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V Ghost. Episode 14

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V Ghost
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 14????


Edward keep searching around for Ha Ni and then he heard her crying and talking about something which is not clear because her cries is completely over her words.

Edward saw the door to the waiting room opened and he went inside.

Waiting room????????????
Edward came inside with a confused face.

Seeing Black with her, he got even more confused and he pull Rachel’s hand away from his grip.

Edward: Get away from her! What are you doing here? Ha Ni are you okay?

She’s teary eyed and her cheeks is all red.

She slip her hand away from Edwards’ and she went out angrily.

Edward pushed Black to the wall with his hand on his neck.

Black: Get your filthy hands off me you bastard.

(If only he knew who Black is, how dare him to even touch his clothes)

Edward: What did you do to her?

Black scoffed and now he’s getting frustrated. He yanked Edward’s hand away and kicked him.

Black:I feel like punching you to death right now but that won’t ease my anger and hatred for you.
If you so much love her, you should be able to protect her not embarrassing her on a live show.

Black said angrily and he exit the waiting room before disappearing again.

Edward’s POV
Why is he always around her? I hate him showing up everytime I’m with Ha Ni.
Who could have done this to her? I’m not going to spare that animal.

Rachel went back to the show room and she stood by the door watching everything.

The show is over and everyone looks happy to have done one thing or the other except Ciara who is getting restless and scared.

Miss Bae saw her and ran to her to bring her inside.

Mrs Shin: Oh heavens thank goodness someone switched off the light. Our dear Ha Ni…

Mr.Oh: Are you okay?

Bae: Someone wanted to spoil our reputation but thank God the sales has risen again.

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Rachel: Really?

Mrs Shin: I’m not going to spare that bitch… I will make sure to yank her hair and pluck every single hair on her head till she becomes bald.

Ciara: Yahh! How can you?…

Miss Bae: Why are you so pained?are you the one?

Ciara:How are you so sure it’s a she?

Edward arrived at the scene and he summoned everyone to his office.


Edward: The CCTV footage from the store room will be delivered soon so we can clear things before reporting this case.

He asked them to sit down and they did.

He keeps looking at Rachel but she didn’t even spare him a glance.

Edward’s POV
I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you… You must be very mad at me right now… If I hadn’t gone to that hospital… I could have recognize that dress and stopped you from wearing it.
I am doing this just for you… I hope you understand. As long as Rachel us still alive, we can never be together.

Father said I must get married to her by all means and hes desperate to do anything for his interest… And that includes harming you.

Then someone knocked on the door and Edward asked him to come in.

He dropped the USB and exit the office.

Edward inserted the USB and played the recording.

It showed how they delivered the new brands and how each employees went inside for one thing or the other.

The last person to visit the store room is Ciara.

The first visit, she was seen going inside with a box and when she entered, she brought out the same dress that Rachel wore on stage earlier.

She smiled at it and replaced it with the real dress she is to wear.

The second and last visit was when she went to get all the stuffs to the show room.

She’s already trembling on her seat and now that everybody is starting at her…

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Mrs Shin stood up and start approaching her but Rachel hold her back.

Mrs Shin: Leave me alone let me pluch her hairs.

Edward: Miss Ciara?

Ciara: Yyyyy yes sir.

Edward:Why and who asked you to do such?

Ciara’s POV
No no… Damn it i thought there was no camera around the store room.

I can’t snitch on Min ha, she’s my best actress and she even paid me a huge amount of money. I must not spoil her image.

Edward: Ciara!

Ciara: I… I’m sorry boss I was jealous of her and i hated her so much.

Mr.Oh: What? Do you think you are making sense right now? Jealous of what?

Ciara: She always gets boo attention because she’s beautiful and her shape is something…so i..decided to embarrass her.

They were all surprised with her baseless reasons.

Edward: If you think you can fool everybody here, I’m telling you that i don’t believe your trash.

Then he placed a call and two police men came inside.

Ciara: Boss please I’m sorry.

Edward: Since you’re not ready to confess so you will only be spending 6 months in prison also you are fired.

She went on her knees to beg but Edward ordered her to be taken away and they took her away.

Everybody keep consoling Rachel and treating her more better than before.

Edward: You can all leave but Miss Ha Ni please stay behind.

They all left his office and he hug Rachel so close, saying sorry to her.

Rachel’s POV
I guess I’ll have to play along till i get the last quest from you.
But I’m afraid i have little time left…. Just 10 days and i will leave this body.

Edward: Are you okay?

Rachel: Yes I’m okay.

He kissed her forehead and caress her hands.

It’s night time and Edward decided to drop Rachel home.

Edward: I don’t want you to live with him anymore. He’s a top star and i don’t trust him… Should i get a house for you?

Rachel: Why can’t i live with you in your vacation house?

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Edward: NoHa Ni… Not yet…Father won’t like it… He’s dange…

Rachel: He’s what?

Edward: It’s nothing… Don’t worry i will take care of everything and tell you when it’s right.

Rachel didn’t say anything and she alighted from his car.

Edward waved to her and drove away from the estate.

She input the password and went inside.

She checked on Black but he’s sleeping already.

She dropped her bag on the floor and went to sleep beside Black on the bed.

She cuddle like a baby and she sobs silently.

Black pretends to be sleeping but hearing her cry in pain, he turn to her side and he draw her closer to embrace her.

She hold unto his clothes and cried on his chest.

Rachel: The first rainfall is in 10 days… Black he still doesn’t trust me… I’m afraid he won’t tell me why he killed me… Am i going to hell?

Now Black is fed up and he’s not sure what her fate will be.

Tears escaped from his eyes and he feared for her.

Black:I wish you could stay longer… I’m not ready to let you go… I’m sorry for not trying to win your love even for once.

She sniffed in and raised her head to Black “Do you love me?

Black wiped the tears flowing down her cheeks and he whispered to her.. ” Yes i do love you”.

Rachel: Then why didn’t you try to stop me when I went to his house?

Black: I must not have any mutual feeling with a ghost. It’s the rules i agreed to follow before the gods reincarnated my souls back to this body…

Rachel: if i later go to hell i wish to have your memories with me Black.

Black: If you succeed in your quest… I promise I’ll look for you.

They stopped talking for a while and then she drifted off to sleep.

Black’s tears fell on her mouth and he never let go of her till day break.

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