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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 5

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(Love is the word )
Light, finally he had seen light at the end of the tunnel or maybe not at the end but at the furthest part after eight years of climbing through the pitch dark path, he finally saw light..

A brink of hope.
He finally saw a will to live and not give up. He finally picked the right option and got a tick for it.
“You finally picked the right one this time. Congratulations” Belle said with a stiff smile, sparing him only a quick glance not wanting him to see her happiness.
It’s been eight years, both of her being with him, saving him if need be and encouraging him. It was all she could do to tame his dark heart.
His pains were like one that couldn’t go away. She’s glad she stayed until he got it right.
“It’s been eight years Belle” he cried out at her.
“I know and as much as you can’t wait to meet her again you have to be careful around her, she also contain powers that can quicken your absence from this world, not even your spirit will be spared” she warned.

“See her” he repeated thougtfully.
Giving Belle one last look, he dashed out of the room. Running and running..
He needs to find her.
He got to the cemetery, the place he left her. He looked around but she wasn’t there, he couldn’t find her neither could he detect where she was.
“No” he shook his head “no!”
He can’t lose her not when he had just found her, he can’t go back to picking options after he just got it right.. He ran around the wood, that particular area, searching each grave place over and over again but he didn’t see her.. His eyes started to water as his hopes dashed into pieces right in his face.
He looked back at Belle.
“She was here! I left her right here, I swear! It was right here!” He panicked to her. Fear taking over his voice. “But I can’t find her Belle! It can’t be that she left right?”
She walked over to him.
“She left here doesn’t mean she left the city or this town. You can find her.. Her smell, you remember it, don’t you?” She asked and he nodded slowly.
The familiar smell of her blood.
“Then you can meet her again and first you need to think of a more approachable way to meet her so she doesn’t freak out. You can’t just walk up to her and tell her that you’re a beast” she said and he nodded.
“Now let’s head back, your transformation is near. Come-on” she said and he followed her back to the grotto. Turning back to assure himself that his helper isn’t there.

Kayla’s POV
“Mom?” I called in a bit of surprise, walking toward her in the parking lot, she was standing beside her car.
“Hi baby” she hugged me.
“You didn’t say you’d be picking me up” she said.
“I wanted it to be a surprise,” she said, pulling away from the hug. “You don’t look like how you did this when I dropped you and-” she held her shoulders and check me up and down..
“Did you change the clothes you wore this morning?”
“Yes. It got stained so I changed to this” I said, moving away from her and getting into the passengers side, she got in and I did the seatbelt and she started the car.
“What happened? You’re not supposed to be on your period today” she said and I gave her a look.
“What? Is it weird that I know when my daughter have her period and when she doesn’t?” She shrugged at the grimace.
“Menses isn’t the only thing that stains you know” I told her.
“Yeah. Tell me about it” she said.
“Arent you late for work?” I asked.
“Not too late to know how your day went” she said.
“Well, I got stained with paint” I said and before she could talk, I chipped in.
“Any heads at the beast case?”
“Not really”

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“So we’re not leaving this town anytime soon?” I asked and she shook her head sadly.
“Can’t you just resign or something, this place makes me sick” I said.
“I can’t do that, honey. I’ve gone too far to back out now. You know why I’m doing this right?” She asked and I gave her a curt nod.
“I just hope you get off this sooner” I said “can you book time to see dad this weekend?”
“Um.. I don’t know honey but I’ll try. Okay?” She asked and I nodded. The ride went on quietly.

“Mom, what if you’re working too hard for nothing? What if Tracy’s death wasn’t caused by that.. Creature?” I asked.
“I doubt that. You saw the body and the lab result. I’m doing this to get justice for Tracy and for the other victims like herself”


“But what if you’re wrong? What if Tracy’s death was caused by something else. Just because we found her in the woods in a pool of blood doesn’t mean she was killed by the beast. It could’ve been something else” I said, fighting the urge to spill it out..
“Something like?” She asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe wild animals or a careless driver that just pushed her to the woods to save himself” I said. Mom gave me a suspicious look.


“Do you know something that you’re not telling me?” She asked.
“What? No.. Of course not. I’m just making up my own theories that could’ve possible caused her death.. I feel like you’re pushing too far on nothing” I said.


“Honey,” she reached out and touch my palm, squeezing it with hers.. “I know how much you dislike this place but I still have to find justice for your sister and I don’t think that I’m on the wrong path.
From now on, I’ll try to make out more time for us” she said and I nodded..
“We’ll leave once this is over, right?” I asked “we’ll go back to dad and stay with him until he wakes up?”
“If that’s what you want then we’ll do it. I promise” she said and I nodded with a small smile

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I wish I can justtelllll her the real details about Tracy’s death. True, she was found lifeless and close to the wood but the beast had nothing to do with it. I can remember that day like it just happened, we had just arrived at this town and mom was bent on denying the transfer letter to be the detective in charge of the case because of her capabilities, she hopes it gets accepted because she was doing it for us; Tracy and I. Left to her, I’m sure she’d have taken the promotion.
It was three days after our arrival and Tracy, her ever nosy and extroverted sister already made friends with the neighboring kids. She had a boyfriend too and because of the beast terrorism, mom warned us never to stay out late. While I found this town disliking, Tracy found it fun and interesting.
And few days after she got into the relationship, she got invited to a night party the day after. She informed me about it and pleaded with me not to inform mom about her absence, I warned her; seriously and severely but she was adamant and bent on going.


I had no choice but to play along and that was after she gave me the address of the party’s venue and promised to call me if anything goes wrong.


She snuck out that night with mom oblivious of it. I remember vividly that it was 12:00am, the earliest hour of the morning.
I dosed off after but jerk up after my mind drifted to Tracy, I had a nightmare about her and my mind won’t stop signalling to me that something wasn’t right with her. I tried her line countless times but got directed to voicemail after seconds of ringing. I immediately grabbed a jacket, snuck out through the back door and head toward the address that Tracy had given me.
I was only few miles away on the lonely and narrow road with barely nothing tangible in sight. I walk down the road, continuously trying her line as I walked and just after I took another step, with my palm holding the phone to my ear as it rang; I heard soft murmurs closeby and with careful steps I moved closer to the sound, it came from a nearby pile of bushes. I walk toward it and that was when I realize that what I was hearing weren’t murmurs, it was a song playing, the song that Tracy had picked as her ringing tone. With a racing heartbeat, I walk to the bushes, very close to the entrance of the woods and I gasped when I sight Tracy. She was whimpering In so much pain, her stomach had lots of blood stains on it, it had completely soaked her clothes.
I shrieked and quickly crouch to her, trying to get mom on phone but the service was bad, really bad.. I didn’t get even a single signal, I wonder why it had to happen at that point. Tears clouded my eyes as I quickly held Tracy to myself, her breathing came out like grunts.
“T-Tracy” my voice violently trembled as I pronounced her name.. “What happened to you?”

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As she opened her mouth tattalk, more blood poured out from it to the floor.
“F-f-fake” she muttered with her strength “it. Was. All. Fake. Kay!” She spoke in staccato.
“Fake?” I repeated “what do you mean fake and what’re you talking about?”
“T-t-there. Was. Never. A. Party. It. Was. All. A. Lie” she said, her strength starting to wear off.
“What?” I mumbled in confusion. I gave a glance to her bloodied cloth. “The beast did this to you?” I asked and she shook her head, I blinked and my tears dropped.
“No. Hit. And. Run. I. didn’t. See. it coming” she whimpered. “A-ahh!” She yelped.
“I’ll get help okay! I promise you, we’ll get you out of here!” I said, my tears falling continuously. She grabbed my palm, her w€t and sticky palm trembled on mine and I gave her a look..


“Y-you can’t tell mom that I snuck out. You have to promise me that, Kay!” She said calmly yet coldly.
“Mom will find out when she sees you this way, it’s useless keeping it from her”
“No! She’ll feel really bad and ground me. We can think of something but you can’t tell her I snuck out! You have to promise me that” she said with a lot of difficulty, her fingers digging into the flesh of my palm.
“Okay, fine. I promise” I said.
I moistened my lips as I tried mom’s line again, there was still no service and Tracy was dying.



I wanted to ask more questions, I know she had more to tell me but for the sake of her strength, we both left it for a later that never came.
I began screaming for help and after few minutes, a good Samaritan helped Tracy into his car and took us to a hospital. There I got to contact mom, she arrived immediately and I told her where I found her, though skipping the part that she snuck out and mom at once concluded that it was the beast. The autopsy results confirmed it even though I didn’t know how that could be possible.. She clearly told me that it was hit and run.. How can the lab result speak differently?


I would’ve just told mom the truth, I needed Tracy to be unconscious so she can explain to me everything she told me back there. I understood none of it. If the party was fake then who invited her and why wasn’t Joe ; her boyfriend with her. Why would a vehicle hit her, draw her to the bushes and run off? And why did the result confirm that it was a beast attack when Tracy told me that it wasn’t?
So many questions were on my mind and I still had no answer to them. I wonder how I’ll ever be able to explain such complicated thing to mom as the cause of Tracy’s death so I just made her believe what she thinks.
And it’s even better that way cos it’ll only increase her zeal to catch that beast and quicken our chances to leave here, I’ll just have to wait until then.. I thought.