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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 11

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(Love is the word)


Kayla’s POV
Okay this is weird and scary.
“What’s happening?” My voice cracked nonchalantly. “H-how come I’m breathing in here?!” I primped at him.
“Because I made you to” he answered and I gave him a fanatic look.
“What do you mean by you made me to and how am I even tal- oh geez, this is so awkward!” I said and began swimming out to the pool mouth.
“Kayla wait!” I heard him call from behind but I only fastened my movement. I climbed out of the pool and the air hit my w€t body, making me shiver.
“What do you mean by you made me to and how come I started talking and breathing after you kissed me, and why did you even kiss me?!” I yanked at him.
“Calm down Kayla. I can explain, I did it because you were dying”
“Did what?!” I asked.

  1. “Saved you by kissing you” he said and I gave him an even more confused look.
    “Saved me by kis- Are you making a joke right now!? How the heck did that happen and who exactly are you?!” I asked. I was literally freaking out, I mean who wouldn’t?
    “There won’t be enough time to tell you all about it if I start right now and it’s still a little bit awkward but I swear, I won’t harm you” he made to come close to me but I held out a restraining hand and shifted back.
    “I really mean no harm I mean if I did then why did I save you?”
    “Who are you!? And stay away from me” I repeated in a shaky voice when he took a step toward me. He sighed and licked his lower lip, sucking on in for a moment as if contemplating on something.
    “I- you see I’m not really human. I mean I’m human but in a way not Human because I was transformed by someone. You can call it extraordinary but at least you’ve seen my human side and maybe not really the other one cos you wouldn’t expect it but I’m ready not to only tell you but show you who I was made to be and why but I just can’t do it now” he kept blabbing words that kind of didn’t make sense to me, making me give him a skeptical look.
    “How about we meet some other time. You remember where we met first, the woods? Let’s meet there tomorrow, anytime from when it starts to get dark and I’ll answer your questions.. Everyone of them, I really hope you come Kay” he said.
    Okay this is kinda crazy but I’m not really as shocked as I expected because I kind of knew Melvin isn’t human but I just really didn’t think about it.. I mean who survives seven bullets right into their body in just a day, which healing ointment completely removes a fresh wound without leaving even a tiny scar or trace? Definitely not a human being or a partially complete one as he had put it.
    “I’ll wait for you. Please don’t runaway, I won’t harm you. I promise” he said, flinging me back to reality. I gave him a curt nod.
    “I-I should go now and please don’t follow me” I said and started stepping back. Not minding that I was dripping w€t or could be attacked back by the angry crowd that were after me minutes ago or that I’ll be walking in the streets in these soggy outfits. I back-walked until I was away from the pool and from him.
    I ignored the stares I got from people and walked to a cabstand close by, I turned back and sighed in relief when I didn’t see him behind me. I checked my pocket, took out a dollar note that was In it but w€t and head to one of the cabbie. He gave me a shrewd look before letting me board his taxi but with the condition that I pay for all the seats, I agreed to it at once and hopped on.
    Melvin’s POV
    I looked on until she was out of sight. That didn’t go as bad as I had expected, she looked freaked out but just not as I had envisioned. I hadn’t even expected my power to puff up as it had, I mean I had wanted it to but I didn’t expect it to.
    I thought I become powerless when I’m with her. It didn’t work when I got shot but it worked now? Or was it because she needed help?
    I can’t even understand why but I’m glad I was able to show her at least a little part of my inhuman self. Her reaction was something that leveled my fears of knowing her reaction when she gets to know about the real and biggest inhuman part of me.
    I could likewise just show her everything and damn the consequences. No scratch that; I can’t damn any of the consequences because obviously the only consequences here is her leaving me and me being stuck as a beast forever while Lucinda ruins my family. I can’t let that happen.. I’ll do anything to save myself and my family. I just hope she helps me and not make me end up doing something bad because with how desperate I am to become human now, I’m ready to do anything to fulfill it. I w€t my lips and looked up at the sky, the sun is completely gone and the evening was getting foggy, I have to get back to the cave..
    I looked around, walked to a place where I was sure no one would see me from and disappeared.
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Kayla’s POV


I used the drier and took the water off my hair before walking back to the living room. The fact that I had misplaced the library books or had my phone drenched in water and was currently drying it and hoping it helps didn’t clog my mind but that I breathed and talked in water and had been talking all along to a boy with superpowers, stayed massively on my mind. I could vividly remember how I felt my voice flowing and my breath coming and going while my body was still buried under the coldness of the water. My mind drifted back to the kiss, the sparks that came after his lips touched mine and-
I shook my head vigorously at the thought, shaking it faroff. I had to share a kiss with that guy.. It was a nice yet quick kiss and well, he isn’t bad looking up close but still.. I don’t know if I should call it fortunate or unfortunate..
I sighed and plopped myself to a couch before grabbing the TV remote.
The day passed off quickly without mom returning nor calling.. Oh well I remember I still left my phone close to the AC to dry it. She must’ve called. I walked up to it, fixed it up and tried turning it on, it came up but the screen still had a blur on one side. I checked for missed call as was glad when it I realized that I could click on it.. I went for missed calls and found two from mom but I couldn’t click on the call back pattern so I turned it off, pulled it open and left it close to the AC back to dry more.
That night, before I slept; mom contacted the house line and I told her my phone had fallen into the water and I was drying so I couldn’t answer her calls.. Well, she told she wouldn’t be coming home tonight and I was glad she at least informed me beforehand so I wouldn’t have to stay up waiting for her and end up with a hurting neck.
I went to bed late that night and got up late the next morning and mom wasn’t back, I made breakfast, ate, did a little house chores and read for hours. There’s really nothing to do in this house. After reading for hours, I decided to keep myself busy and I chose to pull the weed out of the garden. Evening was drawing close and I didn’t know how Melvin’s words popped back into my head. Meet him at the cemetery?
I thought about it and kicked it aside. Somehow, I don’t feel interested in knowing about him and I don’t even want to see him again. I want to go back to my life of seclusion, my introverted one where it’s just me, myself and I. Look where having friends got me.


After finishing up at the garden, I had a change of clothes and decided to prepare dinner for myself and mom in case she returns. As I walked to the dinning with my food, my gaze moved to the wall clock and I caught a glimpse of the time **7:15**.
\\please Kay, I really need you to come. I’ll wait for you\\ his words repeated in my ear and I shook it off. Okay, maybe I’m being a little unfair, what if he’s waiting for me? I didn’t tell him that I won’t come.
Neither did I tell him that I will. My subconscious defended me and besides I’m sure he already knows what he should be expecting. He freaks a girl out the previous and expects her to come for more the next day. He would just leave after waiting in the end. I know I don’t have friends and I wish to have some but just not this type. He’s probably wanting to tell me about himself so we can be friends but I just can’t. I’ll rather stay alone.
I left the food on the dinning table and just pulled out a chair, ready to sit on it when I heard the telephone ringing. I left the food and walked up to it, I picked it up from the cradle and answered the call.
“Mom?” I said into the phone.
“Hi Kayla, it’s Melvin” the voice somehow made my heart skip.
“Um.. Hi” I said into the phone.
“I just wanted to know if you’ve forgotten about our meeting tonight, I’m at the cemetery waiting” he said.
“About that. Um” I scratched the back of my head thoughtfully. “I’m not feeling really well right now so I don’t think I can make it. Sorry” I said.
“Oh okay but maybe you can try to come when you feel better. It’ll really mean a lot to me if you come”
I was forced to ask why he’s bent on revealing his ‘secret’ to me but I didn’t.
“I-I doubt that’ll happen today. You can just forget about showing me In all, I’m not really interested In knowing anyways” I said, it came out freely than I had expected and he was quiet for a while.. Probably hurting at my words.


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“Hello?” I called out.
“Okay, I understand but I really hope you think about it and reconsider. I’ll still be here, waiting and yes, it’s more important than you think. Please” his voice was calmer now.
“Wait how did you get this nu- hello?” I called feeling no connection from the phone.
“Hello? Are you there Melvin?” I called but heard nothing. He must’ve hung up. I dropped the phone down.
Wait.. Why did he hang up like that? Could it be that my words hurt him.. Did I just hurt someone’s feelings?
I can’t believe that cos it has always been me being hurt by others and not the other way around. He must’ve had so much trust in me showing me his secret like that. Of course he must feel hurt after hearing what I said. And really, he’s been a nice person lately and earlier today, saved my life. Maybe I should end it all with him facially and not this way and assure him that his secret is safe with me, I could also visit Tracy while at it.. It won’t take up to thirty minutes. I don’t know why I’m never lucky with guys.
I sigh, took my food back to the kitchen and covered it up with a paper towel before walking to my room, I grabbed my phone and tied my short hair up together with a jacket, I took my bike keys and walked out of the house. I locked the door and hopped onto my bike before driving off to the woods.


I parked my bike close to a tree and head into the woods, taking my phone out to my palm, I walked deeper. It was slightly dark and I was drawing closer to Tracy’s grave. I reached the cemetery and looked around where I had last seen Melvin but he wasn’t there. On the dried leaves were traces of blood, Melvin’s blood from the first time we met. I checked around but didn’t find him.
He had said, he’d be waiting right?
I suddenly started hearing footsteps and I looked around but found no one, the footsteps continued, drawing closer and louder but no one was in sight.
“Melvin?” I called but heard nothing.
Okay, this is starting to freak me out.. A shadow fell on me, huge and I heard grunts emanating behind me. My eyes popped out and my breathing started to hitch. I wanted to run but my feet wouldn’t succvmb..
“Melvin?” I called again and started to turn, my breathing shallow. I only tilt my head halfway before I caught a glimpse of half of his body and immediately a familiar feeling hit me, sending a sudden cold to my system. Without a warning, my feet immediately moved swiftly in a run and as I ran I felt him behind me. I increased my pace and didn’t stop running, it was getting dark and slowly I was losing sight of which way to go next.. As I tried turning the flashlight on my cellphone on, my legs kept moving as I tried to escape..
I’d never have believed that a time would come when I’ll get to meet the voracious beast. Is this the end for me?!
I ran faster, passing trees and going deeper into the woods, looking for a place to hide.
As I took my phone and focused my gaze slightly on it, trying to turn on the flashlight, my leg hit a stone and I fell, the phone falling from my hand to my front with my glasses. My knee was hurt and I felt a warm thick liquid on it. Blood.
“Ah!” I groaned, everything started to tumble in front of me and I saw nothing clearly. It was as if I was in an empty place. I immediately tried reaching for me glasses but I didn’t feel it…
“I won’t hurt you!” The hair rising, thick yet familiar voice reached my ear and I felt him behind. Immediately I sprang up to me feet and dashed off to nowhere.. I just let my feet lead and hope that I don’t fall into a tree or get pierced by a thick branch. My helplessness flashed before my eyes and suddenly I couldn’t feel the ground anymore but myself falling down with a force.. I screamed out my lungs as I kept falling.. I stretched my hands, wanting to hold something to stop me from going down but I felt nothing. It was like a narrow tunnel. My body dashed against a rock, breaking a bone on the process and sending a very sharp pain to my sides. It dashed on another, shattering another bone and just as I made to drive into unconsciousness at the several hit.. I pulled up at a sharp object and it pierced my insides and came out, I landed on rocks.. With a tear, I fell into unconsciousness.

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Melvin’s POV
I stared at her body, tears dripping continuously from my eyes.. She was badly wounded, really I didn’t mean to scare her like that. I had at first wanted to reveal to her in words before showing her and I had hung around, hope dashed and thinking she wouldn’t show up but then I had began sensing her presence and when I finally saw it was her, I realised that it was then or never. She wouldn’t even stop to let me reveal myself.. Not that I expected her to, with the kind of scare I gave her.
Her body was badly bleeding with so many injured spot. Injuries big enough to cause death. I bent to check her pulse and realised that she had stopped breathing..
Wait.. That can’t mean that she’s dead right?
No! No!! She can’t be. She’s my last hope, the only one.
I looked around and my gaze caught a small tube resting on some dried leaves, I picked it up and grabbed a sharp mouthed branch stick I saw. I held the end and pierced the sharp part deep in my knee, exactly the spot where she had kicked me in the past. Liquid spluttered out, very thick and blue in color and I poured it into the tube until it became full and covered it.


Belle had taught me this. She had told me it could be risky for me but I didn’t care anymore right now, what I needed right now is for it to work as Belle had told me. I searched for a rope hurriedly, I found one and cut it short before tying it at the tube’s cover firmly. I lifted her head up and tied in around her neck as a necklace, I made the tube touch her chest and at the contact the liquid glowed. I smiled amidst the tears. The light stopped, reducing the content and I felt her heartbeat coming back.. She jerked up suddenly then fell back almost as soon as she made the move. She’s unconscious, I smiled in happiness, wiping my tears.
I bent and lifted her up, heading back to the cave.
“She’s unconscious” I told Belle as I head into the cave with her, she followed behind me.
I laid her on the floor and Belle walked in front of me, to her.
“What hap- wait” she stopped, touching the tube necklace in her neck, her gaze shot up to me questioningly.
“You didn’t!” She primped in terror.
“I did” I told her in a low voice. “She was dying, I had to
“What?! Are you crazy. Didn’t I tell you about this?”


“I had no choice!”
Do you realize what you just did to yourself Melvin! You gave her half of your almost finished life” she bellowed in anger. This is the first time she’s addressing me by my name.
“I had to Belle, she was very close to death and besides, what’s the use of the life if she dies, she’s my chi-mate right? I’ll be useless without her. I have to keep her alive to stay alive”
“This is more dangerous for you than you think! You’re causing harm to yourself.. You just made yourself more fragile! You’re quickening your death!”
“I don’t care Belle. Now that she’s with it, I’m sure we can save me before my life finishes up”


“You can’t be sure of that. Don’t you understand what I’m saying! You promised to listen and obey me! You’re doing yourself no good!” She shrieked.
“I’ve never been any good myself Belle. I’ve killed and terrorized innocent people, I told you I’ll do anything to get out of this body,” I pointed to my beastly body “I wasn’t bluffing when I said that and I perfectly understand your fear. I’m sorry but I had to do what I had to do” I finished and suddenly groaned in pain..


“Weakness,” Belle said “you’re getting weak cos you just gave her half of your almost finished life. It’ll get worse as you move on” she said.


“I can handle it” I told her before walking away to fetch my reliever. There’ll be so much explaining to do tomorrow. I don’t know why Belle’s so freaked out. I’d have died anyways if I hadn’t given it to her.. I groaned in pain again and walked out.