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Head Boy. Chapter 4

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Head Boy.


Written by Feathers

Chapter 4

-Third Day At Kochi College-

Leonard’s POV

My brothers and I stood before the crowds of students, we were nervous, same with other students cause today is a day whereby the first three students of each class and last three students are always been called.

Ever since our first grade, Donald, Raymond and I had always top our class. It’s one of the reasons why we are perfects.

“Good morning, students.” The principal greeted the assembly of students lined up in order.

“Good morning, sir.” They all echoed in response.

The principal started to address the assembly of students, addressing cogent points and at some point, he said; “It’s now time to call out the first three and last three students of each class. Those who lead will be rewarded as always. Those who didn’t would be punished. We are not of the ideology that students who comes last in class does so because they are not gifted academically, that’s a big lie. Those who always come last in class are always failures in life and they came last cause they are lazy, lazy to read, not concentrating in class and other similar factors. ” The principal said and opened a big file that had many sheets in it.

He began to call the last three and first three of each classes.

I wish that the girl that slapped the head boy was amidst the last three of her class but sadly, she wasn’t.

“Are you nervous?” I asked Raymond and he shook his head in response.

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I know better not to ask Donald, he’s a saddist and I understand him, he hates himself cause he looks like a woman. I love him and hope he gets to accept himself for who he is someday.

I returned my gaze to the principal who was now about calling the first three and last three of our class.

He called the first three students and I was surprised at the students that were mentioned.

They were the dullest in class, even unserious.

“Raymond! how is that possible?” I asked in shock.

“Let’s watch!” He replied briefly and I nodded.

“The last three are…. ha ha…” the principal seemed confused and turned to where my brothers and I stood

“This is really ludicrous, the last three are Kyle Donald…”

Donald didn’t act surprised, he just walked to the principal.

I started getting scared, Donald is very brilliant. What’s going on?

“White Loeanard!” The principal called and I looked into Raymond’s eye.

I was so shock.

“Go.” He said and I comported myself and walked to the principal.

“And…the last person on this list, the student that comes last in his class is…sadly…” The principal shook his head. “Joe Raymond.”

Raymond stood still for a while before walking to the principal.

“How did this happen?” I whisper into his ear.

“We will find out.” He replied without moving any part of his body.

I sighed.

The principal started to reward all the first three of each classes including ours.

He also started giving punishment to the last three of each classes.

When it was our turn, the principal shook his head and said; “I’m really sad that three top perfects are coming last in the class…Go and wash Toilet 4 and 5. Every students that comes to defecate there will not flush, the three of you will be the one to do all the flushings through out today. I’ll come to check it when we have closed for the day, you know what will happen if it is not clean? More so, No students must come to complain that they met the toilet dirty when they are going to defecate, am I cleared?” The principal asked.

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“Cleared, principal.” I retorted, I knew my brothers would not talk, they just kept gazing at the principal.

“Match inside.” The principal ordered the crowds and there were rumors flying left and right as they matched inside their various classes.

It’s incredible indeed that the top three for many years are now last three.

“Raymond, what are we going to do now? it’s ridiculous for us to be washing the toilet.” I said.

“We will wash it… I just fear that whoever is behind this will be expelled tomorrow.” He said with a dangerous smirk on his lips.

He walked away with Donald and I quickly ran to them.

“Who did this? Is there someone behind this?” I asked but he never answered.

Hmm! so someone actually set us up for failure?