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V Ghost. Episode 13

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V Ghost
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 13????

Now the cotton is falling very fast and the part covering her neck to the shoulder region fell off completely…. It just remain the dress to drop from her body.

Then everywhere went dark. Someone messed with their electricity source I guess now everywhere is dark and they starts murmuring.

Ciara used her phone flashlight and flashed at directly on the stage but surprisingly, Rachel is nowhere to be found except the dress on the floor which is already in pieces.

Edward noticed someone coming in earlier but since it was dark he couldn’t get a clear picture.

Presenter: What’s going on?

Edward rushed out without saying a word.

Mrs Shin: We are very sorry we will see to it now.

Ciara: Where is Miss Kim?

Bae mi: uh uh? Where is she?

Presenter: The sales graph is falling and calls are coming in from the viewers we need to act fast.

Mr.Oh: We are on the last part right? Miss Bae please go on stage.

Miss Bae: What? I? I’m sorry I’m not good with words I’ve never done this.

Mrs Shin: It’s part of your work right? Go up there you can do it.

Miss Bae: Really?

Then the lights came on and Miss Bae went on stage to finish the last part.

Waiting room ????????????
Black was the one that messed with the switch powering the entire company.

He then went into the dark showroom and disappeared with Rachel from the stage.

Now they are in the waiting room where the clothes are kept.

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She’s in Black’s embrace and he is not ready to let her go.

Rachel: What are you doing here? What happened earlier and did you just used your power?

Black: Stay still I’m not ready to go blind.

Rachel: What are you talking about? You just came out of nowhere and took me away from the show room.

Black: When you know what hit you don’t blame me.
Black let go of her and he turned to the other side of the wall.

Rachel sensed a harsh touch on her body, the air condition is penetrating so bad as if she’s naked.

She was about to question Black but then the mirror beside her showed her how much she’s endowed.

Her jaw dropped and she screamed running away from the mirror.

She ran inside the clothes rack covering herself.

Rachel: You pervert.

Black: I would have been happy if this happened at home. Pervert indeed.

Rachel: Wait… You always show up whenever I’m in danger so that means if you hadn’t show up…. Oh my God… On a live show.

Black: Someone in your company messed with the dress.

Rachel:Oh my oh my ( she said covering her face)

Edward heard her screaming earlier and he ran towards the direction.

Black: Change into another dress already.

Rachel checked through the collection and she removed a dress from it.

Rachel: Black I nearly died earlier.

Black: Yeah I know that… It’s something worse than death.

Rachel: No I mean I nearly left this body… It was so painful like I was fading away.

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Black: What?It must have affected her… Don’t worry everything is okay now I will never arrive late for you to experience such again.

Rachel: Why are you hiding it from me?

Black: Hiding what?

Rachel:I know he went to the hospital… I saw the message on his phone asking one of his men to find me.

I decided to give him another chance perhaps he had no choice back then but he atill tried to kill me again.

Black: Hey virgin ghost…

Rachel: Don’t say anything… That shows there’s no feeling of remorse for what he did.

Why did you hide that fact from me, Uh? Tell me why you’re covering up his mistake!

Black: I’m sorry… I didn’t want to hurt you.

Rachel: Yes I know I’m pitiful… I still allowed that man to touch me.

Black: Don’t you get it? He did not know any Rachel right now but Ha Ni. He doesn’t love Rachel, he loves Ha Ni and he’s willing to protect her by all means.

I was at the hospital today when he slipped that oxygen mask away but he never abandoned you to die… He went back to put the mask back on.

He was a coward back then that’s why he couldn’t protect you but now he’s ready to protect the girl he loves deeply. “Ha Ni”.

But I’m not sure why he did that or what he was protecting you from.

Rachel: If he didn’t love me he could have rejected the alliance and let me go my way.

If he loves Ha Ni presently and knowing that I’m alive, he could have waited for me to wake up, say his apologies and let me go my own way.

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She was shouting very loudly on Black and crying as well.

Edward opened the door and came inside with a confused face.

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