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Hospital Romance. Episode 14

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???????? HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????
????{cold and crazy meets again}????.

Episode 14

✨ Noah’s POV.

“You got me a daddy?”he asked Anna.

“Diego , I didn’t get you a daddy , he is your daddy”Anna told him.

“But Momma you said I don’t have a daddy”he asked again.
How old is this boy? Just three years!

“Hey!”I cooed at him.

He smiled and came to me.
“So you are my daddy?”he asked me.

How adorable.
“Yes!”I said and he nodded.

“What’s your name?”I asked and he frowned.
“You are my daddy and you don’t know my name”he said and I forced a smile.

“I am sorry , I promise to know everything about you , deal?”I asked him.

“Deal”he said.
“I want to take him out”I told Anna.

“The dust outside can affect him , he is still recovering”Anna said and I nodded.

“Momma can I take him to my room?”his tiny voice said.
I looked at Anna and she shrugged.

“Yes!”Anna said.
“Thanks , Momma , let’s go”he told me and we went to his room.

It was spacious and all blue.
I smiled at him when he held my hand.

“What’s your name?”I asked him.
“My name is Diego”he said.

“Diego , am sorry I don’t know anything about you ,your momma didn’t tell me that I had a you”I said and he sat down on his bed.

I sat beside him and smiled.
I have a son.

A three year old son!
“So you are angry at my momma?”he asked and I shook my head.

“No am not”I said.
“What is your name?”he asked and I shrugged.

“My name is Noah , and am your father”I told him.
“So should I call you father or daddy?”he asked.

“Any one is best”I said.
“Why weren’t you with momma when I was born , I always drew pictures of a daddy and momma will always scold me , she said she is my momma and my daddy”he said showing me some drawings.

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“You did this?” I asked and stared at the drawing.
“Yes! , But momma always gets angry when I mention daddy”he said cozily.

I kissed his temple and he snuggled up to me.
He curled himself on the bed beside me.

Today is the first day I’ve met my son.
I taught he would run from me.

But he has warmed up to me.

“Your momma and I had some things going on that’s why”I said stroking his cheeks.

“What things?”he asked.

“You won’t understand”I said.
“My friends their daddy always come and pick them from school , but momma always comes to pick me”he said and I felt bad.

“You want me to come pick you up?”I asked and he got up.

“You will come pick me up?”he asked me bewildered.
“Yes! , If you want”I said and he hugged me.

“Thanks daddy”he said and I nearly cried.
He called me daddy for the first time.

???? Anna’s POV.????

It was nearly lunch time and Noah and Diego were still up there.
I wanted to go there but Carla stopped me.
Saying I should let father and son be alone.

Father?! Hmmmmmph.
Carla was done with lunch and she was in our room.

I sat in the hall getting worried.
They have been there for two hours.

“Momma”I looked up and Diego was holding Noah’s hand coming down the stairs.

So fast.

“I have to go , I have something to take care of”Noah said to Diego smiling.

“Right now?”Diego asked.
“Yeah , and I promise to talk to you in the evening”Noah said and Diego nodded.

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I stood there watching them.
Noah squatted down to Diego’s height and he hugged him.

He kissed his hair and cheeks.
Diego smiled and nodded.

“Daddy do you promise to come pick me up”Diego said.
“Yes! , I love you , bye”Noah said and turned to me.

“Thanks for letting me see him”he said and I nodded flatly.

He left the apartment and I heard a car zoming off.
I sighed and saw Diego bowing his head.

“Baby what’s wrong?”I asked him and he looked up.
“Momma he is my daddy right ,he will come back again”he said and I nodded.

“Yes!, he will come back”I said and carried him.
“I also got a daddy”he said and I smiled.

“Come on , let’s eat and take your medicines”I said.
” Is Noah gone?”Carla asked coming down.

“Yeah!”I answered getting bored.
It’s Noah this , Noah that!

“Aunt Carla I will tell you all what daddy told me , we slept on my bed together , we did many things”Diego said.

“Really? , after eating you tell me everything” Carla said as we made our way to the dining room.

❄️Nala’s POV.

Mom and I just came come from shopping.
It has been fun.

I entered my room leaving mom because dad was back.
I was about entering the bathroom when a maid entered.

“Ma’am I brought your lunch”she said bowing.
I opened the food and I scrunched my nose in disgust.

“What the h*ck is this?”I yelled at her.
“Food ma’am”she replied.

“Take it away and get me coffee”I said and she bowed and left.

I entered the shower and washed my self.
I came out cleaned , and wore my clothes.

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I stood in the mirror and I looked pale.
God! , am so pale.

A notification popped on my phone and it was a message.
I opened it and it read.


I squealed and wore my sandals and went downstairs.

Mom and dad were not in the hall.
“Where are my parents?”I asked one maid.

“In the study”she said bowed and left.
I made my way towards the study and stopped.

I have to go meet Damien.
I turned and left the house.

????Hailey [Noah’s mother]

Fred[ Noah’s father] has gone to attend a business meeting.
The mansion was empty.

And I don’t even know where Noah is.
I’ve called him several times.

Fred entered and I smiled.
“God! , I missed you”he said and gathered me in his arms kissing me.

I broke the kiss and sighed.
Where could Noah be.

I don’t wanna believe he is with her.
The door opened and Noah entered.

“Noah , where have you been?”I asked frowning.
“Stop treating me like I am 12 years”Noah said angrily when he got infront of us.

“Noah!”Fred said sternly.

“Dad please”Noah said sternly back.
He was really angry.

“Noah what is wrong?”I asked him.
“Did you know Anna was pregnant three years ag?”he asked and I gulped.

He knows.
“I asked a question”Noah yelled angrily.

“Noah you don’t talk to us like that , we are your parents”Fred yelled at him.

“Mother , did you know?”he asked again.
“Did you know Anna was pregnant?”he said louder again.

Oh no!………..