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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 19

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(Love is the word)



D. Kincaid’s POV

My head was bowed and my boot stamped repeatedly on and floor, my lower lip was sucked into my mouth as I waited impatiently..

Something have got to be wrong!
“Kincaid,” I turned swiftly to see Roberto walking toward me, a file with stack of papers in it rested on his palm. He handed the file to me and I collected it, opening it curiously and checking it.. My brows furrowed in confusion at the content and I snapped my gaze back at him questioningly.
“This is the 24th test I’ve ran but the result still remains the same” he said.
“What do you mean Roberto!” I frowned “you can’t tell me those hairs belongs to nobody or a non living thing. They’re human! There have gotta be something from it” I snapped at him.

“Well.. From the tests I think maybe they’re really not human hair”

“Then what? Tree hairs or does the wood now grow hairs? That’s impossible Roberto can’t you see! This is pure human hair, I’d recognize one anywhere and this is our first lead on in years!” I said “do whatever you have to do, change the machines if you have to, take it anywhere or get a better lab technician than yourself.. Do anything Roberto! What I need is an actual and meaningful result not these lies” I slapped the file to his chest and he caught it.. I walked past him to the exit, letting out a high sigh..

This isn’t good..
¥Melvin’s POV¥
“Hey, wait up!” I yelled at Kay as I ran after her, my bag slinging carelessly. She was walking fast down the hall.
She finally slowed down and gave me a look, I caught up with her.
“What’re you doing here?”
“So we can talk.. You said you’d only hear me out in a place where you can be assured of your safety so-
“You came here?” She completed and I nodded.

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“And I’m liking it here already” I beamed staring back at all the stares I was getting.. A girl waved at me and I wave back..
First day in high school and It’s already this fun.. Kayla rolled her eyes at me.
“Good for you and around here, you can’t let anyone find out that you know me, we know each other or something.. You just can’t, okay. After this, you’re on your own” She said.

“Because you’re still scared of me?” I asked.
“Around here, no but I’m totally uncomfortable around you cos you’re well-
“The beast?”

“Yes that. I’m scared I might be forced to tell someone so it’s best we stay away from each other” she said and I knew she wasn’t being completely honest with me. It’s pretty obvious that she’s still scared of me.
“As long as you agree to help me then it’s okay but only after today” I said and she gave me a frown and was about protesting but she nodded instead.
“Okay, fine” she added.
“Wait, do we act like strangers in class too?”
“Anywhere Melvin and look, we’re not in the same class, just in the same department which is great. So I’ll give you a brief tour first, we have our lunches and that’s it” she said, pointing to the paper in her hand.
She entered a room and I followed.
“First, we have the laboratory right here.. This is the physics lab actually and-
“There’s a chemistry and biology lab next to it. I know that”. I cut her off and she gave me a questioning look.

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“I can always find my way around” I told her, crossing my arm.
“Right. I forgot you’re not normal and your sense is pretty good. So since you know everything, I’ll just head back to the cafe.. The stares you’re making us get are creepy” she said and began walking away.. I followed her.

“Wait.. Why are you following me?”
“I’m going to the cafeteria too.. Can’t we just walk together,” I asked, “jus for today?” I added sluggishly pouting my lips at her..
“Stop that” she warns “And just for today” she said and we began walking again..
¶Kayla’s POV¶
The stares really were so uncomfortable, I noticed for Melvin and I.. The expressions were different, while I took the death glares, Melvin took the cute looks and right.. I needed no soothsayer to tell me why it was so..

It’s exactly one of the reason I don’t want us together.. On my part it’s completely trouble for me, getting more attention because of him definitely isn’t good. I fell my hair to my sides, hoping the cover my face well enough..
“Wait.. But how do you help me if we don’t talk?”

“We’ll talk but without much people and only when necessary” I told him and he sighed.
As we got to the cafeteria desperate stares poured on us, I pull away from Melvin but he drew closer.. I shook my head and walked over to Clara in the cafe, her head was bent over a plate of sauced pasta..
“Why are you still on me? Get yourself a seat” I told Melvin.
“Can’t I just sit with you?” He asked and I was about refusing but I had to check and the glares I was getting weren’t nice at all..
“No.. Just get another seat elsewhere” I told him and he pouts.

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“That wasn’t nice to a newbie” I looked up to see Clara looking at us.. “I saved you a seat” she smiled at me, sauce rounding her lips..
“Well Melvin this is Clara, Clara Melvin” I rushed the introduction and plopped myself on my seat.
“Clara?” Melvin repeated and I looked at him to see him curiously staring at Clara.
“Why do you both look alike and why’s your name Clara?”
I looked at him to see if he was trying to be funny but his face had a serious look.. I looked back at Clara and she still had the smile on her face but with a different expression.

“Well.. It happens” she told him.
“B-but there can’t be two Claras. Who are you?” Melvin asked, his voice shaking, a frown on his face..
“Okay. Do you both know each other or what?” I asked.

“Well.. I do know Melvin from the past but it’s been so long” she told me and turned to Melvin. “And don’t worry Mel, whatever’s going on in your head about my identity isn’t real. I’m not that Clara, stuffs like that happens” she smiled at him and Melvin face deepened in a frown. He suddenly looked like he was about to collapse and grabbed the chair.. I could see his veins popping out of his skin his eyes was widely opened..
Okay what the fvck is going on and what does she mean by she knows Melvin from the past? Could she also know that he’s the beast?!
Start dropping your thoughts.. What do you think?!