January 29, 2023

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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 33

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(Love is the word)

Kayla’s POV
Mom look was questioning and confused..
I sighed.. Why did I have to say that out.

“What’re you talking about, Kay? ” she asked.

“Well I.. I was
A ringing phone cut into my words, I realized it was mom’s when she picked it up from the coffee table.

Glancing at it, she gave me a quick look before answering the call.
“Yes Rob?” She said and was quiet for a moment. She suddenly gave me a look and began walking away..

“Yes, what happened..
Her words died down as she quickly moved away from me. I immediately looked down at the necklace to see if Melvin was I any form of trouble and fortunately, it was normal.

I bit my lower lip in thought.. Geez, that was a close one.
I walked to my room, took off my bag and shoes and stood in front of my mirror as I undressed. My gaze went to the necklace, the blue liquid had gone down again and I checked the scars on my body..
The necklace was really holding so much pain..

I wonder why mom will go this extra in the case, I mean I totally understands how she feels but framing him and lying about the cause of the death of someone rather than getting justice for him and his family, is way too extreme. Plus, if this goes well and Melvin eventually get caught and killed then I die too. As much as I don’t really want to interfere in this whole thing, I have to. My life’s involved now.

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I’m living both for myself and Melvin now.. I have to protect him to save myself.

I sighed again and walked into the shower for a bath. After a quick one, I dressed up and sat on my bed.. Reading and at the same time thinking about Melvin and.. Myself.
I thought about his words to me earlier today and I wonder what kind of help I’ll be offering.
I mean the story’s really hair rising and I don’t think I want to get involved in it.

I’m already in one and it’s this creepy but then again, he said I could get out of everything if I agree to it..

Well, should I just do it and damn whatever consequences. But what if I die in the process or get seriously injured and-
I sighed out loudly..

This is just so confusing.
Morning came quick without me having dinner the night before, I dressed up for school.. Made sure to eat a lot for breakfast before joining mom in the car. She dropped me off at school, gave me a quick kiss and hit the road back. I walked into the school building and to the stairs, heading for my locker.

I picked my books and walked to class. School was lively unlike yesterday though the sadness could still be seen hanging in the air. While lecture went on, Clara busied herself with eating lots of chocolate bars and I wonder how she didn’t get caught.

She eats a lot..

Lunch break came next and I followed Clara to the cafeteria, hoping to probably see Melvin.. Well, I didn’t know why but I just needed to but he didn’t show up in the cafeteria.
As I ate I suddenly began having a strange feeling, I stood up and told Clara I needed to use the bathroom; I walked out of the cafe, heading for the restroom.. I got there, w€t my face, took in deep and long breaths and walked out. I began my journey back to the cafe, looking around to catch any sight of Melvin.

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I remember where I saw him sulking yesterday and felt my feet dragging me there and when I got there.. He was sitting alone on the bench and staring into space.. As I drew closer, he suddenly turned to me, as if sensing my presence.
His gaze lingered on me for a moment then he looked away gradually.

“I know I’d find you here” I said and he looked at me again.

“You were looking for me?” He asked.

“Well..yes. It’s about what you told me yesterday, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and how it involves me being the one to break whatever curse” I said.

“I doubt that’ll be happening anymore” he said and I gave him a look, he caught it and w€t his lip. “I’ve decided to end it all, I mean quicken my death and all. I can no longer do this” he added.

“By chance, are you saying that you want to die?” I asked, with a frown.

“Yes. At least it’s for the best, Everyone will finally live without fear of ‘the beast’” he emphasized on the beast..

“But you can’t do that, I mean what happens to me then?”

“Kayla, you-

“Die? Yes I know and that’s why I said you can’t die yet. Look, I understand just how you feel but think about me too, my life’s at risk here as well” I said.

“Look Kayla-

“No, you’ll not do it. You once told me, we can end all this if I help and then this connection thing will break?” I asked and he w€t his lip, looking at me.. I bit my inner cheek and gave it a last thought.
“Well.. I’ve agreed to do it” I said the word like stones we’re clogging at my throat.

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“Just tell me what to do and how? I’m ready to do it, So I can get out of this” I said, looking at him and his brows narrowed instantly.