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V Ghost. Episode 11

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V Ghost
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 11????

Edward’s POV
Oh no.. Ha ni must not see this… Rachel is already my past I won’t allow anything come between us… Not Father nor Rachel.

Edward called a number and he asked someone to find the address of the hospital.
He forward the picture to him and asked him to start tailing his father’s movement.

Rachel sent a message to Black that she won’t be coming home tonight.

He read it and dropped his phone angrily on the other seat.

He was about to leave the location before he saw her message.

His driver asked him what’s wrong but he said nothing.

Black: Starting from tomorrow you are on leave.

Driver: What? Black this is so unfair… You are paying me salary but you won’t even let me work why? I’ve been on leave for the past 2 months and I just resumed today.

Black: Stop bugging me will you? I’m the owner of the money I’m wasting.

Driver: Strange guy you are.

Black: If you keep talking we’re gonna be late for the concert.

It’s closing hour already and Edward asked if Rachel was ready.

They walk together to the car and he opened the door for her.

????Edward’s house????
The building is so huge and beautiful. The interior decoration is very okay as well.

Edward: Welcome to my small home.

Rachel: Small? Boss you are really funny.

Edward: Let me show you around.
Edward showed her everywhere and crack jokes for her. He watch as that beautiful smile escape her lips.

“Do you like this place?

” Of course it’s up to taste… It’s looking so magnificent”

Edward: Can you stop calling me boss all the time? At least call me Edward whenever we’re alone please.

She blushed at that statement from him and she decided to tease him. “what about Honey? Babe? Mine, ….


He’s looking so serious and she broke the silence.
” Are you not hungry?”she asked

“No but if you are hungry I can make something for you”

Rachel:No not that hungry.

Edward: Strange girl… Okay you mind a drink?
Edward went to his bar stand and returned with one bottle of alcohol.

Rachel: Wow 18% alcoholic.

Edward: Can you hold that much?

Rachel: What? That’s a small amount.
Edward served two glasses and he asked Rachel to sit close to him on the couch.

Edward: Ha Ni…

Rachel: Yes Edward?

He smiled seductively and lower his gaze.

Edward: Why don’t we find something to talk about… I mean it’s too weird staying silent.

Rachel: You start the topic.

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Edward: Your sex life… What’s your sexual fantasy.
Rachel almost choke on her drink and she started feeling hot.

Rachel: Why is it so hot here?

Edward: The air conditioning is on.

Rachel: Oh really?

Edward: Seems you’re not comfortable around me yet.

Rachel: No that’s not it… It just sound sudden to me… I mean I’ve never had this kind of conversation before.

Edward: What? Not even with your friends or ex boyfriend?

Rachel: I have no friend and… I never do this stuffs with my ex.

Edward: Wow.

“Yea wow…uhm why don’t you tell about yours?

Edward: I have a naughty fantasy. I just wanna make my sex life interesting. Wanna live a rabbit life.

Rachel: What? Sex all the time? I mean rabbits only wake up, have sex, go out for food then sex, return only to sex again.

Edward: No matter how busy i get… I’ll find time for sex. On the floor, couch, bedroom, bathroom, anywhere in my house. My girl should prepare for that.


Edward: What? Are you scared I might turn out to be a sex addict?

Rachel: No… It’s not that.

Edward: Then why are you getting restless?

Now she’s getting nervous and her heart is beating so much that you will think it might fall from her chest.
She heaved a heavy breath and her attractive boobs came up the clothes revealing how big it is.

Edward’s eyes drifted to it for a while but he quickly avert his eyes.

(What she’s so much waiting for, Edward is trying to spice the topic up for her and she’s nervous)

Any time Edward cracks a joke, she would laugh nervously and he decided to make the first move.

Edward called her and he caressed her neck tenderly before crushing his lips on her.

She didn’t object and she dropped her glass of wine.

Edward lean closer on her and removed her top for her.
He was marveled at what he saw.
She’s very fair and her big round boobs breathing on it own in her black bra.
He kissed it and fondled it before going for her lips again.

He shoved his tongue deep into her mouth and she fixed her hands on his neck more closely.

He stopped and carried her in a bridal style into his room upstairs.

Rachel is still restless and nervous and that look in her eyes is turning Edward on.
The door is left open and Rachel got scared the more with the fact that he has been planning this for long.

He lay her on the bed and he took off his shirt, revealing his built body.

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Rachel’s POV
Oh heavens… Look at that strong body… I hope he will go easy on me.

He used his finger to trace her waistline before removing all other dress she was putting on.

He whispered to her “You amell nice”

Edward’s hot breath on her skin sends shivers down her spine and her voice trembled.

Edward direct her hand to his hard drive making her feel the size but only made her scared the more.

She closed her eyes saying some verses hoping not to feel it coming.

But that was limited to her hope only and suddenly she felt Edward’s hard d**k penetrate into her small opening.

She winced in pain but Edward smooch her to distract her from the pain.

Rachel’s POV
Is it this painful having a first time? He knew I was in pain and he start kissing me again and being so lost in the kiss, he made another penetration then turn it into a slow but continuous one.

It was very painful for few minutes and my sharp nails have done wonders on his back.

Then the pleasure that comes from it started setting in.

My whimpers filled the room but I never heard anything from Edward except his silent but pleasurable moan.

2 hours later……
Here I am with my eyes opened and staring at the ceiling.

I tried to stand up to clean myself earlier but that lower part hurts like hell… I can feel the soreness.

Edward is fast asleep cuddling me so tight as if I planned on escaping.

I carefully move away from his grasp and stood up but that wasn’t a good idea because I fell back on the bed.

I glanced at Edward to check if he’s not yet awake.

I stood up again but damn… My legs are shaking but I managed to enter the bathroom.

Edward’s POV
I knew she didn’t sleep at all but I don’t know why… Is she embarrassed or what? Anyway I saw her walking in a funny manner earlier she thought I was sleeping but I was pretending.
Sorry love I never plan on going rough with you on your first time but… You are too tempting. I just wanted her all to myself.

Few minutes later, she came out dressed in one of his shirt and she went to sleep.

Next morning when she woke up, she could not find Edward beside her.

She went to the sitting room but could not find him either but the left over wine and her top on the couch. She blushed as she reminiscence about yesterday’s evening.

She went to the kitchen and there she saw Edward making breakfast.

She approach him making sure she didn’t meet his gaze.

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“Move over I’ll do it” she said.

Edward: You need to rest.

He said in a low tone and her cheek flushed red.

“By the way you look hot in that shirt”

Edward hug her from behind and bite her ears playfully.

Rachel: If we go back inside,I’m afraid we will be late for work.

Edward: Hmmm okay.
He left for his room to take his bath but forgot his phone.

Rachel continued cooking but then a message came on Edward’s phone.

Rachel: Uh? He forgot his phone here.

She wanted to check it first but she said it’s bad manners and not good for couples.

But the preview of the message displayed on the notification bar and that caught her interest.
????I’ve gotten the location sir… She’s alive????

She was surprised and she scroll up for other messages.
She saw her own picture on a sick bed been forwarded to the man that sent the message.

Rachel: How? How did he find out?

She checked the address of the hospital and she forward it to her number.

After having their breakfast, they went to work together.

It’s the day Rachel is to advertise the new brands they just produced.

Everyone is looking so excited and they stayed with her during her make up.

Ciara: Come on guys it’s not like she’s getting married.

Rachel: Thank you Ciara I’ve been curious as well.

Ciara: Anyway the clothes are ready and you will be going live in 10 minutes.

Rachel: Okay thanks baby.

Ciara’s POV
In 10 minutes, your nude picture will be everywhere online. You will make the headline :An employee going naked on live show.

She smirked and left the waiting room.

Edward checked his phone for any messages and he saw the address sent to him.

Edward’s POV.
If this is the only way to protect
Ha Ni from father and from coming between us…. Then I’m ready to do it… I’m sorry Rachel.

He left the company and went to that hospital.

????Black’s Mansion????
Black seems to be tired from yesterday’s concert and he was sleeping when he started getting this strange feeling.

Black: She’s in danger.
He sense that she’s in danger but another headache hit him as he sensed danger from another source.

Black: Both the body and the soul is in danger. What’s going on?

He can only visit a place not two at the same time. Where should he go first?
????To the hospital to save Rachel’s body? Or..
????The company to save her dignity.

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