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V Ghost. Episode 12

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V Ghost
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 12????
????Black’s Mansion????
Black seems to be tired from yesterday’s concert and he was sleeping when he started getting this strange feeling.

Black: She’s in danger.
He sense that she’s in danger but another headache hit him as he sensed danger from another source.

Black: Both the body and the soul is in danger. What’s going on?

How’s that possible?… Or don’t tell me someone is trying to kill that girl in her comatose state?

Black decided to call Rachel to ask if she’s okay because he’s not sure where he should go first.

???? Brittany ????
The make up artist is still doing coloration on her face and she ordered her to stay still.
She could hear her phone ringing but the make up artist warned her not to.

Lady: Just few minutes miss else we won’t finish this make up and that will be trouble from Mr.Edward.

Rachel: Oh ok I’m sorry.

Black’s POV
Why is she not picking her call?
I tried to use my teleporting power but strangely it’s not working.

I kicked the chair angrily and took my car keys.
“I’m to protect her… Should I go to the company first or the hospital?
My mission is to protect her and that simply means protecting her in that body but if I was able to save her but lost her body, there won’t be any body for her to arrive in.

Gosh this is so frustrating… I’ve never been in this kind of situation before.

Black swerved the car around and head to the hospital.

????Hospital ????
Edward arrived at the hospital and he went straight to the 2nd floor without asking from the reception.

He checked his phone for the room number and he proceeded.

Black arrived at the hospital just 10 seconds later and he rushed inside.

He did not know the room number but his instinct keep directing him to where Rachel’s body is.

Ward 09 ; Yoo Rachel
Edward peep from the straight glass inset of the wooden door.

He was surprised to see her alive and feeling of happiness mixed with his evil thoughts.

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He slowly opened the door and approached her bed.

Edward: I’m sorry Rachel… Though I never loved you but still agreed to be your friend because you had a crush on me… But I never knew my Father was targeting you all along.

He caress her face and tears trickled down his cheeks.

Black arrived at the scene and when he saw Edward inside, he stopped at the entrance.

Black’s POV
This will define who you are.
You killed her once and now you wanna kill her again? What kind of man are you?

????Brittany Empire????
The make up is over and the instruments are set.
They are using a big room for it and the staffs are all present.

Producer: Miss Ha Ni… It’s a live show so you gotta be fast okay? Over there is the wardrobe for you to change into the clothes. While you change, we will talk about placing orders so as to buy time for you. Are we clear?

Rachel: Yes.

Ciara: Unni fast fast go and change.

Miss Bae: Wait we can’t start!

Producer: Why?

Miss Bae: Where is boss?

Rachel: Oh right we need his opening speech before starting anything.

Producer: Then where the hell is he? We have just 3 minutes left. Is there anyone who knows the script?

Mrs Shin: uhm… Can I do it?

Ciara: What? But Mr.Mark will get angry this is disaster.

Producer: Listen here small girl…

Ciara: I’m not small I’m a grown up adult. I’m 23!

Producer: Okay Miss 23,it doesn’t matter who’s saying the dialogues you should think about thousands of houses sitting down right now to watch this live show. And any single mistake, the order will drop.

Rachel: Mrs Shin should do it… Let’s start.

Producer: Okay.

Camera man: Okay all set 10 seconds to go on air… 10,9,8…3..2..1 go!

Mrs Shin: Good afternoon everyone presenting to you from Brittany Empire…

Edward’s hand keeps shaking as he tried to remove the oxygen mask from Rachel’s mouth.

Then a message came on his phone and with the sound of the notification, he flinched and move away from her.
He checked his phone and saw..

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????Don’t be a coward again. You killed her once, and you want to repeat the same mistake haunting you presently. You are not a man but a coward who can’t even protect his love????

He got scared and looked around thinking someone is around looking at him.

Black actually sent the message to convince him.

Still he didn’t listen and he removed the Oxygen Mask from her face. The pulse machine started making noise and her pulse starts dropping immediately.

????Brittany Empire????

Ciara: Wow Mrs Shin is really good at this.

Producer: She’s almost through according to the script here Miss Kim are you ready?

Rachel is dressed in the first outfit and she’s looking gorgeous with the new brand of bag she’s holding.

She was about to go on air when she felt a big headache.

She’s feeling dizzy and her vision became blurry. Her soul keeps appearing and disappearing like she want to come out of Ha Ni’s body.

Rachel’s POV
What’s going on? I feel like I’m dying again… I’m leaving this body… No no not now please.
I can feel my soul fizzing and I can’t see clearly. Did… Edward really tried to harm me again?

” Miss Kim Ha Ni”
“Ha Ni shi?”
The numerous voices calling her sounds distant to her but suddenly she became stable again.

Producer: Are you okay?

Rachel: Uh? Uh yes yes lets start.
Rachel decided to think about the hell that just happened later because right now? She’s doing something good for the company for the first time and she’s not willing to ruin it.

She step on set and started her ramp walk. “Gracious God” she looks breathtaking.
She displayed the bag, shoe and the jewelry she’s putting on.

The camera man zoom it on all the accessories she’s putting on and especially to her big booty.

Immediately calls starts coming in and with thousands of people placing their orders.

Some even sent a message complimenting Rachel’s beauty.

The sales ???? graph keeps going up and the staffs were clapping backstage.

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Rachel continued this and the producer in turns talk about the sales and orders coming in then she went on set again.

But now…. With the last dress on set. It’s a long flowing gown of leopard print and the beauty of the dress is worth everybody’s attention.

Mrs Shin: Wow I never knew this clothes was in the shipments that came in.

Miss Bae: I’m surprised as well I don’t think we ordered for this… It looks expensive also.

Mr.Oh: Maybe Boss ordered for it himself.

Edward was about to leave but then he turn back again and he put the oxygen mask back on her.
He said sorry and ran out.

Black heaved sigh of relief that at least he has little bit of humanity left.

He checked on Rachel and saw her pulse going back to normal the he left the hospital.

He saw Edward driving away and he was about to open his car when he teleported as well.
(This crazy power works only during emergency)

Rachel continued her walk and she displayed all the products on the table but not knowing her dress is withering away.

The cottons are falling apart and dropping on every angle she tred.

Miss Bae: Yah… Guys I think there’s something off with this dress.

Ciara: I didn’t see anything though.

Just then, Edward arrived at the company and he went to the showroom but looking so tired and regretful.

Mrs Shin: Boss I think there’s something wrong with that dress!

Edward: Which dress? We never ordered for that… It was so expensive so we left it out.

Mr.Oh: Then how?….

Edward: Wait… Looking at the texture and…
Edward is a professional when it comes to stuffs like this and he recognised it at once, the type of materials it is.

Edward: Damn it… Someone is playing pranks on us….

Now the cotton is falling very fast and the part covering her neck to the shoulder region fell off completely…. It just remain the dress to drop from her body.

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