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A Maid For Him. Episode 14

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her)

Episode 14
By Simrah Saeed

???? Evan ????

I sat there with my eyes widened. can she be pregnant for me?

Oh my goodness! I am doomed!
Jenny will become my child’s mother?

I know this will let Mum fasten the marriage steps now and I am not ready for all that.

That night was just few minutes I spent in bed with her, how can she get pregnant?

Is that possible? Saviours!

What do I do?
I have never dreamt Jenny giving birth to my baby.

I can’t believe this! I just hope mum’s pulling my legs .

But she can’t be joking with such news!

Why the hell did Jenny inform her before me?

I don’t know how it’s going to be but I am not ready to take responsibilities.

I am still not done with what I did to Nora and now this?

How do I tackle everything? Am I ready to be a father?

Heck! I am not dreaming of settling down soon !

” Where is that stupid maid? ” I shut my eyes tightly sighing loudly.

Is she the first to get pregnant?

” Nora! Baby she’s not answering me, I am sure going to throw her out of this house Evan, can’t you see she’s not capable?” Jenny yelled angrily.

” I am sure she will be here soon Jenny, why stressing yourself over nothing?” I replied clasping my hands together.

I am becoming very tired of her nagging all the times.

It’s either Nora this, Nora that! Baby here and there!
I am f*”king tired!

” This isn’t nothing ” she paused as Nora approaches us.

She looks gloomy and tired !
It’s been two weeks since the incident and each time I see her, my heart raced .

I can’t watch away the guilt. How will she feel when she finds out what I did to her?

We’ve become a little close since that day and I discovered she’s such a sweet soul, that alone makes me feel guilty the more.

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She’s gone through a lot by bringing herself up without a parent figure.
Yeah! She told me three days back.

That’s how close we’ve become recently since I stopped making sexual advances to her.

And deflowering her without her knowing will break her!

What do I do?
I can’t even face her and confess that I took advantage of her drunken state !

How will she react?

” Here comes the witch ” Jenny said glaring at her as she dropped a glass of tea for her.

I know Nora is enduring everything! I mean if she can hit me her boss then who’s she? I mean Jenny?

I creased my forehead together sighing on and on.

My eyes met with hers and I gave her an apologetic smile. She just nodded!

I don’t think she’s feeling fine, I mean the Nora I know is always sharp like she has nothing to worry about but today?

Jenny took a sip of the tea and shouted.
What the hell?

” What’s this Nora? Did you want to kill my baby? Oh I know your plan ! You added a lot of sugar so that it will affect my baby right? That won’t work you witch ”

My eyes widened! What the hell? Does sugar kills?

Nora stiffened and shook her head! I thought she was going to talk back at her like the day she beat her up but she didn’t, she just kept quiet.

” C’mon Jenny, sugar doesn’t do anything to the baby! If you don’t want this one, I will prepare one for you with less sugar ”

She shot me a glare staring at Nora with so much hatred.

What’s with her? Why don’t she like her huh?

Before we could understand what was happening, Jenny poured the hot tea on her.


” Ahhhh ”
Oh my goodness!

” Are you okay Jenny? Why did you do that?” I snapped at her as I stood up to Nora.

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She winced touching her stomach! I know she must be hurting.

” I am sorry Nora, I..”

” Stay out of this Evan, I give you two minutes to prepare another cup of tea for me , now out!” Jenny yelled and Nora left in tears.

” I don’t like this sh*t Jenny ”

” Wait up Nora ” I said running after her.

” Are you seriously going to ditch me for that thing Evan?” She scoffed and I turned to her.

” Watch me do it, I am tired of you Jenny”

I ran after Nora who wasn’t in sight anymore.



???? Jenny ????

I fumed angrily! I thought I was going to have all his attentions if I get pregnant for him and now that bi*ch wouldn’t let him attend to me.

I am carrying his baby and he have to take care of me.

I don’t care if it’s fake, he doesn’t know about that right?

I will take Nora out of my way by all means.

I have done everything to get Evan’s attention and love but it’s not yielding a thing.

What else should I do?

Maybe if Nora is out of the picture, he will consider me.

Just perfect! I know what you o do!




????️ Nora ????️

I sniffed in tears as I ran to the kitchen !
My chest has turned pink from the burn of the hot tea.

How can she be so heatless to pour me a tea? A hot tea?

Tears welled up my eyes as I switch on the gas to make another tea for her.

Trust me, I could have slap the hell out of her that moment she insulted me before pouring the tea on me but I couldn’t because I don’t want Mr Evan to be mad at me.

At least I should respect him for the friendship we are building. He won’t be happy seeing me hit his fiancee.

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I am going to endure till I can’t take it anymore.

The day I am going loose it, her baby will be forced out!

” Nora !” Mr Evan called and I quickly turned away.

He came to my front holding my hands.

” I am really sorry for Jenny’s behavior towards you, I truly am ” he apologized and I smiled at him.

Within this few weeks, we’ve become friends at least .

” It’s fine Mr Evan,I believe it’s pregnancy hormones but I won’t tolerate her for long” I said sincerely.

” I understand, thank you so much Nora but please, call me Evan, we are done with the Mr and Sir stuff” he said he’s my boss right?
It feels so wrong to call him by his name!

” Please Nora ”

” Okay, fine ”

” Thank you Nora , you don’t have to bother make another tea for her, I will do that and you should go and rest”

” You look so worked up” he said

” I….. ”

A strong urge to puke hit me and I ran to the sink puking all my intestine.

What the hell?
I seriously don’t understand how I have been feeling since yesterday.

Feeling tired all of a sudden, weak, dizzy, sleep walking, cry over little things, act a bit crazy, become emotional like what the heck?

” Are you okay ?” Mr Evan, I mean Evan asked and I nodded.

My head is slightly hurting .

” I am fine , I will just go down to my favourite pharmacy to tell them how I feel, I am sure its either fever or malaria” I said

He stared at me intently before nodding.

” Let me help you to your room ”

Those above are the only thing that will make me feel this way right? I am very certain it’s malaria.





But that Jenny is something else oo.

Ghen ghen!!!!
Nora is having malaria ????