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A Maid For Him. Episode 18

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her)

Episode 18
By Simrah Saeed

???? Jenny ????

My blood froze as I heard that voice. God ! Don’t tell me someone heard me!

” It was your plan all along Jenny? You made me look like a fool to believe you, you are so impossible ”

Evan’s Mum said with so much anger and hatred lashing from her voice.

Gosh! I am bursted, my game has finally ended.

” I ..I ..I am sorry Mum, I can explain ” I replied stuttering going towards her made my blood dry.

She slapped me! Thrice!
Three hot slaps landed on my face!

I have never seen her angry at me before. She loved me so much! What have I done?
A tear escaped my eyes immediately

” I ..I am sorry Mum ” I said holding my already red cheeks.

” I took you as the daughter I never had, I loved you Jenny and all you could do was to deceive me? I chose your happiness over my son’s, that’s how much I love you Jenny ”

” My son and I are not in good terms because I forced him to marry you not knowing you are worst than I thought”

” I am going to call across to your parents right away, you are leaving my house in an hour. I give you an hour to pack your things and leave ”

” If I see you anywhere near my son Jenny, you won’t know it’s me till then ”

” I will just look for a way to make my son forgive me and when I am back, I don’t want to see you in my house you decisive ingrate ”

With that, she slammed the door and walked out.

I fell down on the floor crying my eyes out.

In my selfish quest to get what I want, I ended up chasing away those that dearly love me.

My friendship with Evan over 15 years crashed because I wanted him all to myself.

I was so selfish to have considered only myself.
I am so ashamed of myself right now…

My phone beeped and the caller ID was DAD .

Oh my God! I am doomed.
I picked up the phone nervously and his voice came up.

???? D…Dad ????

I stammered fearfully.

???? I don’t want to hear you speak Jenny, you disgraced me. I never brought you up to be deceitful ????

He yelled angrily.

???? D.. Dad,I.. I am sorry ????

I sniffed the tears that was about to fall. Now everyone’s mad at me . I wish I never used all Carol’s advices.

Just maybe, my friendship with Evan wouldn’t have crashed on ice.

???? You know what? Take the next flight back to London, I want you at home before 6pm ????


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The phone went dead! He hung up on me .

What have I done? I only thought I was doing the right thing.

I am so ashamed of myself I can’t face Evan and his Mum now.

Maybe he wasn’t meant for me, we are not destined to be together.

And I think going back to London will be better.
I just hope everyone forgives me soon!




????️ Nora ????️

I jumped on Evan due to excitement forgetting that we are in public and that I am pregnant while I heard him chuckled hugging me back.

You don’t know how much I have dreamt about having a fashion house.
It has been my priority since childhood.

” Easy Nora ” he said as we disengaged from the hug

” T..thank you so much Evan, oh my goodness! You don’t know how much this means to me, I am so happy ”

I said jumping up while I mentally scold myself.

I am always forgetting I am pregnant, I don’t want anything happening to my baby.

My face turned sour immediately! He’s doing all this for me when I am planning to leave.

If he gets to find out I am pregnant, he might be mad and collect this back.

But wait, how did he know I have wanted to have a fashion house? How did he?

Anyways, it’s not necessary right?

” It’s fine, anything that will put a smile on your face beautiful ” he said smiling widely at me while I blushed .

First time he’s calling me that!

The only I was hearing was congratulations and the sound of different camera’s clicking.

” You all can go back to your work ”

Everyone left leaving me and Evan…

” I am glad you like it , I was actually scared you do shove it back on my face and embarrass me ” he said and I chuckled.

Hell no! It’s my dream we are talking about although, if it was when he was still a dickhead, I could have rejected it !

” What makes you think so?” I asked and he just shrugged.

” Thank you so much Evan, I will forever be grateful for this. You made my dream come to past ” I said and he nodded.

” Well, it’s nothing. What are friends for? I just thought you will like something like this and I guessed right ” he replied.

Gosh! I don’t even know how to contain my excitement now!

” We should go to a near by restaurant and eat, I am famished already ”

He took my hand in his heading out.
I never knew this was going to happen. I never knew this day will come soon.

I never knew I will be a CEO! A boss of my own today.

Well! This pregnancy isn’t that bad, it came with good lucks .

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” Good afternoon everyone and welcome to TNC news channel. Few hours ago, famous billionaire Mr Evan , CEO of EA group of company was seen with a beautiful lady which we are yet to know her identity ”

” It was reported that Mr Evan gifted her a very huge and perhaps the biggest fashion house America so far ”

What? Is this how little news circulate?
My eyes was glued to the Television when I felt Evan’s hand on mine.

I glanced at him blinking rapidly while he reassured me that it’s nothing.

I forgot he’s popular.
My picture and his displayed on the screen when I hugged him and the outer part of the fashion house on the other side.

” With this compromising positions and how happy the lady looks, we can easily conclude that they are an item ”

I choked on the food I was about eating as few eyes in the VIP was on us.

God! An item? Is this how they carry fake news about?

I turned to Evan who had a smile on his face and I quickly looked away.

” Hey, you have to get used to it because the paparazzi will be stalking you from now on , I am sorry to put you through this” he apologized

He doesn’t have to, he did me the favour.

” It’s fine, just that I am a little nervous ”

” Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you ” he assured and I nodded.

I think I am done here .

” I am filled up Evan, I want to go home already ”

” Alright let’s head home ”

We both stood up going out of the restaurant to meet the greatest shock of my life.

God! I am going to pass out!
The crowd! They were waiting for us! !

Evan took my hand in his .

” Nothing is going to happen okay? Just be calm ” he said and I nodded.

???? Mr Evan who is she to you?

???? Is she your girlfriend?

???? Why did you buy her the house?

???? We heard she lives with you is that true?

???? What’s your relationship with her?

???? Young lady, can we know your name?

???? You look beautiful where are you from?

They bombarded us with questions as we made our way to the car .

I didn’t forget to hold Evan tight ! I am scared of seeing a crowd like this.

” What she is to me and who she is is none of your business, can you please give us some space to pass ”

He replied through gritted teeth.

Some securities came and luckily for us, they were able to have way for us.

I entered into the car sighing. Is this how it feels to be a celebrity? I don’t ever want to be.

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” I am sorry about that Nora ” he apologized again.

” It’s not your fault okay? I understand ”




???? Evan ????

” What’s the news all over son ?” Mum asked as I entered into her house.

” Can I at least sit down first Mum?”I rolled my eyes and she asked me to sit.

” So tell me? Is the news true?” She asked as I furrowed my eyebrows.

” If it’s that I gifted her a fashion house, yes ” I replied nonchalantly

” Why? There must be a reason behind it son , you can’t just wake up one day and buy a house for your maid, tell me, did you love her?”

Wow! That was unexpected!
For the past few weeks, I have developed a liking for her.

There’s this feeling I get when she’s close, I love spending time with her, I love seeing her, I love making her happy. Just name it but is that love?

” I asked you a question Son ” Mum snapped

” Uhhm, I don’t know Mum but, I think I like her ” I blurted out embarrassingly while Mum’s grin widened.

” I knew it, I am happy you fell in love with a good woman Son, I could have made a great mistake by forcing you to marry Jenny ”

Yeah right? But that’s not the case. …

” So how’s it going? Have you spoke to her about it? Did she say yes to your proposal? ”

Proposal seriously? She must be kidding me.

” Uhmm, I think we will discuss that tomorrow but for now, I need to see a friend ” I ignored the topic dashing out of her house while she called behind me.

I have a bigger problem at hand I have to solve.

I need to because I am loosing it, I can’t leave with the guilt anymore…



” You are whipped man ” Adam said laughing.
I punched his stomach and he groaned.

” I came here for advice Adam, not to be mocked ” I said frustrated

” You know what? You messed up a big time Evan, I suggest you apologize to her as soon as possible before it gets out of hand or her finding out herself ”

He said and I sighed. I know right? But how do I tell her? What will be her reaction?

” The truth is that I am scared, I am really scary Adam ” I replied sincerely.

” I know she will be mad at you but that’s what I think you should do ”

Sighing again, you made up my mind to tell her this night.

I will ask for her forgiveness and I hope she forgives me.

I have developed a strong feeling for her .
I don’t want to ever let her go!!!!!!

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