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Hospital Romance. Episode 5

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???????? HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????
????{Cold meets crazy again}????

???? Episode 5 ????


I looked at the shocked and angry expression on my ex best friend.

I chuckled and smirked.

“Why , I can’t visit you again or what?”I said and he gritted his teeth angrily.

“What do you want , Damien?”he asked and I scoffed.

“I came to see my girl”I said and he frowned.

“Who?”he asked and I smirked.

“Anna off course we are still together” I said.

“This is not her office so go and ask the receptionist”he said and I smiled.

God! , Am getting back at him.
He seemed pretty jealous.

“Thanks for the information”I said and left.

I met Nala in the hall way and pulled her into the nearest washroom.

“Done , you have to come over tonight” I said and kissed her neck.

“Damien , I will be busy”she said and I scoffed.

“Don’t delay me honey , I know things that can destroy you”I said squeezing her b*obs.

“Are you threatening me”she asked and kissed my cheeks.

“No! , It’s a warning” I clasped my lips on hers and kissed her roughly.

I breaker from the intense kissing and looked at her one more time before leaving.

???? Anna ????
It was four pm and I remembered Diego.
He has closed school by this time.

I went to remove my gloves and went to look for Carla.

I met her in Theresa’s office.

“Theresa , has our shift ended”I asked her and she nodded.

“Anna , I am done , let’s go”Carla said and stood up from the chair she was sitting on.

“Okay , see you tomorrow girls”Theresa said.

“Good bye Theresa” I said and left with Carla.

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???? Carla ????
Should I tell Anna?
No! , she will be worried.

Damien had the guts to show up.
Who did he come to meet.

If he met Anna , she would have told me.
We boarded a cab to our apartment.

When we got there Diego was sitting in the chair outside the door.

“My baby”Anna said and he run towards us.

“Mommy , i waited so long”his tiny voice said I smiled.

He is too smart for his age.
I kissed his cheek lightly and he smiled.

“Am sorry” Anna said kissing his hair.

“Aunt Carla , how are you?”he asked.

“Am good”I said and we went inside the house.

“Anna , go prepare dinner , I will go and freshen up with Diego”Carla said and I nodded.

“Mommy, I have so many things to tell you” Diego said

“Really? , go freshen up and come here okay”Anna said and I went upstairs with Diego.

????️ Noah ????️

“Buddy ! , I think I will be going home now”Blake said looking at his watch.

“Okay ! , I will also be leaving now”I said and he nodded and left.

I still can’t understand Damien.
Oh ! , God.

I was about to enter my car and go home when I heard Theresa calling me.

“Theresa , are you now going home?”I asked her.

“Yeah! , see you tomorrow”she said and kissed her cheeks entered my car and drove off.

I would have dropped Theresa at home but her husband always come to pick her up.

???????? Twenty minutes later ????????

I got home and met Nala with my parents.
Oh God! , Kill me already!

I ignored them and mom called me.
“Noah , didn’t you see Nala”mom said.

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I forced a smile.

“Hi Nala” I said and she grinned widely.

“Hey”she said putting the coffee she was holding on the table.

I left them and went to my room.
I undressed and stood under the shower.

She is still with Damien.
She is doesn’t feel remorseful.

She choose my friend over me.
I sighed and took my bath.

I wrapped a towel under my waist and came to meet mom and dad in my room.

What now?
I don’t need their troubles.

“So because your shameless ex girlfriend is back and working with you now , you are snubbing Nala”Dad said.

Nala came to tell them.
Such a gossip!

I scoffed and sat on my bed.
“Noah , Why don’t you like Nala?”Mom asked.

“Nothing”I said.

“Her parents are coming over next week for a family dinner”Mom said and I snorted.

“How is that my business?”I asked mom and she smiled at me.

“It means you are to behave yourself”she said left banging my room door loudly.

“Noah do you still like the her?”dad asked sternly and I gulped hard.

Of course not.
After what she did?

“No dad”I said.

He nodded and left my room.

Anna is still with Damien.
So she doesn’t regret anything.

So all her pleadings were fake?
I sighed deeply trying to get my mind off her.

????????????????An hour later????????????????????

???? Anna ????

Carla was feeding Diego.
And he wouldn’t stop talking.

“Diego , after eating then you tell us”I said.
“Okay , mommy last one”he said and I laughed.

“Okay”I said and he smiled eating his pasta.
“My madam is very pweety”he said and I laughed.

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“Pweety”I said and sipped some water.
Carla and I laughed at the word ‘pweety’ Diego used.

Instead of ‘pretty’.

“Am okay , aunt Carla”Diego said.

Carla nodded and washed his lips for him.
“Good night baby”I said and kissed his hair.

“Goodnight mommy” he said and went upstairs with Carla.

I sighed thinking about Noah.
How will he feel if he finds out.

Carla came down few minutes later.

“He refused to brush his teeth”Carla said and I laughed.

“Oh ! , I forgot he has tooth pains now” I said and she frowned.

“How?”Carla asked.

“One of his tooth removed last week” I said and she gasped.

“Oh !” She said and I saw she was worried.

“What’s wrong?”I asked Carla.

“When are you telling him”she asked and I frowned.

“Who?”I said.

“When are you telling Noah , that he has a son!”Carla said…….