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Hospital Romance. Episode 18

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???????? HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????
????{cold and crazy meets again}????

???? Episode 18 ????

???? Nala’s POV.

Before mom and I left Noah’s parents house his mom told me he has moved out.

Why will Noah do that?
I felt some weird feelings in my head and I sighed.
God! , It hurts so much.

I also have to get to the hospital.
I boarded my car and drove off.

I have to do something about Anna’s son.
The bottle Damien gave me I am yet to know what’s inside.

My mind drifted of to Noah.
This pregnancy is only thing that binds us together.
He doesn’t like me nor talking of love.

But am going to pin him down.
The child Anna brought made him leave his family.

I will kill him , I tightened my grip on the steering wheel angrily.
I got to the hospital and got down.

I was walking down the hallway and met Theresa.
“Nala where where you?”she said and I rolled my eyes.
Here we go again.

“I went home to rest”I said faking a worried face.
“What’s wrong with you?”Theresa asked and I shrugged.

“I don’t know”I said lowly.
“You don’t look well”Theresa said and I nodded.

I felt dizzy all of a sudden.
What’s wrong with me. Oh God!

“Nala , Nala”I heard my name faintly before I blacked out.

????Anna’s POV.

His hands brushed my thighs and I came back to my senses.
I pushed him and he was suprised.

I looked at myself and noticed I was just in my undies , I covered my b*obs with hands and glanced at him.

He was still in his towel.
“What was that?”I asked angrily.

He ignored me and pulled me to himself again.
“Noah let me go”I said struggling.

“You came here yourself right?”he asked smirking.
“I wanted to talk to you”I said still struggling.

“Stop struggling”he said and I huffed.
He clasped his lips on mine again.
I’ve always wanted this!

I responded and he wrapped my legs on his torso.
He trailed kisses down my neck.
I bit my lip to stop me from moaning , but h*ck I couldn’t.

I moaned when he flicked my n*pples.
He placed me on the bed and removed the last clothing on me.

And now am lying infront of him stark n*ked.
He kissed me again and before I could respond he surged into me.

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I gasped loudly.
He groaned into my mouth kissing me.

It was painful almost like the first my first time.
I moaned when I felt the pleasure building up.

He left my lips and sucked my n*pples.
I moaned loudly when I felt my lower belly tighten and reached my cl*max.

All this while he was still thrusting into me.
“Oh sh*t”Noah groaned loudly when he released himself.

I felt our juices rolling down my thighs.
He collapsed on me and buried his face in my neck and I shuddered.

We were both panting.
He pulled out of me , got up and fell beside me.

I felt i a slight pain in-between my legs.
I tried getting up but I couldn’t.

We were both silent for like minutes before I heard him cuss under his breath.
He regrets it?

“Am sorry , I shouldn’t have done that”he and tied the towel around his waist back.

“What are you talking about?”I asked baffled.
So he just regrets it.

What a jerk!
“I am sorry , I shouldn’t have , I was not thinking straight”he said and I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

I covered myself and rushed into the bathroom.
“Anna , come and let’s talk things through”I heard him saying accompanied with a knock.

I looked at myself in the mirror and wiped my tears.
Am so stupid!
“Anna come out”he said angrily.
“Leave me alone!”I yelled.
I fell down and cried my heart out.
He just used me.

Am soo stupid.
Great Anna! , Just great!

I wiped my tears and entered the shower.
I washed my self and I heard chatting outside.

“What happened to her?”I heard Noah say.
Who are they talking about?

“I don’t know I think she just blacked out you are needed”I heard a voice say.
I guess it’s blake.

“Oh sh*t Nala”Noah muttered and I smiled.

I heard some ruffling followed by a banged door.
I went out of the bathroom and the room was empty.

He went out.
I wore my clothes and cleaned my damp hair.
I wiped my tears and went out to meet Carla coming here.

Oh sh*t!
I don’t want to talk now.
“Anna , what happened to you?”Carla said and I shook my head.

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“Nothing”I said faking smiles.
“Don’t lie to me , your hair is wet and your eyes are glistening”sh said and I hugged her.

She is my only family apart from my son Diego.
She knows all about me and took care of me when I was alone.

I can’t hide this from her.
“I..I..I don’t know”I said crying.

“Talk to me , what don’t you know”she said and I sniffed.
“Stop crying and talk to me”she said wiping my tears after disengaging from the hug.

“Noah an.. and..I… he made love to me”I said wiping my tears.
She looked shocked and gasped.

“How?”she asked and I sniffed.
“Well I wanted to talk to him and came here then it happened , and he told me it was a mistake”I said.

I wanted to cry but no!
He is not worth the tears.
I have cried enough already.

“Come here”Carla cooed and I hugged me tightly.
“Let it all out”she said referring to my tears and I bursted again.

I couldn’t stop it.
After a while I stopped and she smiled a little at me.
“The Anna I once knew wouldn’t be crying like this”she said and I smiled.

“Yeah! , where is Diego?”I asked feeling a lot better.
“Asleep”she said and we left the place.

❄️ Noah’s POV.

I watched Nala lie down , she was asleep.
Nothing happened to her she just fainted due to loss of water.

She is dehydrated.
And it’s true , she is pregnant.

“So you knew she is pregnant”Theresa muttered and I nodded.
” She just told me today”I said and sighed.

“Why did she tell you?”Theresa asked me.
God! , Am not ready for this conversation.

I wonder how Anna is faring right now.
“She said am the father”I dropped the bomb and Theresa wasn’t shocked.

“What?”I turned to see blake shocked.
“It’s not surprising blake”Theresa said and smiled.

“Your parents know?”blake asked and I scoffed at the name parents.
I was about to answer when the door opened and my mom , dad and Nala’s parents to entered.

Okay who called them here!
“What happened?” I heard Nala’s mom asked.

“Nothing serious ma’am , she is just dehydrated”Blake said and smiled at them before leaving.

“Is the baby okay!”Mom asked and I snorted.
Great! , she told them.

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“Yes everything is okay!”Theresa said patted my shoulders and left.

“Noah”Mom said and I turned to look at her.
“Look , I don’t want any arguing , this is a hospital , so just see the patient and leave”I said.

“Noah are you talking to your mother this way?”Nala’s father asked and I scoffed.
Who called him?

Mom looked at me and smirked.
“I don’t know what she has fed you with”Mom said and shook my hands.

“It’s me , your mother!”she said.
A mother who doesn’t want my happiness!

“Daddy!”I heard a tiny voice and looked at the door to find Diego and Anna at the door. Hi kwaku on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more exciting stories.
The room now became tensed.

Mom was shocked.
Dad was also shocked.
Nala’s parents had unreadable expressions.

I ignored them and smiled at Diego.
He came to me and I knelt to his size kissing his hair.

“You have a child?”Nala’s mother asked and I scoffed.
“Yes! , I have a son!”I said through gritted teeth.
“And what about Nala’s-“Nala’s father was about saying and I cut him off.

“Your daughter was been clingy , if you want me to marry her fine! , but I won’t leave my first child alone”I said and he nodded.

Anna was just at the door watching us!

“I didn’t know there was a family reunion here I wouldn’t have brought him”Anna said sarcastically and all eyes turned to her.

“You b*tch , can’t you leave my son alone”Mom said angrily.
“Oh hi Mrs. Stewart , so glad to meet you again”she said smiling and Mom snorted.

Okay! , What is happening to Anna.
Is this not the same Anna I made love to few minutes ago.

Why is she sounding Soo changed.
“Diego let’s go seems your daddy is busy we will come back later”Anna said and he nodded and left with Diego.

“Why is everyone here?”we heard a faint voice and I turned to see Nala awake.

Every one rushed to her but I remained where I was.
I really loved what we did.
It was our second time making love.

But she betrayed me and she is still with Damien.
Anna is still with Damien…….