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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 7

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(Love is the word )




The electrifying contact with her skin made him jerk.
How he found her had been a miracle. Belle had planted the seeker in him after picking out the area where the school she attends was located, he had hurried off since the day was still bright and with the seeker, though with difficulty he had found her, right in the middle of being hit. From her glasses, he recognized her, her eyes were shut tightly out of fear.


It took only a snap for him to figure out what was going and yet another to take the boys down, though it had risked him a cut. A cut that made him feel pain once again, obviously because of her. As he stood in front of her, he felt a new different feeling. He felt alive and more human and when she looked at him, he saw a sort of connection in her eyes. It was close to being unexplainable.


As she treated his wound, her slender fingers touching his skin repeatedly sent sparks flying from his insides but he ignored it. He has to if he needed answers.
“.. I’m Kayla. You?”
She was right about him forgetting her name the last time, he had been too terrified and shocked to the bones to remember anything and that was another strange thing. He never forgets anything.
As the question registered in his head he felt it spinning, he saw himself in an imaginary ride, a long yet quick one and it made sick. A grimace stayed on his face as he kept going in circles, round and round in an endless twist and towards an endless direction and when it all finally came to an end, he saw a boy. A boy that looked just like him, the only difference was that he was younger and he had shorter hair but every other thing rhymed completely with him.
He was standing all alone in a garden, smiling at something that he couldn’t see and sniffing at a chrysanthemum plant. His plucked one out and smiled deeply as he draws it to his nose and sniff.
“Don’t keep me waiting child. Your mom will be really pissed if I don’t get you back this minute!” a low yet strict voice called out.
He ignored it and smiled again, he took another sniff at the flower.


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Like a flash, he got catapulted back to reality. It caused him to jerk and when he raised his head up to look at her.. He still had that grimace from the quick trip, the quick trip to his other life, his past one. For the first time he was able to remember something, to be fully assured that he wasn’t born this way. He never believed that he once was a human but he had just seen it, he had relived it in his head.
But how?
Could she be the cause of it again?
Melvin? Could that be his name? And why did he suddenly snap out when it was said?
Could it be that the whole thing had only happened to answer her question?
So many questions lingered in his head, making it hurt slightly as he tried to push his way back into the past. The familiar pain that he had always felt each time he tried to think of himself In an entirely different world and position came. His whole body weakened at the forced movement, just like it always had.


“I-I’m Melvin” he said. The pronunciation brought a twist to his vocal cords, a very familiar twist but the name sounded new to his ears and it came out like a new word that he had just learnt. He just learnt his name. His birth name and he felt happy about it.
“Okay Melvin. It’s nice to meet you”
He was quiet, he felt the weakness in his body from earlier, so he just stared at her instead. His gaze caught the outside view from the window and he realized that it was evening already.
Kayla’s POV
“So um.. Do you want anything to drink, you must feela bit exhausted from the fight. What should I get you?” I asked “water coffee, juice.. We’re out of wine currently” I said with a nervous laugh.
“I’m fine” he answered “I have to go now”
“Okay. Thanks a lot for earlier” I said and walked him to the door. He gave me a small wave and walked away hurriedly. I walk back to the house.
I pack the first aid box and disposed the used items.
With an audible yawn, I walked to my room, took my shoes off, grabbed my bag and brought out my phone, I checked it out and tried turning it on again, hopefully some sorta miracle can happen but who was I kidding, nothing of that kind happened.
I left it on my nightstand, grabbed a novel from my shelf, relaxed on my bed and read.
“What’re you saying?” I asked, fright all over my face.


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“That you’re mine, my cure and my life!”
His voice was cold, very cold and toecurling. I couldn’t see his face, didn’t bother to but his voice gave me a full description of his looks and I don’t think I ever want to see him.
“What do you mean? I don’t even know you” I said. I wanted to run, everything in me screamed at me to run, to get out of this horrible place and faraway from this monstrous voice but I couldn’t, it was as if my legs were transfixed. A larger part of me only itched to find out about whatever was going on.
“It’s not necessary. I’m from your other life, the real one. And I need you to fulfill fate, to end all this!” He growled.
“What are you even saying!”
“Kayla” I heard a familiar voice behind me and I tilt my head, I sight mom beckoning on me to come forward, her face had a dim expression, something that I couldn’t read.
“Mom!” I squealed, finally relieved and happy that I was seeing a less scary face, a face of someone I know. As I took a quick step to meet her, another voice spoke..
“No. You can’t go to her! Not now! You’re mine and we should be together, you can’t leave until it’s over!” He said and I was about disapproving but found myself walking toward it, toward the voice..
“Kayla!” Mom called again and I turned, she had tears on her face, lots of tears and she cried more, begging me to come to her. “You belong here, to us!” She cried, falling on her knees.


I looked beside her and saw Tracy, my eyes widen and a tear fell, my mouth opened but no word came out, so I just let it hang.
“She’s right Kay, you belong to us!” She added and the whole of my body wanted badly to go to them but I found myself shaking my head in disapproval. It was like another being, a different me was ruling my physical body.
“I’m sorry guys” I said and took a swift turn then walking toward the strange yet scary voice.

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My eyes flung open and I roll them around my room, it rested on mom sitting beside my bed. How did she get in without me noticing, it must’ve been the weird nightmare again that caused me to be deeply asleep. I remember falling asleep after reading the novel I had taken in the space of an hour.
“You’re awake” mom said and I nodded before sitting up. I yawn and she smiled at me.
“I prepared some food. You should eat something before going back to bed” she said and I started getting out of bed..
“What happened to your phone?” She asked as I made for my flip flops, I gave her a look.
“It got smashed” I answered plainly.
“You should have been more careful. I’ll get you a new one tomorrow, with a better safety cover” she said. “C’mon, let’s go have dinner”


I followed her to the dinning.
The next day after mom dropped me at the school gate and zoomed off after to work, I walk into the school building and walk down the hall to homeroom after which, to my locker.. After grabbing my notes I walk to class.
The first three periods before break happened to be fun and bully-free and I noticed that Andrew and his crew didn’t even spare me a glance, or should I say a glare.
After the bell went off for lunch break, I walk back to my locker to stock my books in and grab my lunch. I snap it shut and was about heading to the bench outside the school building when I sight Andrew and his crew walking toward me.
I observed them first; Shane had a plaster on his lips side, Billy had one at a spot very close to his left eye while Zach had a wound mark on his chin but it was without a plaster.


After the observation, I froze as they approached me, their gaze were ahead but their movements was towards me.
I cringe as they draw closer and once their gazes reached me simultaneously, I notice they swiftly pull aside to a corner and walked past me like I wasn’t even there..
Huh? It flew from my mouth before I knew it..
Or did they truly not see me?