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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 20

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(Love is the word)



Kayla’s POV
I looked from Melvin back to Clara who had just taken a bite from her meal and was chewing.
“Okay. I’m kind of not getting this, what do you mean by you know Melvin from the past” I asked.


“Well we used to attend the same school then and duh.. Are you really falling for this, I’m just kidding!” She exclaims with a small frown.. I sighed but gave her a skeptical look.
“What?” Melvin asked “that was a joke?” He asked, uncertainty in his voice.
“Well yes. Except you know me but I don’t know you. I can’t believe you took that serious” she said, smiling.
“It didn’t sound like a joke to me a-and well, why do you both look alike so much and your name’s Clara, it’s familiar” he said.
“Really? Well I’ve never met you before Melvin and yeah.. Nice knowing you so how or where do you know me from?” She shrugged.
“Well it’s- forget about it. It’s been so long and I can’t really grab much from it so.. Um I’ll just head to class instead” he said and left without another word, many stares accompanying him.
I turned to look at Clara.
“He’s pretty good looking tho” she said, with a mouthful of food.
*And he’s a beast*
I really don’t think she’ll say that if she was in my shoes, I don’t think anyone will.
I gave her a slight nod and took a sip from her orange juice before getting up to grab mine.
√Melvin’s POV√
I stopped, took a deep breath and continued walking.
I can’t seem to get her off my head.. Those words, she said them like she knew me, everything about me and then she’s Clara and with Kayla’s face.. What the heck does it mean?
Could it be a coincidence or is there really something behind her? Who exactly is she?
Why did she talk about not being the Clara in my mind but a different one? She definitely has to know something!
I got to class and just took the first seat I saw, going deep in thought again..
There has to be something about her.. And I need to discover it.
School ended that day with me not being hyped as I was initially, now I just needed to see Belle.. I got out of class, once more pulling the stares and attention seekers aside.. I got out of the building and almost immediately sight Kayla and Clara talking and smiling.. I didn’t bother going near, I’m still very much suspicious about her.. I don’t know how I got this bad feeling. I reached the cave in no time and Belle was on her usual spot doing whatever.
“Belle,” I called and she tilt her head to give me a look. “There’s something I need to find out” I said, going towards her and she gave me a full look..
“What is that?” She asked and I told her about Clara, she suddenly had a frown.
“Her name is Clara?” She asked.
“Yes, and it’s the same name with my supposed ex.. She also said something about knowing me from the past.. It was like she knows me” I told her and she sighed then became quiet.
“It can’t be that she’s Clara, right?”
“She isn’t. She’s evil” she said plainly.
“Evil?” I repeated “like she’s bad?”
“It’s a guess Melvin and I really hope it’s not what I’m thinking but when next you see her, I want you to check the back of her neck for a print, it’s a letter ‘L’. If she has it then my guess will be completely correct” she said.
“That she might be.. Lucinda?”

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“Yes or a co witch on a different mission, for now I can only tell that she’s up to no good. Witches have the power to shape-shift, she’s doing that to confuse and distract you from your aim. So you should avoid her, especially when you see the ‘L’ sign on her neck” she said. “It’s a hint Melvin but on no account must she be aware of your mission, keep the distance and make it unnoticeable”
My brows narrowed and I gave Belle a nod..
Is Lucinda really that desperate to ruin me?!
“And Kayla, what if she says something to her or she harms her?”
“She won’t. I’ll find a way to make sure that doesn’t happen. She can’t harm her” Belle assured.
“Okay” I said and sighed.
Clara’s POV
I stared into granny’s inquisitive face.. I just do enjoy leaving her in suspense, I wonder why she didn’t read my mind this time.
“Come-on, spill it already!” She snaps and I smiled, shrugging in pride.
“Well, he schools there now and he was really shocked when he saw me.. Well I played a little game on him, it made him so tense and At a time I thought he was going to change or pee in his pant.. It was so funny I almost laughed” a smile crept to my lips at the thought..
It indeed was such a funny sight. I can’t remember when I had such fun last.
I looked at granny and she had a stern frown on, a scolding one. I rolled my eyes.

“Come-on granny it was just a harmless fun, quit giving me that look! And besides I gave him something to think on. Must you always be so old fashioned? Even Gita supports me, right girl?” I talked to the rabbit in my arm and she purred. I rubbed her back with a smile.
“That’s my bestie” I smiled at her.
“Fun isn’t what you can have in this case, it’s a delicate one” she scolds.
“Okay fine. Whatever you say!” I shrugged. “Well, they’re both doing a good job hiding that secret” I said.
“I know And now that I have them both where I want them- together. It’s about time I strike and do what I came here for” she said.
“Well, as usual.. Do your thing but I’m skipping school tomorrow. I’m tired of having to bear that fat man talk about rubbish” I said.
“No, you won’t skip school. We can’t tell what happens the day you do so you can’t take that risk” she said.

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“Whatever. I’ll just go late instead and right.. I need that L tattoo on your neck, on mine.. I’m very sure he’ll check for it tomorrow-
“I’ve told you countless time that it isn’t a tattoo Nikita, i-
“It’s a mission imprint.. Yeah, I get it but I need it anyways.. A copy would do” I told her standing up and walking away.
%%Kayla’s POV%%
Mom was at home when I arrived, she said she had just come in and I was very relieved when she informed me that the test results brought out nothing vital. We had dinner together and then I went to bed, as I undressed and changed into my nightwear my hand moved on the necklace, I realized that the blue content in it had decreased.. I sighed and picked a book from my shelf, laid on my bed and began reading.

Morning came the next day, mom dropped me off at the school gate and after a peck or two, I was on my way to the school building.
I tuck my hand into my hoodie pocket and walked down the passageway.. Suddenly I began hearing loud voices behind me and everyone in the hall was looking back while some were running.. I turned to see what the noises was all about and just immediately my gaze met Melvin at the front and flocks of students surrounding him, well female students. I sigh softly and was about looking away when I saw him waving.. I looked and his gaze was on me..
He’s waving…at me?! My eyes widen when I saw half of the attention he was getting being transferred to me..
Huh? I quickly pushed my gaze forward, put my hoodie cap on and hurried out of the hall to class, forgetting about the locker.
I arrived at the class and Clara wasn’t In seat..

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Ever since we met she has always been an early bird so..?
Is she skipping school today or what?
I put my bag down and moved to my seat.. Taking a deep sigh over again.
**Melvin’s POV**
School turned out to be pretty great that day and yeah the lots of attention were making me feel more human. Belle was actually the one that styled me this way.
I watched the board as the teacher taught, it looked strange because I couldn’t understand but soon after he began explaining, I started grabbing the whole thing..
He asked a question and I was the only one that made an attempt to answer, I answered and got it right and I was applauded, even more than I had expected with all the flirty smiles from the girls..
Wow.. So this is what high school feels like?
After more teachings and talks we were finally allowed to go for break, I had so many invites but I turned them down with excuses.
After the class was empty, I head to the cafeteria and almost immediately found Kayla at the farther, she had her hoodie cap on..obviously trying to hide from me.
I still wonder why Belle didn’t make us stay in the same class cos it’d have been easier for me to talk to her that way.
She was reading and a pack of crackers was beside her book.. I reached her and noticed Clara wasn’t with her.
“Eating alone?” I asked, pulling into a seat beside her and immediately her gaze came to me, she quickly looks around and rests her gaze back on me.

“What’re you doing?”
“Keeping you company. It’s kind of tiring sitting and getting those looks from girls everywhere” I said and she rolled her eyes.
“Are you complaining now? What were you expecting with that look?”
“I’m not. I’m just so hungry” I pout, holding my stomach..
I should tease her a little.

“Well you’re in a cafeteria, go get some food and leave” she said.

“No.. The food here are totally not my kind of foods.. They’re strange and tasteless” I said, well with a bit of truth tho.
“Oh really.. So what exactly are your kind of food?” She asked.
“Blood..lots of them” I said and her once curious look got replaced with a shocked frown.. I laughed inwardly..
She looked cute on that face tho and..funny. I laughed out.