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V Ghost. Episode 8

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V Ghost
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

????Episode 08????

Mr.Mark left his office and tears escaped from his eyes.

He yelled and punched the table hard. The tension on Rachel made her scream out of fear.

Edward heard her voice and he checked under the table.

Rachel’s red eyes met with Edward angry face and they continue staring before….he speak out.

Edward:You? How long have you been there?

Rachel stood up still in shock and she stood up shifting away from Edward.

Edward: Hey don’t… Don’t tell me you believed all that?

Rachel: You…y..you are a murderer?

Edward’s heart went cold as dead to hear that from her.
“Ha Ni please it’s not what you think listen to me”

“No no…” She screamed when he tried to touch her and she ran away from his sight but Edward was quick to catch her again.

“Please Ha Ni listen to me please” he said as he turn her around to face him.

“Don’t touch me please” she said with her voice shaking as if she just saw terror.

Edward: Ha Ni please let me explain if you love me you will trust me please.

Edward’s POV
Please God i don’t want to lose her not like

this… My past is haunting me as it is

already…the look in her eyes is scaring me any

broken words from her is enough to kill me

right now… Please don’t leave.

” Tell me… Did you really killed her?

“Listen to me I’ll…”

“I’m listening goddamn it I’m listening” she yelled and yank his hands away from her body.

“Yes… I… did” he said brokenly as tears escaped from his eyes.

“Why” she asked softly trying to prevent more tears.

“Ha Ni I’m sorry i can’t… I can’t tell you…i..”

“Let go of me” she said coldly saying it one after the other.

Edward’s POV
The look in her eyes is of Fear, anger, hatred and disgust… She’s killing me with that stare.
Hot tears trickled down her cheeks as she pushed me away and ran out of my office.

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I wanted to stop her but now i have no right to… I feel anger building up and i ended up crying.

Edward sat down on the floor in corner and he buried his face between his knees crying like a baby.
Awwn he’s crying so much, sincerity and pain can be felt from his voice.
He’s finally in love and desperate to protect her from his Father but he remembered being once a coward with believe that the only way to protect Rachel is to kill her.
So he cried even more.

Rachel rushed out of the office wiping her tears away and she packed her things inside her bag.

Miss Bae: Miss Kim what happened to you? Are you okay?

Mr.Oh: Whhhat is wrong with her?

She didn’t say anything and just went out with her face all red.

Mrs Shin: Do you think the boss tried to harass her?

Miss Bae: Who knows? He’s a cold beast so it might be true.

????????On the Road????????
Rachel didn’t stop crying and very loud at that.

Rachel’s POV
He.. He killed me..my boyfriend… It hurts so much i think i might die… I don’t want to live anymore…but i can’t die yet… Why… Why did he killed me? I didn’t do anything to offend him… Perhaps he never loved me… God why….
She cried her heart out and her face us all red and swollen.

“Yes.. I need Black… I need him right now.

She dialed his number he’s not picking it. ” please Black please”
She dialed it again like 17 times but he didn’t pick it.

(He’s busy shooting a scene actually)

“Nobody loves me… He’s not picking my calls also. So he will only come when I’m in danger.

She abandoned the side walk and stumbled on the road.

Cars rushing with full speed from left and right. She closed her eyes, stretches her arms and stood firmly in the middle of the road.

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????????????????????Lights out????????????

????Black’s Mansion????
Black is sitting beside her bed and watching her regain consciousness.

Rachel opened her eyes and she stood up immediately crying again.

Black: Hey Virgin ghost what happened to you again? I cancelled my shoot because of you…

” He killed me” she voiced out softly in pain.
Her mascara is ruined with too much tears and her face looked broken.

Rachel: Edward… He was the one that killed me.

Black didn’t seem surprise but instead he maintained his normal countenance and he looked away from her pitiful stare.

“Wait… You knew all along… Black look at me… You knew who my murderer was all along”

Black’s silence gave her another death arrow.

“Arh”. She gasps

” why didn’t you tell me?”
Black remained mute and he approach her giving her a was hug telling her sorry in a low tone.”

“My duty is to protect you not to tell you even if i know”

“So you watched me running after him like a fool thinking he deserved my virginity…. Oh God…he killed that innocent girl( herself)

Rachel starts crying again and she passed out on his chest.
The body she’s using can’t stand so much pain and heartbreak.

Her cell phone keeps vibrating in her bag.

Few minutes later, she woke up again and now it’s night.

She checked her phone and saw 79 messages and 40 missed calls from Edward.

She threw her phone away and it shattered into pieces.

Black: Rachel!

Rachel: Do you know how hurtful it is… To be murdered by someone you love.

Black: You need to stop crying you will melt.

Rachel: I’m sure you don’t know since you’re a spirit after all.

Black: So spirit don’t have a life?
He yelled at her and his eyes filled with tears.

Black: I so much understand your pain… You think i don’t have my own past?Then listen.

He sat her down on the bed and unbuttoned his shirt. He draw the shirt away with his two hands and his bare chest can be seen.
Three ugly scars came into picture.

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Black: I was just 10… That unfaithful day. Well my name is Mitchell Elemianor, ???????? Philippines by birth.
My mother is a famous actress but being a single mom, she hid me away from the public but i still loved her and she loved me dearly.

But one day, i met with an accident and i lost my arm… She was sad at first and would cry every night but one day… Someone found out about me and threatened to print it out in the paper.
She got scared and chose her career over me….
(He paused and wiped his tears.)
She called me a burden on her life… She… She stabbed me thrice on my chest… Staring in pain right into her eyes but there was no feeling of regret. Someone i loved so much… My mother stabbed me thrice not just once.

Rachel felt so selfish for bringing back his past and she’s crying as well.

Rachel: I’m… Sorry… I

Black: It’s okay… Well I’m fine now i was reincarnated but half human, half spirit. So to pay off my debts, i decided to help ghosts in crossing over.

Rachel touched his scars again and she shuddered.
“It must have hurt so much”

Black: So you can’t give up yet okay? You need to find out why he killed you.

Rachel: i can’t bring myself to do that anymore… I’m scared of hearing another bitter truth what if i die?

Black: No you have to be brave… You have just 60 days left…

She cleaned her face and she went inside her bathroom telling Black to wait for her.

Rachel’s POV
That Edward did not deserve to take it… I will just give it away.

She came out minutes later unclad.
Black saw her and he was surprised. He fluttered his eyes repeatedly before looking to the other side.

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