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V Ghost. Episode 15

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V Ghost
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 15????

Next morning, Rachel went to the hospital to see her parents and her body for the first and last time.

There was nobody with her and she sat on the chair beside the bed.

She tried to touch her but she noticed her pulse fizzing.

“I can’t even touch my own body… At least for the last time”

She cried and stared at her own body lying on the bed.

Then Mrs. Yoo came inside holding a box.

She was scared at first thinking someone is here to harm her daughter and how anyone could have known she’s alive.

But her heart melted to have seen the lady crying so much for her daughter and the look in her eyes.

Mrs.Yoo: Young miss… Who are you?

“Uh..uhm…i’m sorry i entered without seeking your permission” she lied

Mrs.Yoo:So who are you?

Rachel: I’m her best friend… I arrived recently from overseas and i came here to check on someone but saw her instead and in this state.

Mrs.Yoo: Oh okay… Young miss can you please not tell anyone about her?

Rachel: Uh? Yes sure… I’m sorry i have to leave now… Bye.

Mrs.Yoo: Are you sure about that? Will you okay leaving so soon?

Rachel: I will come back later.
She left the hospital with a sad heart.

She can even hug her mother nor touch her own body.

Just for Edward to trust her she even moved out of Black’s mansion for his sake.

Days passed by but Edward never opened up to her.
On the 9th day, she broke up with him.” I don’t ever want to see you again”

Edward:What? But… Ha Ni what have i done to deserve this?

Rachel: The more i think about this i am not always at ease… I told you i wanna know the reason behind you killing that girl.

Edward: Oh i get it… You can not bear living with a murder. Do you even love me? Do you trust me a bit?

Rachel: Jerk! How dare you question me. Do you think i would gladly give away my first time to someone i don’t trust or love?

Edward: Ha Ni I’m sorry please.

Rachel: I’m not here to hear your sorry get the fuck out of my life and don’t try to find me.

Rachel alighted from his car and went inside her home.

Edward felt broken with her words and he could not leave immediately.

He was thinking deeply and crying in pain when he saw another car packed beside him.

And then, Rachel came out carrying her bag, she didn’t even spare him a look. Also Black is accompanying her so Edward hesitated to stop her.

They drove away from the estate and Edward got crazy with what just happened to him.

He went home directly to his father.

Edward: From now on… I’m leaving this house, the position of being a son, a boss and a puppet. I couldn’t follow my mother because i was young, foolish and a coward.
But now I’m leaving.

Mr.Mark: Idiot how dare you even challenge me on that. Do you think because I’m old i won’t be able to monitor my business? No you are wrong. Just know that if you’re leaving, I’ll block all your credit cards, you will no longer have access to my properties.

Edward: I don’t give a fuck about that… Goodnye Father.

Mr.Mark: What a fool you are! What about your sickness? What if it later sets in and you have no money to treat it? You will die a poor man.

Edward: I’m only afraid of your future, Father. Everybody left you and now I’m leaving due to your cruel torture… This loneliness will kill you.

Mr.Mark: Get out of my house you fool.
Edward went upstairs to his room and returned with a box and his suitcase.

Edward: Thank goodness you didn’t but the car for me.

He left his father’s house and head to an hotel.

Mr.Mark got angry and he started breaking everything in the house, screaming and roaring. Just look at him glower!
His bodyguard heard the noise and came inside to stop him.

BG: Sir, sir please calm down your health status is not encouraging for such.

He then started crying and he fell on the floor. “What other choice do.i have than to die sooner than the predicted date uh? I have cancer and it’s already too late for me… Doctor said i have just 5 months to live. It can’t be cured.

BG: Why didn’t you explain to your son perhaps he might stay?

Mr.Mark: The best way to be free from a monster like me is for him to leave. A father is expected to be everything for you, guide you, be your hero, your supporter but no i only turned my son into money slave, business booster.
Having this cancer is heaven’s punishment and I’ll gladly accept it.

BG: Have your seat chairman.

Mr.Mark: Get me my lawyer!

BG: Okay sir.

????Black’s Mansion????
Rachel knew for sure she’s going to hell but she has been crying too much for the past 8 days so she decided to leave happily.

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Black could not bear to watch her helplessness so he took his car keys to leave the house. At least to punch the hell put of Edward’s life.

But Rachel’s tiny cracked voice stopped him” Will you leave me all alone? I died crying in pain the last time at least stay with me till i will gently fade away.

Black: Rachel… I’m sorry.
Black turned back and hugged her from behind.

The news on the television is all about the weather.

????Citizens are advised to go out with umbrellas tomorrow. It was reported that the first rainfall is tomorrow and it’s going to be a heavy one.????

Rachel: Tomorrow is the first rainfall black, I’m glad i won’t be dying in pain this time.

????The last day????
Early in the morning, Rachel prepared a very delicious breakfast for Black and they ate happily. Black even cracked jokes for her.

They visited so many places she wished to visit as the real Rachel and they had series of fun.

Black: I will never forget you virgin ghost.
Rachel is crying already because it’s night time and the sky is getting filled up with thick dark clouds.
She burst into laughter amidst her tears.

Rachel: Even in hell i will beg the gods to let me remember you Black.

Black draw her closer and kissed her passionately.

It was so pure and emotional because during their steamy kiss was mixed with hot tears flowing down their cheeks.

???? Somewhere unknown ????
Edward is seen sitting outside on the floor beside his car.
He left the hotel and went to a silent place.

He’s feeling sad and the night of the murder start haunting him.

He cried like a mad man and shouting at the sky.
Edward: I’m sorry Rachel… I’m sorry i said I’m sorry stop showing yourself to me… Please please I’m sorry.
You begged me that night but i still went ahead to inject you… I’m an animal, a beast.

????Eight months ago????
????That night????
????The Yoo’s Mansion????
Rachel looks so happy for the fact that she’s finaly getting engaged to her crush.

She keep looking at her dress inside the wardrobe.

She decided to sleep with a happyood perhaps dream about Edward, her love.

She unlocked her phone and keeps staring at Edward’s picture when she heard something break in her bathroom.
She got scared but still went to check it out.

She saw Edward in a black clothes and he was wearing a mask.

Rachel: Hey Edward what are you doing here so late?

Edward: My love… I missed you so much i just can’t wait for you to be mine.

Rachel blushed at the sweet words and she tucked her hair to the back.

Rachel: So why the disguise?

Edward: I don’t want anyone to know I’m here.

Rachel: Don’t you know its bad luck to do this?

Edward: It applies to a wedding not engagement.

Rachel:oh okay.

Edward: I really love you Rachel… Can i hug you before i leave?

Rachel felt shy but she agreed.
Edward drew her into his embrace and he injected her with the poison.

She tried to scream but he stopped her voice by kissing her forcefully.

Her hands became numb and she couldn’t move her body.

The contents still remained in the ???? syringe and he wanted to inject all the content into her system.
As he moved closer to her, she whispered a please still in pain.

Edward: Shhhh its not my fault… And I’m sorry it won’t hurt much.

He caressed her hair as he injected the content into her system.

End of flashback????????????????????

????Black’s Mansion????
The sky started Crumbling and thunderstorms breaking warming residents of its heavy rainfall.

Rachel glared at the sky through the window and she was about to go into the rain when Black stopped her.

Rachel: Since you won’t be following me… I want the rain to accompany me at least.
She removed Black’s hand from her body and she went downstairs.
She raised her face up in direct contact to rain strokes.
The first rainfall is heavy but rain drops fall gently on her already pale skin but rosy lips.

She smiled and closed her eyes.

Then her body started fading away like a blocked ray of sunlight.

She sensed the hotness and she opened her eyes.

Black: Rachel!!
He was watching her from the window before but seeing her body fading away, he yearn to hold her in his embrace before she disappears away.
He got to her and pulled her away from the downpour.

He took her back inside but that won’t stop her from vanishing.

Black: Don’t torture yourself… If you want to fade, i want my face to be the last thing you will see.

Then her phone started ringing(she dropped it on the sofa before going out earlier)

She checked the caller and its Edward but she got angry and was about to smash it on the wall when Black snatched it from her.

Bkack’s POV
I’m gonna ask of his location and kill him… I don’t care if it ruined my career.
He picked the call but welcomed by Edward’s whimper. He was crying souch like a baby and he…

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Edward: I know i don’t worth your time anymore but thank you for picking my call.

(Black put it on loudspeaker)

Edward:My father is a very dangerous and inhuman fellow. He tortures women a lot and that caused Mother and big brother to leave him. I just disowned him as well but… I know you don’t love me anymore.
I killed a girl named Rachel. My father wanted to extort her family’s wealth through our relationship.
I have no feeling for her but we were best of friends until Father forced me to deceive her into a relationship… I didn’t want her to suffer like my mother and so…. I… Killed her…
(He sniffed in and cried the more)

Rachel’s legs have become invisible already and her hands are disintegrating.

Edward: I was a coward i couldn’t protect her… I thought killing her will save her but she ended up being in coma. I tried to kill her again but i just can’t….
I killed her to protect her… Ha Ni I’m sorry i never trusted you with my secrets… Please if you don’t come back… I will die.

Black disconnected the call so as to hold unto the last part of Rachel that’s turning into dust but he was too late and he embrace thin air.

He dropped the phone and tears trickled down his face.

Rachel is back to heaven but this time around with a sullen look.

Gr:What is with that troublesome ghost?

Gr 2:She must have failed her mission.
She approached the two grim reapers talking politely than ever.

Rachel: I’m back… Can you get me the gods?

Gr: Sorry we will keep your company okay?

Then two handsome looking gods appeared to her.
“Congratulations Rachel you did it”

Rachel: Uh? But how? That jerk never told me the reason he killed me.

“He said it on the phone… He did it to protect you”

Rachel yelled at them
“What? I mean is he crazy? How can someone kill someone you want to protect?… I mean is killing the best way to protect? Who does that?

Gr: Why are you such a talker? So that is what matters most right now? You’re not happy you will be returning to your body?

Rachel: No dear gods you don’t get it.. I mean how can anyone kill based on that reason….

” Get her away from here”

They didn’t allow her to finish her loud complaints and they transferred her soul back to her body.

Gr: How can a ghost be so troublesome? Phew… She’s gone.

Gr 3: Lord white rose what are we going to do with Ha Ni’s body? Her soul is still in the garden.

“Send her soul back into her body and drop her in a road accident. We will erase all her youthful memories.

I think Edward deserves another chance to be human.

He repented from his ways because of a girl called Ha Ni also, Rachel chose him for Ha Ni by having him break her virginity. It’s written that whosoever Rachel chose to deflower her, will be for Ha Ni.

“That’s very wise of you white rose”.

????Two weeks later????
Mrs.Yoo was cleaning Rachel’s body when she moved her fingers.

She was filled with joy and ran to call the doctor.

They attended to her and said she will have up in three days.

Edward has been looking for Ha Ni ever since that night he called her.

He searched for her everywhere, he even visited Black many times but Black reported him to the police and they warned him to stop stalking an idol.

He has turned to something else entirely and he was walking on the road one day when his father’s lawyer told him about Mr.Mark’s death.

Edward hated his father but hearing about his death, he went home to attend his burial.

His mother and big brother came back from England.

He ignored them totally but their lawyer talked to him.
Mrs.Mark cried that she’s sorry for leaving him alone to suffer.

His brother, Jeremy apologized as well and they are back together but late Mr.Mark transferred all his properties in Edward’s name only.

He started living with his mother and brother.

He hand over the company to Jeremy since he’s the eldest and his mother became the vice chairman of the company.

Edward refused to do nothing as he just sits at home all day, remininscing about his memories with Ha Ni.

He was watching the news one day, when he saw Ha Ni among the accident victim being taken to the hospital.

His eyes widened to see her again and he checked the hospital name on the ambulance.

He rushed there immediately.

When he entered, he saw Ha Ni sitting on the bed feeling lost and her head is bandaged.

Edward: Ha Ni.. Ha ni are you okay?where have you been? I’ve been searching for you like crazy.

Ha ni keeps looking at the strange man caring so much for her.

Then the doctor came to him that she has lost her memories.

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Edward: What? Please is there any chance of her remembering anyone?

Doctor: I’m not sure she will ever regain her memories.

Ha Ni: Edward?… I know you…

Edward: What?(he asked surprised)

Ha Ni: You… are my boyfriend… But its strange i don’t remember anything about us other than that.

Edward: Yes Ha Ni I’m your boyfriend.. That is enough for me I’m sorry for being a jerk, I have a lot to tell you. My mother and big brother is back.

He keeps on talking and smiling, his happiness knows no bound while Ha Ni was staring at him and surprised about how a man can talk so much.

He seems nice and caring to her, he even fed her lunch with his own hands.
She got discharged the next day and he took her home.

He introduced her to his family that she is the woman he want to spend his life with. And about her state as well regarding the memory loss.

Mrs.Mark: It’s okay dear… You are welcome to the family.

She kissed her forehead and Jeremy welcomed her as well.

Edward: We are safe now Ha Ni… Please will you marry me?

Ha Ni smiled and she went on her knees in the same position Edward is.

Ha ni: Yes i will.

Black’s popularity keeps growing day by day and he’s become an international star.

He misses Rachel a lot but what to do, the gods has erased her memories of him.

He once went to visit her when she regained consciousness but she only recognized him as a popular idol and nothing else.

She even requested for his authograph looking so happy.

He left the hospital feeling sad.

One day, Rachel was going to a function with her patents when a little girl ran to her.

Rachel: Awwwn you look so cute what can i do for you?

Girl: Nothing actually big sister… Lord white rose wants me to give you this camera.

Rachel: Lord what? But i don’t know anyone with such an old name.

Girl: Big sister its very important i deliver it.

Mrs.Yoo: We are getting late Rachel its starting.

Rachel: Oh ok thanks a lot cutie.

She smiled and received the camera from her. The girl waved to her and she ran very fast to meet her mother.

The party seems to be very boring for Rachel and she told her mother she wanna go home but she warned her to stay else her friend will be disappointed with her.

Rachel decided to check the camera for fun stuffs to get rid of her boredom.

She saw Black’s picture and she became really excited.

Rachel: Wait why am i so happy whenever i hear his name and saw him on TV? Anyway.

She ignored it and keep checking then she saw a video on it.

It’s Black saying something about finding Rachel if she succeed in her quests.
(Hope we all remember that night that he teleported out of the house to escape from Rachel and anlittle girl recording his confession.She even called him an old man… Well she’s a special girl like Black who will grow up to help ghosts as well)

Rachel finished watching the recording and memories of her three months life came rushing to her. She dropped the camera and she is in tears.

Mrs.Yoo: Rachel? Are you okay?

She didn’t say anything , she wiped her tears and ran out of the building.

Black was escaping from group of crazy fans when he bumped into a lady and they fell down on each other.

The lady is Rachel and her eyes is swollen and red.

Rachel: Black…

Black: I’m sorry… I…

Rachel: Idiot lover… I remember you.

Black was surprised and he thought he heard it wrong, he helped Rachel up and he stood up as well.

Rachel: I renember everthing now… I remember us.

Black was not sure if that feeling was happiness or another name for happiness.

He laughed out and he wiped her tears.

Black: Hey Virgin ghost… Where is your shoe?

Rachel: It was too high to run with so i took it off.

Black: You don’t know how much I’ve missed you.

Rachel: Can you date me now? Am no more a ghost.

Black: Silly girl that’s my line not for you.
They burst out laughing amidst tears and smiling face.

Black:Rachel… Yoo Rachel will you please marry me?

Rachel: Of course i will even without the please.

Black: Won’t you get jealous when you see girls around me?

Rachel: I don’t need to worry just tell them your wife is scary and that’s all.
Black pull her in for a hug and they embrace each other so dearly.

They sealed their reunion with a slow passionate kiss.

Edward and Ha Ni got married and they travelled out of Korea to set up their own business and to live a new life. But before that, He apologized to Rachel for his evil deed and she forgive him.

He even attended her wedding with Ha Ni.

They all live happily ever after.

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