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A Maid For Him. Episode 19

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her)

Episode 19
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

????️ Nora ????️

I chopped the onions with my eyes watering gosh!

I feel so tired ! My back hurts like I need a massage.

I feel like sleeping but I have loads of work to do this evening.

If I am done cooking, I will have to clean up the guest room.

Evan informed me that his Mum will be coming to spend the weekend.

Well, it won’t be too only me in this boring house for that two days.

Done chopping the onions, I poured it into the already fried oil .

I can’t stress myself and prepare a dish that will take time so I am making a fast food. Biryani !

” And what are we preparing for dinner?”

I turned to see Evan standing by the door with arms crossed.

I passed him a smile seeing him. I have grown so fond of presence.

” A simple dish, biryani !” I replied as he walk towards me.

” I am sure it’s going to be tasty like always or even more ” he said and he chuckled.

” But to be frank Nora, after my Mum, you are the best cook I have ever come across ”

Awwn! I bowed my head shyly blushing. I know my face will disgrace me by turning red

” T..thank you anyways, you are welcome ” I said changing the topic avoiding his gaze.
The way he stares at me looks creepy.

” Thank you, I am famished ” he dramatised holding his stomach while I grin.

” Well, you go upstairs and freshen up. Your meal will be ready before you are down ” I said slightly pushing him out of the kitchen

” But can I have a taste of it?” He pouted and I giggled.

” No Mister, you can’t now out please ”

” That’s not fair Nora ” he said as I closed the door which made me laugh.

I never knew Evan can be this playful. The side I met was Evan and work then women but it’s gone except for his work of course.

Evan is a great workaholic!!

By tomorrow now, I will start visiting my fashion house.

Can you believe I don’t know anything about sewing? Well, I just wish to have my fashion house where I will employ people to work for me .

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Evan has really done a lot for me since the past few days.

He opened a business account for me and connected everything to my fashion house whereas every single sales made will come into my account directly.

And I freaking pay the workers gosh! It feels so amazing to be a boss.

Nothing gives me joy than that. ..
I can’t be more grateful, Evan is an angel in disguise.





???? Evan ????

My gaze burn through her sitting opposite me.
I was sweating even when the air conditioner was on.

How do I start and from where do I start?
My hands became sweaty .

Her blue hazel eyes met mine and I quickly looked away.
Can I do this? What am I going to utter?

Is it
* hey , I am sorry, I was the one that got you pregnant *


* I f*”ked you when you were drunk *

I sighed and ruffled my hair. I am so confused and scared.

” are you okay Evan? You look tensed ” she asked while I stared at her blankly!

She is never going to forgive me !

” Evan?”

” N.. Nora, I…I.uhnm I have something to tell you ” I stuttered.

I think I need to do this, it can’t exceed now and I am ready to face the outcome.


????️ Nora ????️

Okay! What’s up with him? I think we were fine awhile ago right?

” O..okay ” I replied.

He breathed in and out before speaking again.

He looks so tensed, worried and scared.

” Please Nora, I know you are going to be mad at me but please don’t be mad at me for long. I can’t withstand you being mad at me Nora ”

Okay what?
I stared at me with no words forming in my head. I don’t know what to reply him with.

” You are getting me scared Evan, speak up already ” I urged

” Please believe me that it wasn’t intentional, I was blinded by lust and I regret every of my action , please find it in your heart to forgive me Nora ”

Hell! What’s he saying? I don’t understand a thing.

” You are confusing me the more , I don’t get a thing from what you said ” I replied sincerely.

Why’s he asking me to forgive him? I can’t remember him doing something bad to me.

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” I…I…I…I..”

” Spill it Evan ” I cut in impatiently.

” That night we played a game and you got drunk ” he said and paused.

Okay! That night!

” I… I am sorry okay?” He said again

” I…I was the one …”

God! The one that what?
My eyes are almost bulging out of it’s sockets.

He’s just leaving his words uncompleted. What did he mean by ” I was the one ”

” I …I… took a.. advantage of your drunken state Nora, but believe me, I am sorry please forgive me ”

Wait! W. What did he just say? He what?
This can’t be true, it can’t be that he raped me, it can’t be!!!!

” Y. You what? Evan?” I asked as ocean of tears flood down my cheeks.

Is this the reason for his sudden niceness?

Is that why he bought me the house?… I should have thought about that.

” I..I am really sorry Nora, I am a changed person now, please forgive me, I am ready to serve any punishment you give me but please forgive me, believe me I regret everything ”

I can’t believe this! I can’t believe he raped me, I can’t believe be took advantage of my drunken state.

Was it the idea that made him initiate the game in the first place?

To have s*x with me? To take my dignity away?

I knew he was a flirt but, I have never thought of him being able to take advantage of me.

I am pregnant for him? Lik his baby in me?

He came closer to me taking my hands in his but I slapped it away

The man I trusted to be safe with is my worst nightmare.

” D.. Don’t touch me ”

” I..I….am sor…”

Before he could complete his statement, I stood up and gave him a hard punch in the face.

” how could you Evan? I know you were desperate to have me but I never thought it will go to the extent of you taking advantage of me ”

” What am I even saying? You said it that you were going to f*”k me so long I live under your roof, how could I have forgotten? ”

” And it came to past, you did had me. You took away my virginity in the most absurd way, they way I have never imagined loosing it and you know what crowned it all? ”

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” I got pregnant, pregnant for you Evan. Did you know what I went through?”

” You know what? I hate you Evan, I hate you so much and I will never forgive you ”

I said in tears running up to my room clicking the door locked ignoring his calls.

Why is my life always a mess?

” Nora please open the door, I am sorry, I promise to change for you, you can punish me, kick me , hit me but don’t stay mad at me, I am sorry ”

I ignored him and squat down in the room.

I need to clear my head, I can’t take in all this anymore.

It’s becoming heavier for me.




???? Evan ????

She hates me!
She won’t forgive me!

I made her went through hard times, I took her dignity!

I laid down on the floor crying my eyes out.

She’s shutting me out! I can’t do without her.

I love her and now Karma has paid me a visit.

Look at where my desperation has landed me!!!!

What do I do?

” Evan? What the hell? What’s wrong? You look like a psychic right now, you are a mess , what happened?”

Mum asked coming towards me and I broke into another round of tears.

” She hates me mum, sh..e ”

” Calm down and talk to me Son, who hates you and why? ” She asked.

” Nora! I.. I did something to her, I raped her and now she’s mad at me Mum. I regret ever doing that, I ….”

Mum’s gripped loosened on me as she stood up on her feet blinking her eyes.

” You did what?” She asked ..
I can’t hide it from her, not from anyone. I am becoming mad!

I am nothing without her. …

” I..I am sorry Mum, please beg her to forgive me ”

” Slap “!

” Slap” !!

” Slap”!!

” Slap “!!!

” Slap “!!!!

” Slap ” !!!!!!

W…what? Six slaps!

I fell on the floor as I became weak due to the slaps…

” I didn’t raise you up to become a rapist ”