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His Bride. Episode 11

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him????????]

Episode 11

It’s been two days and I’ve accepted that I was going to marry Hunter in respect of my late father’s wish.
But Mom do owe me an explanation. She shouldn’t have hide all this from me.

I was about to enter the kitchen when someone blocked me from entering. I look to see one of the maids.

Excuse me, you are not allowed to enter” she says.
.I raised an eyebrow.

Why? ” I ask.

I’m sorry you can’t go in ”

Are you kidding me? In my own fucking house? ” I was starting to get angry.

Hunter! I screamed and ran upstairs to meet him.

I met him on the stairs coming downstairs.

What’s wrong? ” he ask.

Okay, those maids are getting on my nerves. Can you please warn them? ” I told him.

What happened? ”

I was thinking of going to the kitchen to prepare something for myself since it has been long I did. But then they won’t allow me to ” I explained.

Hunter sigh and told the guy beside him to get all the maids.

Wait it has not gotten to that, just tell them to let me..” I tried to stop him but it was too late, he’s already in front of them.

There’s a new development in this house, but I’ll pardon you because you don’t know about it before.
Lauren here is my Fiance, she’s going to be my wife soon so she has every right to do anything she wants in this house.
Am I understood? ” hunter says.

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This is the first time he called by my name and the way he says it makes my heart flip.

Everyone except Hunter and I have a Suprise look on their faces.

Who among you denied her access to the kitchen?” Hunter ask.
Okay, that’s really unnecessary Hunter you don’t have to worry about it ” I said.
You can all leave now ” I said to the maids and they left.

Hunter glared at me and I gave him a cocky look.

Let’s go ” he said to the guys beside him and he began to walk out.

I ran after him.
Where are you going? ” I ask.

It’s none of your business ”

Come on, I’m your wife remember? I have to know where you are heading to “I say still running after him.

He reach his car and turn to me.
Listen, what I do, where I go to is none of your fuvking business. So stay out of my way, you are my wife not my mother ” he says and enter his car.

Did he just…

I stood rooted on a spot and I watch his car leave till it was out of sight.

Did I do wrong asking him where he was going. Is this what I’ll go through if we get married?
Hunter is a cold idiot, and I’ll will melt him.

I entered the mansion and held straight to my room ignoring the maid greetings, chattering and them asking if I need anything.

I rolled my eyes.

Immediately I entered my room, I fall on my bed and sleep off.

I wake up feeling moody and down. I guess Hunter’s word got to me this morning.
I’m easily hurt with words than being tortured, so don’t blame me.

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I groan and toss around on my bed. I hit the soft bed angrily.

I stand up from the bed and walk downstairs. I really need something to cool my self down right now.
I ask one of the maids to get me a bottle of whiskey and a cup.
I’ve never drank in my life or feel like drinking it even if I’ve worked in a bar.
But now, I need it.

I gulp the last drop and groan.

I need more ” I shout.

Right now, I’m in the alcohol bar drinking myself to stupor.

????Mam, you have to stop drinking.

????Ma’am you are drunk. “the maids keep ranting but I pay no attention to them.

???? somebody call the Master ” someone says.

Hey, don’t you dare call Hunter ” I yelled but no one answered me.

I sigh and continue my drink.

What do you think you are doing Lauren!” someone growled behind me and I turn around.

Oh Hunter you are here, come..come have a drink “I say demonstrating for him to come with my hands.

He gave me a murderous look and snatch the bottle of whiskey away from my hand.

Give me ” I whined trying to get it back.

Before I can say anything he carried me in a bridal style to my room.
Laying me on the bed he says “you don’t know what you are doing Lauren ”

I rolled my eyes at him and tried to sit up.

He glares angrily at me.
Sleep!” he says.

What, I’m not gonna… ” I tried to say but he shouts at me. “sleep now!!!”

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Okaaay”i drawled and obey him.