nowhere in the house, that’s why I came to your room to check if you will be here but you weren’t ”

He explained stuttering and I nodded.

” Okay ” I replied trailing off. I don’t know what else to say.

” So where did you went to?” He asked and I found myself becoming nervous!

I can’t possibly tell him I went for a check-up to know if my baby is fine.

He will be very mad at me if he knows I am pregnant that’s the more reason I want to leave.

He might even make mockery of me, that’s what I want to avoid by all means.

Even if he ought to know I am pregnant, it should be after I am out of his house.

” Nora?” I snapped out of my thoughts staring blankly at him

” Huh, I…erhm , I went to get some fresh air down the street ” I lied

He stared suspiciously at me before nodding.

Is it me or he looks bothered? It seems he’s worried over something.

” O.. okay, I will be in my room ” he said as he walked pass me hastily.

Something is definitely wrong somewhere!

I jumped on the bed to rest a little before preparing for work when my back landed on my diary!

Oh my goodness! D..did he see it?
Gosh! How could I have been stupid to forget keeping it before I left?

I just hope he didn’t see it and besides I believe he won’t intrude in my privacy.


I blinked my eyes rapidly not believing my eyes.

Evan with apron in the kitchen? That’s his first since I entered into this house but what could he be preparing?

I thought that’s why I am paid right?

I cleared my throat to grab his attention and it did work.
He turned smilling widely at me.

” Hey ” he said cheerfully while I stared at him with a amuse look.

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He was preparing some egg and sauce

” You know you don’t have to do that when I am here Evan, that’s what I am paid for, to cook for you ” I said trying to collect the eggs from him but he refused.

” Since we became friends, I don’t see you as my maid anymore. You are one sweet soul and we are now friends, I have to help you out in some domestic works, this is my house remember?”

I nodded. Of course, I am not disagreeing on that with him.

” But Evan….”

” You don’t have to say anything pretty, shush already. I am making breakfast for us ” he said elongating the US

Seriously? I have never imagined Evan making breakfast for me and him.

I don’t know but he’s become more of caring and concerned about me since last week.

I don’t know what might have happened between him and Jenny because I haven’t seen her in a week now.

That’s a relief though, I wonder the stresses she will make me go through if she was here while I am struggling with this pregnancy.

Evan does practically all the chores in the house.

Everywhere will be cleaned up and tidied before I wake up .

He’s really been helpful saying that he sees I work a lot in the house and now he’s preparing breakfast.

” Thank you Evan ” I said smiling at him which he didn’t fail to return.

I pray I will be able to eat it at least for the fact that he made it for us, a first time.

God please don’t let the baby reject it .

The way I am very picky now with food surprised me a lot.

Seeing some meals make me wanna puke.

” Anything for you and by the way, I have a surprise for you Nora ” he said smiling sheepishly and I furrowed my eyebrows.

A surprise for me? What could that be?

” What surprise?” I asked curiously and he shrugged.

“Like I said, it’s a surprise. You will find out yourself, now let’s eat, I bought a dress for you, you will dress up and off we go ” he replied dishing out the fried egg and sauce.

When he was done, he handed a plate to me before dragging me out of the kitchen with him to the dinning.

I sighed smiling. Is this really the Evan I met at first?
He has changed a lot in everything….

He’s no longer a flirt, hardly will you see him with a lady and when they come around him, he runs off.

He has become very caring !

It’s just as if God changed him to help me out in this my condition.

I am very grateful!

” Are you going to eat or you want me to feed you?” He asked smirking while I shook my head making him chuckle.

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It doesn’t taste bad anyways!

” You like it?” He asked

” I love it Evan, thank you”
He rolled his eyes

” You’ve said that for a million times today ”



I stood nervously as Evan eyed me up and down.

Not even once did he blink or avert his gaze which made me more nervous.

Did I wear the dress wrongly? Why’s he staring at me that way?

Is the dress not looking good on my body?

I cleared my throat and he raised his face to mine.

” You look absolutely stunning Nora, you should dress this way more often ”

I sighed in relief and chuckled. At least it wasn’t what I was thinking.

I glanced at myself to see that my curves were visible. No wonder! I bet he was drooling.

” T..thank you Evan ”

” So shall we?” He asked and I nodded.

Like a gentleman he had become, he opened the passenger door for me and I got in.

Where is he taking me to? What surprise will warrant him taking me out in a very nice outfit?

He entered into the car and we drove off in a pregnant silent with no one speaking to another.

I badly wanted to ask him many questions but couldn’t.

Why’s he doing all this?

” Gosh Evan, I am getting tired already ” I said and he chuckled. .

It’s been almost an hour he’s been driving to where I don’t know but I believe we are entering the main city of America.

” Chill Nora, we are almost there ” he said taking a U-turn .

I nodded as he drive further.

We came to a place where the gates automatically opened itself and he drive in. .

Wow! Where’s this place?
It looks beautiful ! The house an decorations.

Evan drove into the lounge and halted as we hoped out the car.

” C’mon Nora, let’s head in ” his voice snapped me out.

I was looking around like a lost puppy, you wouldn’t blame me, this place is beautiful.

I am sure the owner must be stinking rich! But what are we doing here?

Wait! This is a fashion house! A big and beautiful fashion house. Oh my goodness!

This is the exact type I want!
I chuckled at myself .

I can’t get the money to build this type of fashion house even in ten years.

” Welcome Sir, welcome ma’am ” a Lady greeted us.

She was beautifully dressed in a apprentice uniform. Sure she’s a worker here.

” Yes, is everyone in? Everything’s in order?” Evan asked the lady who nodded.

” Yes Sir ” she replied and smiled at me.

” Let’s go Nora ”

Evan took my hand in his and we went inside the house.

We first went to the sewing session where we met like 10 people sowing, then we moved to the place where different materials for sowing were.

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Then to where the sowed dress were hung.

Goodness! They look so beautiful and Wow!

Those sewing must be very talented !

We went to another session where different types of designing machines were.

Everything here is how I have always dreamt of mine being but will that ever happen?

Some workers were cleaning, some were arranging, some were attending to few customers, some were sewing, some were getting the materials ready, some were about going for delivery, while…..

Oh God!

I love everything about this house!

” You like it?” Evan asked and I gave him a ” what the f*’k ” look.

Is he really asking me that?

” Of course I do, I love everything in here heck! ” I shrieked in astonishment.

My bad! I forgot to check the name of this fashion house.

Evan snapped his fingers and before I could turn around to look at things, all the workers emerged .

They all stood in front of us.

” Good afternoon everyone, I am sure you all know who I am ” he said and they all nodded.


” with me is Nora, it’s ma’am to you all ” he said taking a quick glance at me.

What’s he up to?

” I was only taking care of this place since last week and now your boss is available, you won’t be seeing me again ”

Huh? Which boss? They have a boss? Oh stupid! Of course, They have!

” congratulations Nora, you own this place ”

Wait! What did he just say? . That I own this place? Like this fashion house belongs to me?

My dream came through? No!

He didn’t mean it did he?
Was it the surprise? This big fashion house for me?

My dream house! I own this place! It’s freaking mine..



????Jenny ????

???? Yes babe, when will I be getting what you said ?????

I asked Carol over the phone. She ought to give me something to wear and I will it will be like my stomach is protruding.

I have forgotten what she called it! It’s not necessary anyways.

???? You can come get it tomorrow ????

She said

???? Thank you so much Carol, you know Evan’s Mum believe me so much, she truly believes it’s a pregnancy not knowing it’s fake, I just don’t want her finding out ????

I said

???? I know right? I have gotten Everything under control trust me, she won’t find out ????

???? Alright then, see you tomorrow ????

I replied and hung up excitedly. Nothing will stop me from becoming Mrs Evan!

” So you have been faking a pregnancy since two months?, You made us believe you are pregnant?” .

I froze on hearing the voice. Oh my goodness! Don’t tell me someone heard me