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A Maid For Him. Episode 26

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her)

Episode 26
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

????️ Nora ????️

” This is yum!” I complimented munching on the meal Adam prepared for me while he chuckled.
I must confess he’s a good cook!

” Is it still remaining Adam?” I asked

” Yeah, I wanted to give that to Mum and Evan but since you want it , I will go get it for you ” he replied standing up.

Well, they can eat something else later right?

I nodded as he dashed into the kitchen and returned with another player of lobster Mac and cheese .

” Here ”

He placed it in my front while he watched amusingly.
It’s the babies that eats alot not me !

” Are you seriously going to be able to finish all this meals Nora?” He asked and I smiled in return.

” Watch me finish everything on my plate”

He didn’t say anything further as he kept on staring at the way I eat chuckling to himself.

” What’s happening here?” Evan asked coming in. He’s already changed into something

” This is happening here ” I replied .

He came closer to me and placed a soft kiss on my cheek. Awwn!

” Stop being a pervert Evan, I am still here” Adam groaned.

” Go get yourself a woman and stop staring at mine ” he fired and I almost choked from laughing.

Evan is too protective of what’s his.

” Cupcake, can I have a taste of what you are eating? It smells good ” he said taking a seat beside me.
I nodded and he took a spoon from it.

” Wow! This is so tasty ”

I rolled my eyes and got hold of his hand he was about dipping into my food again.

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” No! It’s yum right? Tell your best friend to teach you how to cook , he prepared this for only me ” I replied gently placing his hand on his thigh.

Adam burst out laughing at him and I chuckled.

” This is not fair ” he pouted and we all began laughing m





???? Evan ????

I woke up with my hands wrapped around someone. Nora!

I grinned trying to stand up but she snuggled closer to me.

I stared into her face and all I could see was beauty and pure innocence.

We were having a little chitchat yesterday and we slept off in the process.

I kissed her jawline to her cheeks and forehead.

She’s so beautiful that I wonder how I didn’t notice earlier.

She’s a sleeping beauty, I just wish we stay like this forever and I will watch her like now.
I am becoming obsessed with her Gosh!

I never believe in love till she showed up in my life.

I believe love doesn’t exist, it was a mere fantasy. That I thought but not anymore.

She changed me without doing anything.

I tucked back the strand of her hair stubbornly falling on her face.

Her cologne filled my nostrils. She smells like flower.

It might sound creepy but I sniffed her closing my eyes in ectacy.

I fell in love with this angel without thinking twice, even if there is a consequence to love, I’d prefer facing it that letting Nora go.

She’s my everything! Ever man’s dream.
She’s extremely beautiful, sexy, cute, pretty, a good cook , heck! She will make a perfect wife for any man.

The more reason I love her. She’s my miss perfect! Oh my mistake! My Mrs perfect!
I kissed her lips and that woke her up …

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She looked down at the position we are and smiled shyly.

” G.. good morning Evan ” she greeted .

” How was your night cupcake? ”

” It will always be fine so long I am close to you ”


” Then we should be sleeping together more often ” I replied .

” You know, I love being with you and us like this ” I added .

Her face turned crimson and she hid her face on my chest hitting me.

” You are a pervert Evan ” she said and I chuckled.

” Only your pervert cupcake, I am a pervert for you ”

” Evan let go off me ”

” No baby, stay with me ” I said

” But you have work, you will be late to work remember?”

” I own the company cupcake, I can choose not to go and nothing will happen”

She sighed touching my abs. So long it’s her, everything feels good.

” There’s no way I getting away from you this morning but where’s my morning tea?” She asked.

I scratched my head staring at her. I totally forgot she demands for tea every morning.

” It’s here hunny and Evan, get your @ss off the bed ”

Mum yelled from the door and I groaned. She’s such a kill joy.

.. ……..

” Is everything ready? I can’t let a single thing ruin my plans for tomorrow, I want to make it a very big event and surprise for Nora ”

I said .

” I know right? Everything is in order trust me ” Adam replied and I nodded

Tomorrow is gonna be a very bug day and I am already becoming nervous about it.

I am organizing a big party for Nora’s birthday and I will pretend I don’t know her birthday.

I am going to propose to her too but I am scared of rejection.

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What if she turns me down? What if she doesn’t want to marry me?
It’s really scaring the crap outta me.

” I am really scared Adam ” I said pacing about.

” Scared of what?”

” About all the what ifs going on in my mind ” I replied and he chuckled.

” You don’t have to be scared man, Nora loves you and I believe she won’t turn down your proposal ” he assured.

” Okay, I hope so. ”

” Yeah , just chill ”

” When am I having a meeting with the marketing department?” I asked.

He flipped through the books in his hand

” In less than thirty minutes ”

” Okay, you can go ”

” Yes boss ”


???? Unknown ????

” Just a simple task yesterday, you weren’t able to do for me, why do I employ you?” I yelled angrily.

I can’t let Nora out of my sight again, not now I know where she is .

” We are sorry boss, we will try our best to bring her to you ” he said and I snorted.
Is getting her forcefully going to work?

” How do you intend on doing that?” I asked

” Tomorrow is her birthday and Mr Evan has planned a birthday party for her and we can go there and take her ”

Oh yeah! I know tomorrow is her birthday!
Maybe I should do something different but not taking her anymore.

I will just give her a surprise….

” You don’t have to do that anymore, just let her be okay? You know Evan’s company right?” I asked

” Yes boss ”

” Take me to him, I want to see him ”