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Virgin Ghost. Episode 6

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????V Ghost????
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 06????
Black disguised in an ordinary clothes and he keep picking all female dress of her size.
He had her check two dresses out and that was how he got her dress.

“Why so many dresses? Are you getting some for park Min Ha as well?she asked disturbed about it.

” just keep quiet and stay still”.
After picking the dresses about half of the clothing mall, he moved to the bags and shoes section.
He packed two rows of the shoes displayed for sale and that’s 40 shoes comprising of sneakers, platform, high heels, dope sandals and strings.
20 designer bags plus 10 latest.

Rachel only stood dumbfounded and almost fainting. “Has he gone crazy? Wasting money on this”

Black paid for someone to carry it to his car. It filled the boot and even the back seat inside the car.

He opened the door for her and she entered. She glance at the back seat in amazement.
Then she challenge him when he entered as well.
“Why are you wasting money?”

“If I’m spending on you,it’s not a waste okay”
Black put on his seat belt and Rachel’s phone start ringing.

“Uh? It’s Boss”
Rachel: Yes boss.

???? : Come to the office right now else you’re fired.

Rachel: uh hello, I… Uh he hung up.

Black: What is it?

Rachel: I gotta go I think it’s relating to work and I’m needed.

Black: When will you be back?

Rachel: I’m not sure about that.

Black: Okay let me find somewhere you can change into something good.

????Brittany Empire????
Rachel alighted from the car and waved to Black but he didn’t even pay attention to her and he drove away.

“Argh that rude worm”
She rushed inside and people started greeting her and saying hi. (she became popular on her first day so everyone love her)

She arrived at her base and her team welcomed her. She replied trying to catch her breath.

Miss Bae: Miss Kim why are you so late today?

Rachel: I got caught up with something is our prince warrior angry?

Mr.Oh: Lucky you Miss Kim you can talk to him anyhow but we can’t.

Mrs Yoon: Ha Ni don’t mind him go and attend to the boss he’s waiting.

She knocked on the door and Edward asked her to come in.

Rachel: Good afternoon boss.

Edward: Hmm afternoon hope your strength is back?

Rachel: Pardon?

Edward: When you know you have such a rich boyfriend, then why do you need to work?

Rachel: Oh I get it…that guy that brought me here right? He’s not my boyfriend he’s a close friend.

Edward: A close friend that you are living with and very close enough to pick your call relating to work.

Rachel’s POV.
Oh no Black must have picked my call before I dress up earlier. And don’t tell me the boss is jealous right now uh…
(She starts to eye him seductively and playing with her hair)

Edward: Get that thought off your head.

Rachel: Boss (she called lovingly and sat very close to him on the sofa.( it’s a big office for him alone)

Edward’s POV
She smells so nice… But her smell reminds me of someone… Rachel! She loves to leave Peach scent on herself and everywhere she is.
Why is she behaving so much like Rachel?

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Rachel: Boss?

Edward:We have an outing tonight I’ve ordered for your evening dress from the clothing department so get ready.

Rachel: Oh my God is it a date?

Edward: Kim Ha Ni… It’s not a date it’s an event relating to work. We are going to meet new partners and discuss about work.

Black’s Mansion
After waiting for 3 hours still no sign of Rachel.

Black: Why is she not home yet? I was thinking of having her to escort me tonight to the party.

He called her and she told him she’s gonna be late that there’s an outing related to work.

He hung up on her and another call came in.

????Hey Black are you coming tonight?

Black: Yes I’ll be there.

????Why don’t you call Min ha to be your lady escort you know you won’t gain entry without a partner.

Black: Ok I will.

????Why don’t you date her for real and stop faking things.

Black: The reality show is tomorrow right? And appearing together tonight will spice it up so that is enough for now.

????Nana’s Mansion????
Cars arriving, light flashing from the cameras and the atmosphere is bubbling with party vibes.
Celebrities coming in pairs and walking through the red carpet as they took their pictures.

The noise intensifies when Black arrived with Actress Park Min Ha.

Reporters have them surrounded and throwing questions;
“is it true you’re dating?”
“Are you finally making it official by coming together tonight?”

Black and Min ha smiled before going inside and he helped Min ha with her hair.

Media snapped that as well and they really played the drama well.

Another car arrived at the scene and Edward alighted from the car.

He went to the other side and opened the door for Rachel.

They entered after the reporters got their pictures.

Black saw Rachel first then Rachel met his gaze.

She excused herself and went to him. “Wow so you are here also”

Black: Not expecting to see you here too.

Rachel: Boss said we have a new partner to meet.

Black: Maybe you should go to him before he fires you.

Rachel: Oh right why did you picked my call in the morning?
Park Min ha arrived at the scene with her cup of wine.

Park Min ha: Hunn wow look who we have here? The girlfriend.

Black:Go to your boss we will talk later.

Min ha: You won’t even introduce her to me? No it’s bad to keep secret.

Rachel ignored her and she turned to leave when Min ha stepped on her long flowing gown that filled the ground.

Min ha: It’s bad manner to walk out of a discussion.

Black’s POV
You have crossed your boundary today…Let me just watch.

Rachel turned back giving her a funny stare that left Min ha confused if she’s angry or joking.

Rachel glance back at her dress with Min ha’s shoe on it then she drag it up and Min ha almost slipped but Black was quick to catch her.
She looked embarrassed and angry.

Rachel: Don’t worry no one saw that. The media won’t cast you and ease that angry stare it will ruin the effort of the make up artist.

Min ha: How dare you commoner.

Rachel: What? Commoner? Well you’re right I’m poor but not cheap like you.

You were talking about introduction and keeping secrets right? Well I’m his girlfriend, and we don’t keep secrets. He mentioned something about having a night stand with a whore.

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Min ha clenched her fist in anger and she’s almost crying.

Rachel: What? You want more?

Min ha stare angrily at Black but he made an expression like “I have no idea what’s happening”

She splash her red wine on Rachel’s face before walking away.

Black: I love girls fight.

Rachel: I pray you don’t date someone like her.

Black: You are scarier.
Edward who saw a lady spilled drink on Rachel went to her immediately.

Edward: You just got here and you’re already causing trouble. Are you okay?

Rachel: Yes boss but sincerely I’m not at fault she caused it.

Edward: Let’s get you cleaned up.
Black and Edward eyed each other and he knew he was the guy who picked her call.

Edward: That Actor is your boyfriend?

Rachel: Who? Black? No he’s not i told you we are only close.

Edward: Why did he come with another escort then?

Rachel: Because I’m not available i told him I’ll be coming with you.

Edward: Oh okay ( he said in a happy tone)

Edward: Boss i chose you… Can’t you see how much i love you.

Edward: You are high.
Edward left the restroom after helping her with her dress.

They met with their partners and discussed about work.
All her advances towards Edward proves futile so she starts drinking to the state of stupor.

Black noticed she’s drunk but was not chanced to attend to her because of the reporters around and Min ha is behaving all clingy.

Edward decided to take her outside to rest in his car.

Outside ????????????????
Edward: Miss Kim? Kim Ha Ni please come to your senses i don’t even know your address.

“Then take me to your house hun?”she mumbled still drunk.

Edward:I don’t think I can do that.
Then she stood up abruptly and she threw herself on him wrapping her hands round his neck.

Rachel: Boss… My handsome boss do you know i love you?

Edward: You are drunk( he scoffed)

Rachel: No no I’m not. I love you and i want you inside me really bad please that’s my dream in this world.

Edward: This girl will get me into trouble.

Edward’s POV
She’s really tempting tonight and her words…how can someone be so bold like this.
I felt her breath becoming closer and i didn’t realize she’s come very close to my face… And i end up kissing her.

She seems so happy and engrossed in it so i decided to savour her sweet lips.

Suddenly i felt her hands on my shirt about to unbutton it.
” Damn it.. This girl is crazy”
I pushed her away and she starts crying
“My boss won’t make love to me”

I covered her mouth and help her into the car.

I was about to close the door on her when this guy Black or is it white stopped me from closing it.

Black: If you are done with your work issue then I’ll take her home.

Edward: Why will you take responsibility for her? She clearly told me you are not even her boyfriend.

Black: Being an ordinary boss taking your employee home without even knowing her address is not something you will want the media to know right?
She’s living with me, I’m very close to her i have the right to take her home.

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Edward: What if someone sees you? A normal girl with a star. And how will your girlfriend feel when she heard you abandoned her at a party for another girl.

Black: You can go and ask about her feelings. Move away.
He pushed him away and carried Rachel to his car before driving away.

Rachel keep saying rubbish and crying in her drunken state.
She brought out her phone and she typed a message then she pressed “Send to 6 people all at once”

Black: What else are you up to?

Rachel: Warn yourself, mind your business if you won’t help then don’t ask.

Black dropped her angrily on the bed and he left the room.
He saw her and Edward kissing earlier so he got angry about it.

Next Morning
Rachel woke up with a big headache and she couldn’t get out of bed.
Black came inside with a hangover juice which be made for her and she drank it finish before saying thank you.

Something is off this morning. Black didn’t flirt with her not did he smile at her… He didn’t even call her virgin ghost.

Rachel’s POV
What’s wrong with this grim reaper?

Rachel: I’m off to work see you later.

Black: I have a reality show today as well and I’ll be back late.

Rachel: Oh ok.

????Brittany Empire????

Rachel seems to be in good mood this morning and she starts huming a song as she entered the elevator.

She saw Kang Bae mi and she smiled at her.

Miss Bae stopped the elevator and drag her away to a secret place.

Bae mi: Hey are you sure about what you told us yesterday?

Rachel: Yesterday? I don’t remember telling you anything.

Bae mi: The message! You sent it to the group chat yesterday at exactly 11:00.

Rachel: Group chat? Message?
Then a flash of what happened yesterday occurred to her and she covered her mouth.

Rachel: Oh my goodness… I begged boss to fuck me…

Bae mi: Pardon? So you found out with that.

Rachel: No i was drunk… I didn’t mean it.

Bae mi: You got drunk and the boss refused to touch you so you concluded he’s gay?

Rachel: No that’s not it…. Damn it.
She ran away hoping not to come across Edward.

Edward arrived at the office two minutes later and the staffs started looking at him and saying something secretly.

Whenever he try to meet their gaze, they will look away.

Edward: Why is everyone acting strange this morning?

He got to his office and met his team gathered together discussing something
They didn’t even notice his presence until he said a good morning.

They all scream and ran to their position.

He entered his office pacing up and down wondering what might be happening then he went out to..

Edward: Miss Bae, Mr.Oh… Come inside.
He said in that scary low tone calling them with his finger.

Mr.Oh is getting scared already and Miss Bae took her phone along.

Edward :Tell me everything now else you’re fired.

Miss Bae quickly unlocked her phone and showed the message to Edward.
Clearly reading it out…
????The cold boss is a gay… Mr.Edward is a gayyyyyyy”

She even stretched the y at the end.

Edward: Who did this?

Mr.Oh:Miss Ha ha ha… Ha Ni.

Edward: Get her here right this instant.

????????????When will she stop causing trouble