December 3, 2022

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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 28

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(Love is the word)

Melvin’s POV
Approximately, this should be the third time Kayla tells me to stay away.. I only get to hear her thoughts when she’s helpless..

And me answering that question for her, was for her to see that I had good intentions.. I’m not as bad as she thinks..

I threw another pebble into the water and watched it make droplets splash.. I didn’t expect her reaction.
Instead of making me feel how I had expected to feel; probably proud I felt even worse and disappointed..

I threw in another pebble, it splashed and as I took yet another to throw in, an excruciating pain came to my chest and the stone dropped from my palm.. I shut my eyes and swallowed the pain, releasing the pains in loud grunts as my fist tightened by my side.

It stabbed my chest like a dagger and as I kept trying to suppress it, I felt a palm on my back and another on my shoulder, calming me..

This incessant and constant pain have now become a part of my life, not ceasing to tell me how close my end was ever since I gave half of it to Kayla.
I held onto Belle’s palm and she made me rest on her shoulder as she rubbed my back..

“Take it in, take it in!” She cajoled, trailing her palm on my back.. I took a glance at my chest, the pain still stabbing into it and I found another thick dark dot, making the numbers three..

Belle had said it was writing a message and each letter that makes it up, comes with a more deep pain and that the moment it stops, I’ll run out of life and almost everyday I just have to keep bearing it but this one was a bit harsher than the other, just like Belle had said..

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As I felt the pain gradually begin to deteriorate, I passed out.
Kayla’s POV
I got home feeling as awkward as ever and I completely knew why..
First I unintentionally accepted Jake’s proposal and couldn’t fix that before he squealed out of my presence and then I didn’t get to talk to Melvin..

I can’t believe I’m dating Jake now.. He do seem a bit different and honest from the one I knew in the past but then.. You never can be sure about people, especially boys and still I’m not sure about my feelings.

Well, at least it’ll hurt less if he tries to play a prank on me again..

“Good afternoon mom” I greeted mom who was just putting her jacket on..

“Oh honey, I was just about driving to your school to pick you up” she said.

“Well I’m back” I said, tiredly “I’ll be in my room”

“Okay.. I’ll just start with dinner preparation” she said.

“I’ll help. After a quick change” I said and she nodded, taking her jacket off and walking into the kitchen.

I got to my room, quickly showered and dressed up.. I dressed in a pair of sweatshirt and pant and walk back to the living room..
I joined mom in the kitchen and began helping her cook..

“Is everything alright, Kay?” She asked and I frowned, taking a beef.

“Yes. Why?” I asked, chewing on the beef.

“You look a little out of the normal today, anything unusual go on at school?” She asked.

“I don’t know, but I did get an all round A grade in history for the rest of the semester” I said dryly.

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“Whoa.. Isn’t it the same subject that you find a little twisty and difficult?” She asked.

“Well, yes” I answered.

“Wow honey, that’s so great! My baby can defeat anything she set her mind at, I’m so proud of you honey” she gave me a body hug, trying not to stain me with her palm.

“Um.. Okay” I said, haphazardly.
How do I get happy over something I didn’t even do or work for.

“We should celebrate this, I’m so proud of you” she said and I rolled my eyes, taking another beef.

“How about we celebrate by visiting dad?” I asked and saw her face suddenly turn blank.

“Honey,” she heaved, stopping for a moment.
“I know how badly you want to see your dad but we will visit him soon.. I promise and-

“How soon?” I asked and she sighed softly, w€tting her lower lip. I leaned on the counter.

“Well.. Very very soon, I promise but today.. We’ll be celebrating my baby’s super smartness with a feast” she said and I knew she was trying to change the subject but I let it slide..
She smiled at me and I returned it..

I felt a red light flash in my eyes and unexpectedly, my gaze went downward and I saw the necklace blinking a glowing red light..

The necklace was buried in my sweatshirt and the light illuminated in it..

My gaze immediately shot up and mom’s gaze was already staring questioningly at me.. Her body fully turned to me.

“Okay, I’ve been seeing that on you for few days now and I’ve been wanting to ask.. What’s exactly is it and why is it..glowing?” She asked in amazement..

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I froze and just as I opened my mouth to talk, I felt myself driving into an immediate and unaware unconsciousness.. Mom catching me halfway.