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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 34

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(Love is the word)

Melvin’s POV
I gave her a look like she had said an abominable thing.. Did she just say she’ll help?

My aim earlier was to tell her the whole truth about the necklace, that it wouldn’t harm her and tell her the exact time when she can take it off..but she kept disrupting my words and now agreed to help.

“You sure about this?” I asked like I didn’t hear well “I mean, yeah. Of course you should be. Thank you” I said.

“Wanna sit so I can tell you more about it?” I asked, adjusting on the bench.

“Um.. I don’t think I want to hear more of that whole curse story thing, just tell me how I can help, what I’ll be doing” she said.

“Well okay. Her name’s Lucinda, the girl who..cursed me. She stays at my house and plans to ruin my family.. But once you get there, in her room is a casket like box where she trapped my soul at and well, the Clara girl I told you about,” I said and she nodded.. “So you just have to open it”

“That’s it?” She asked and I nodded, she sighed. “And this Lucy person, she’s a witch right?”

“Yes, a special bred witch” I added and she w€t her lip with her tongue.
“Okay, so she can harm me? What if she kills me before I even get to the box?” Kayla asked, sitting beside me on the bench.

It’s crystal clear Kay doesn’t want to be involved with this and I know solely that she’d have long neglected it if I didn’t tell her her life was involved. Well truly it is, I mean she’s also trapped in a box too or maybe someone just very familiar to her.

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“Probably. I’m sure Belle will have a way to prevent that” I said.

“Belle? That old pretty woman?” She asked and I shrugged a yes.
“Okay, do I come to the wood or-

“No. The police are all over it. I’ll just ask her and tell you what she says” I said.


“I’ll come to your place”

“But my mom-

“I’ll know if she’s around or not. I have a good sense of smell” I said.

“Okay then. I’ll head to class now, lunch time’s almost over, you should go too” she said, standing up and I nodded. She walked away.

I sighed out loudly.. Wow!
Kayla’s POV
I got home that day and thankfully mom wasn’t home, while preparing myself for Melvin’s words and waiting for him, I sipped on a glass of orange juice. My mind still raced back on his words. So I’ll be getting involved in this after all.
I’ll be meeting a witch and un-trapping a soul.. Geez!
I shut my eyes and took in a long breath..

I’ll just do it and get it over with.. Get away from this whole thing and try never to get involved in anything similar. I’ll probably cajole mom even more about moving away from here, hopefully the beast case will be over by then since it will no longer exist and everything will go back to how it use to be.

I wonder how this Lucinda will look like? Probably a haggard old woman with so many wrinkles and a long pointed curvy nose, one that probably have a broom and–
I shivered at the thought..

I’ll really be meeting a witch and..oh lord!
A sharp knock on the door broke into my thought.

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I sighed and stood up as if already knowing it was Melvin. I opened it and he was standing right there, his hair styled backward now.
“Hi” he smiled at me.

“Hi..Um come in” I moved aside and he walked in. He took a seat on the long couch while I closed the door and used the coffee table opposite the couch.
He was silent for ten seconds straight.

“Well..Say something!” I said, wishing he could just say that he found a way to free me out of this mess.

“Um okay. So I talked to Belle-

“Yes!” I cut into his words, hopefully, he would just say what I wanted to hear.

“Well she said it’s safe enough for you and well, you should be brave no matter what you see and that when you get to Lucinda’s room; you’d find a red hook at the top of my box and when you pull it out completely, the box automatically opens and I become free and you do the same for Clara’s box” he emphasized and I sighed..

“So I can’t get hurt or killed”

“No, she can’t harm you cos you’re my chi-mate but you have to avoid meeting her. Because it’s you, she’d be unaware when you arrive but you can’t take any chances, she might come in anytime so you have to avoid that” he said and I nodded, taking another sip of long breath.

“Okay!” I sighed again. “So everything will be normal after I do that?” I asked.

“Yes!” He said “And don’t worry Kay, you’ll be fine. I promise” he said.

“You can’t guarantee that, can you?” I asked, my fears reflecting awfully in my voice.

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“At least we have a connection, I’ll always know when something goes wrong, even though I really doubt that, but Belle and I will save you before you get hurt” he said, his words filled with so many assurance.

“Okay! I’ll get your house address and do this tomorrow. I just want to get over with it fast and-

“Someone’s coming!” Melvin suddenly interrupted me. “It’s-

A knock on the door made him stop talking and our gaze dart to each other’s at the same time..
“It’s not your mom” he said.
I gave him a look to be quiet while I stood up and walked to the door. I held the knob and turned it sideways before opening the door a little and almost immediately it hit me..
“Hi” he said, a big smile plastered on his face.

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