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Head Boy. Chapter 6

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 6

(Caught him staring)

Alice’s POV

I had just arrived at school, I went to purchase a chocolate before sauntering to my class.

I met Pearl in class reading a novel.

“Pearl!” I called with a smile and she stood happily.

“Baby girl…what’s up?” She asked.

“I’m fine…and I’m happier cause of the punishment given to the head boy and his brothers yesterday.” I said and we both laughed.

“He should have known better not to dare you. You are clever baby.” She said and I giggled.

I dropped my school bag and sat, it has not been up to five minutes when my ex boyfriend started to approach me.

As he walked towards me , the pain of my heartbreak surged through my body again. I had tried so hard to let it go but anytime I see Albert, It hurts. It hurts to realize that he can just break up with me like that and move on.

Well, since I’ve not seen him with any lady yet, I kept hoping he had changed his mind someday.

“Good morning, Alice.” He greeted and I nodded. I was neither smiling nor frowing but I was so nervous.

I could barely look into his eyes. I wondered what he had come for.

“The principal sends for you.” He said softly.

My heart beats heavily and I turned to Pearl, we exchanged surprising glances and I hoped that the secrete had not been unveiled.

“For what?” I questioned Albert.

“I have no idea, you should follow me.” He said and turned and began to walk away.

I dropped the chocolate in my hand on my desk, I was frightened.

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“What could he be calling you for?” Pearl asked as she stood.

“I really do not want to believe that the secretes had been unveiled, do you think there might be an hidden camera at the principal’s office?” I asked Pearl.

“I do not know but….I’m so scared right now but go first.” She said and I nodded in agreement.

I walked out of the class and walked swiftly so I could catch up with Albert who was a large distance ahead of me.

I finally met with him. “Albert, did you say you have no idea why the principal had invited me?” I asked.

“Don’t be too clumsy, you will find out.” He said briefly and I felt ashamed.

He wasn’t even looking at me, he didn’t even act like we were once lovers.

I finally arrived at the principal’s office together with Albert.

“Good morning sir.” I greeted the principal politely.

He ignored and said to Albert; “You can now leave.”

Albert walked away gracefully.

The principal then faced me.

“There are so many things that we can not control in life, sometimes we do evil not because we are evil but because we are left with no choice. I’ve got no idea what had transpired between you and the head boy but the head boy is currently angry with you.” He said and my throat went dry.

I haven’t make any sense yet in the first poem that he had just read.

“Well, the head boy is a family by blood to the president, I received an offer yesterday to prepare your suspension letter. Alice Anderson, you are herby suspended for four weeks from Kochi college.” He said and handed me over the letter of suspension to me.

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It was the last thing I was expecting, that the head boy is as powerful as working my suspension.

I felt like the whole world was crumbling before me, it was like my career was over. Tears swelled up in my eyes.

First, it was heartbreak now it’s four weeks suspension, four good weeks.

I turned from the principal and let the tears fell as I walked away.

I rushed to a room beside the computer room, it was empty and always neat. Since no one was there, I hid there and cried out my pain.

My heart was heavy and I loathed myself for being poor, I’ll have missed a lot, a while lot in these four weeks.

I noticed steps approaching where I was so I quickly cleaned my eye with my anky, the person walked in and it was the head boy.

Rage swelled up in me and I felt like rushing to him and bite off his ear. I wonder what he had come to do.

He wasn’t even with his brothers, he alone walked to a chair at the corner and sat.

He brought out a diary and began to write.

If I act irriationally, he might just tell them to expel me.

I took steps away but as I got to the exit of the room, I paused and decide to take one more look at him.

As I turned, I caught him staring at me.

His face was domineering and strong.

I bite my lips painfully and walked away.
Why is the head boy staring at Alice after punishing her????