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His Bride. Episode 16

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting him????????]

Episode 16

????The next day **

It’s time dear ” Nanny Lilo says and pat my back.

I sigh and stare at myself in the mirror.
I look good in my white wedding dress that shows my cleavage. I know I look beautiful since everyone here won’t stop gawking and flattering me. I appreciate them, but I’m not happy.

I’m worried, nervous and sad.
Worried about my mom. Hunter’s men couldn’t find her yesterday. They said our house was empty. Where could she be? I just hope she’s alright. Wish she could be here with me.

Nervous. I’m really nervous for my wedding night. I’m not ready to loose my virginity. I’m scared. I don’t wanna do it. I just hope Hunter won’t touch me.

And sad. I don’t know, I shouldn’t be sad about this. But I can’t help but feel, it’s just a contract it’s not going to last.

Taking a deep breath, I stand up pulling my wedding dress up in my hands so I can walk well. I walk out of my room as they led me to the garden where the wedding is taking place.

I met Ryan at the entrance. He smile at me.

You look beautiful Hazel ” he says and I let out a fake smile.

Thank you ”

Your hands “he says and stretch out his palms.

Are walking me to the aisle ” I ask.
Yes ” he says. I nod and let him.

I spotted Hunter looking breathtaking in his tuxedo suit. I’ve never seen him in this kind of dress before except T-shirt, jean and trouser.

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Our eyes met and I quickly look away, focusing my attention on the people around. There are no new faces here, it’s just the maids and every other people living in the mansion. No one was invited.

We got to where Hunter is and Ryan left. I look at Hunter whose gaze were on me.

I turn to see the registrar who was standing beside us. He was an old man.

After saying the vows. I expected the registrar to say you may now kiss the bride but he didn’t.

I heave a sigh of relief.

I glanced at Hunter to see him still staring at me.
What’s wrong with my face.

I raised my eyebrows in a questioning manner making him smirk and wink at me.

I glare at him.

After a long and stressful day, I return to my room. Putting on a comfortable dress, I sat on my bed and bring out the contract to read. I haven’t gotten a chance to since yesterday.

*Seperate room allowed *” I read.

*You are free to ask for whatever you want after divorce *”

Then my eyes caught something.

*Constant sex is allowed *”

What the hell does Hunter thinks he’s doing.

I rush to his room.
He look up from his laptop and smirk.

What do you want wiffy ” he says and huff.

What’s the meaning of this ” I say showing him the contract.

Oh that? That’s a normal for married couple. Right? ” he says and smirk.

Nooo, I want it changed, and besides our marriage is not real ” I told him.

Well, it’s marked obligatory. It cannot be changed. And also our marriage is real, we are Betrothed remember? The only thing is we are getting divorced after a year ”

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I sigh and shake my head.

I’m not ready Hunt” I say.

Well, I don’t think I like that nickname and… .” he drawled and took some big book from his drawer.

I got this for you, I know you might be bored doing nothing. This will keep you busy ”

Novels? ” I ask and collected them from him.

Yes, romantic novels, I know girls love to read this type of books ”

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t ” I say and opened one titled “Professional slut ”

«I grab his dick and…« ” I quickly close it.

What the fuck is that, did you buy me a erotic novel ” I yelled at Hunter.
He shrug and went back to his laptop.

I pick up the second one “Ex-boyfriend ” from the same author.

Jesus Christ!! I scream as the book fall from my hand.

What? ” Hunter ask.

Are you seriously asking me that, you bought me a fuvking erotic novel and you expect me to read it ” I yell.

Why are you acting up because of that, you are above eighteen. You can read this types of book.
And since you are my wife now, you have to learn how to satisfy me or else I will find someone else and I’m sure you don’t want that and I also don’t want you to send me out of my swimming pool again ” he says with a smirk.

I grit my teeth angrily and throw the book at him.
” I don’t care, I’m not reading this trash ” I say and storm out of his room.

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I trust you will come back ” Hunter shouted as I close the door.