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His Bride. Episode 18

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting him ????????]

Episode 18

Hunter ♥

Find something to do about this Hunter, they are wasting our men ” Jax says making me get more angry than I was before when I heard the Russian mafia attack my father’s warehouse and killed my all my men there.

Shut up the fuck up Jax, he’s trying to figure something out don’t get him angry the more ” Cole cautions him.

He better do, cos I won’t hesitate shooting his head. I suspect one of this twos are the one betraying me because they know so much about our operations. And if I find out who is, I would have his head.

My phone rang and I check the callers name.
I groan.
Why is the motherfucker calling me now Huh.
He thinks he has sucedded in destroying me?

What do you want Ryder ” I say gritting my teeth angrily.

Oh calm down, don’t be too hard on yourself. This is just the beginning Hunter ” he says and laugh.

Beginning of what? Colliding with the Russians to fight me? Aren’t you a coward. Why don’t you just come and challenge me by yourself and let’s see who the boss is ” I say.

You’ve really grown uh to be challenging me, if I had wasted you back then just like I wasted your father and brother and oh your mother too. I remember that beautiful woman your father admires so much. She was his weakness, just like Lauren is to you ”

Good, they gave you a valid info, you should hold on to that. And if you’re thinking of hurting Lauren get ready for your son’s death and other people who you care about ” I say.
Even though I have no idea if he has a son or anyone cos we tried finding and we couldn’t find anyone.
This is just a bait to find if he has someone, his reaction will tell if it’s true.

And I think it is cuz there was a long silence before he laugh. A nervous laugh.

I smirk.
You think I don’t know you have a son. You did a perfect job by putting him to hiding but not from me “o say.

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I don’t know what you what you are talking about Bitch. What I know is that I’ll bring you down Hunter ” he says and hang up.

I laugh stupid old man.

I called Ryan into a private place.

Ryder called me and I brought up something about his son. He acted kind of weird. I think he’s hiding something, so as from today track him down cos he might try to hide his son knowing that I’ve known about him already. And I want you to do this alone , you are the only one I trust.

Sure bro leave it to me ” he says and I nod.

I sigh and went straight to Lauren’s room. She’s sleeping and a movie is playing on her laptop.

She slept off while watching a movie.

I chuckled softly and bend to kiss her forehead making her open her eyes. She’s a light sleeper.

Lauren ~
I felt something wet on my forehead as I open my eyes to see Hunter staring down at me.

Hey! I say sitting up.

You slept off when watching movies ?” Hunter ask taking a glance at my laptop which is beside me on the bed, the movie i was watching still playing.
Yeah, I own a laptop and a phone now.
Hunter bought it for me of course.

Yeah..obviously ” I answered with a shrug.
Hunter smile and kiss my lips which I reciprocate as I wrap my arms around his neck.
He suddenly break the kiss.

Wait…isn’t that fifty shades of grey you were watching ” Hunter says with his eyes widen.

Uh-huh ” I shrug again.

Do you fucking know what you…my goodness Lauren that movie is full of sex scenes..” he tried to say but I interrupted.

Yes…and what! Am I some fifteen year old girl, I’m a grown up woman ” I say remembering today is my birthday. I turned 20 today.

Well, I don’t really have any plans to tell Hunter about it. It doesn’t matter.

Okay.. I just feel like..i just feel guilty you know “he sighed

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Feel guilty about what? You know you are beginning to act like my dad really ” I say.

He chuckled and kiss my temple.
So tell me, when you feel horny after watching this movie and I wasn’t around. Then you decide to touch yourself..” he look up at me and continue “who do you imagine doing it to you ” he finished.

What? ” I ask like I don’t know what he’s talking about.

Don’t try to act like you don’t know what I’m talking about here ” he says

I don’t ” I protest.

Princeess” he called “tell me, is it me or Matt ”

What! How do you know Matt? – oh yeah right -i already know ” I rolled my eyes.

So now who?”

What if I say that it was Matt, will you get jealous? ” I say with a smirk.

Is it? It’s him right? ” Hunter says looking so angry.
You can not even forget about your highschool sweetheart really? ” he almost yelled looking furious making me burst into laughter.

That’s not funny Lauren ” he glares at me.

Aww..you so cute when Jealous Hunt ” I cooed.

He stood up to leave, but I held him back by his wrist and sigh.

Yes, I can’t forget him… ” I pause when I feel him clenching his fists.
I can’t forget him not because I love him or not because he was my highschool sweetheart but because he was the only true friend I have then, who always stood up for me and I love him only as a friend .
Hunter! You are different and.. I don’t know- you are special too. When I first met you, all what I feel for you is hatred because you captured me as a ransom and all…” I chuckled and signal for him to seat next to me which he did.

But now, that I’ve gotten to know you more… I realize you are a nice person, with a good heart. And I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about you every night and day, you are always running through my mind. ” I let out a nervous sigh hoping my explanation is enough.

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So.. Mr Cyprus, does that answer your questions? ” I ask

Yes, and you know the most beautiful thing about it? ” he says.

What? ” I say brushing his hair with my palms staring into his green eyes.

Cos I feel the same way, I think of you every fucking minutes Lauren ” he says and my heart leap.

I launch my self at him, kissing him roughly. Our lips moulded together as if waiting to be completed. I bit on his lower lip taking the lead for the first time. A groan escapes his lips as our tongues danced with each other in ecstasy. Desire watch me over and a strange emotion, which I couldn’t point what is it pass through me making me shiver.

Hunter broke the kiss and I breathe in fresh air.

You make me loose control Lauren ” he says breathing heavily.
And I don’t mind loosing control with you, I enjoy it ” he added making me feel like ripping his cloth off him and let him make love to me.

I run my hands through his abs under his thick clothing and look at him for permission to take them off.

Uh uh no, you will see my beautiful abs later. Now I have something to show you ” he says and take my hand away.

What is it? ”

It’s a surprise ” he answered.

Really, what could that be? ”

Well I will leave you alone to keep thinking about that. I have to run, I’ll be back by seven in the night ” he says and kiss my cheek.

Alright princess, I’ll see you- seven ” he says and run out of my room before I can even process what is going on.

Hunter? ” I called, seeing he can’t hear me. I sigh and continue thinking about the Suprise.

What could it be?

Could it be that he’s find my mom?

Or he’s taking me out for a vacation.

Urgh! What could it be?