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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 22

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{ The crazy neighbor   }



♠♠ KYLIE ♠♠♠

DAY 03

“Wakey wakey miss” I heard that familiar voice in my head and I flush my eyes open.

“What time is it?” I groan softly.

“Time for breakfast.” He smiled sheepishly and I rolled my eyes dramatically.

“Yeah right.” I sluggishly got outta bed and found my way to the bathroom for my morning routine.

After which I came out to find a shopping bag laying on my bed and breakfast beside it alongside breakfast was a note.

I smiled and picked up the note and read its content.

” I want to see you in that . come downstairs.” It reads and I chuckled.

This past three days have been wonderful with Angel never giving me a chance to think about ken.

Yeah I love calling him Angel other than Angelo.

He’s my angel in disguise and I’ll be forever grateful. He never fails to treat me like a queen.


I slowly slide in the gown which cling to my body and brought out my shape. I packed my hair in a ponytail and wore the stiletto that came with the dress.

This dress has tiny diamonds at the hem. I could tell it was pretty expensive.

He didn’t have to go through the stress of getting me super expensive stuffs.

I glanced at my reflection one more time before walking towards the door.


He sat down on the couch going through his phone when I descended down the stairs he stared at me with his mouth slightly open.


He controlled himself when he realized he’d been staring.

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“Someone Is looking so gorgeous today.” He stood up and walked towards me.

“Courtesy of you, so tell me what’s the occasion?” I asked..

He moved closer and closer , I felt uneasy as he was so close with our faces inches apart and his hot breath fanned my Face.

He bent over my shoulder, and his hot breath against my ear sent unexplainable feeling down my body.

” we’re going to the park.” He whispered audibly and slowly loosen the rubber band from my hair letting it fall freely on my shoulders.


“Now you look perfect.” He moved back abit.

I let out a breath I never knew I was holding.

“Why are we going to the park?” I asked to change the mood.

“What else? I want you to have fun and be happy. Come on let’s get moving.”he smiled and took my hand in his.


Together we walked outta his house.

He’s in deed a gentleman ,am sure his mother is gonna be proud to have such a wonderful son.