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Hospital Romance. Episode 7

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????????????????‍♂️???? HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????
????{cold and crazy meets again}????

???? Episode 7 ????

????️ Noah ????️
I walked to where she was standing and she looked at me with wide eyes.

Am I a ghost. I scoffed and moved closer.

I used my fingers to caress her cheeks.
God! , How I missed her in my arms.

She looked at me and I smirked.
“What are you doing?”Anna said stuttering.

“What do you think?”I asked back.

“Noth …nothing”she said stuttering.
“Glad to know I still have an effect on you”I said.

“Um…I have to get going”she said and I smiled.
I kissed her neck and she whimpered.

“Stop it”she wishpered.
I was getting her.

This will be my revenge.
Torture her and break her heart.
I don’t care if she is still with Damien.

I moved back and looked at her.
She looked at me like I have grown two heads.

“What was that?”she asked trying to study her breathing.

“Thanks for the files you can go”I said coldly.

“Do you think you can toy me around?”she asked.

“Like the way you toyed my emotions?”I asked back.

“I don’t care what you think again”she said and I scoffed.

“You pleaded for Weeks not knowing you were pretending”I said and she frowned.

“What?”she said and I scoffed.

“Get out”I said and she nodded.

“You are still the cold being I met three years ago”she said and I snorted.

She left and I sighed.
God! , She gives me a boner by just looking at her.

My cell phone rang and the number was blake.

I picked up.
????”Hello” I said on the phone.

????”Noah”blake said.

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????”You are late”I said and he chuckled.

????”I won’t be there today”he said and I sighed.

????”Okay , is there a problem?”I asked.

????”Yeah , not feeling well”he said and I snorted.
Is he serious?.

????”Okay , get well soon”I said and hung up.

???? Anna ????

I left the office and I sighed in relieve.
I nearly fell for that.

Carla rushed to me.
“Hey watch your steps”I said to Carla.

“Anna , Diego”Carla said and I panicked.
“What happened?”I demanded scared.

“He…..he fell of the stairs in school and am afraid his blood sickness”Carla said and I nearly fell.

“Why the h*ll happened stop playing pranks on me”I yelled angrily.

“It’s true , Anna am not joking , the principal called me”Carla said worriedly.

My three year old son.
God! , No!

“Let’s go”I said and cleaned the tears that were falling.
We got to the receptionist to sign out.

“I can’t ma’am”she said.
“I will be back in an hour please”I said.

“You have to ask for permission from the head doctor”she said and I panicked.

“My son is dying , okay”I yelled and she shook her head.

Oh God!
Diego stay strong for Mama.

“Anna let’s go”Carla said and pulled me to Noah’s office.

When we got there he was working with Nala and Theresa.

“Doctor Noah we need permission”Carla said worriedly.

“For?”he asked typing on his laptop.

“We need to get home”I said calmly.
Inside me I wanted to cry , yell and shout.

My baby was dying.
I wiped my tears.

“Explain your reasons”he said and I lost it.

“What f*cking reasons do you want”I yelled and they all turned to look at me with wide eyes.

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“Anna are you okay”Theresa asked and I shook my head.

“No !, So tell Noah to let me go now”I yelled angrily.

“Anna calm down , Noah please”Carla pleaded.

“Explain your reasons or you can stay there”he said angrily.

“What are your reasons Anna”Theresa asked.

My cell phone rang and I panicked.

????”Hello”I said and wiped my tears.

????”Am I speaking with Anna Hudgens”a voice said.

????”Yes , who is this?”I asked.

????”This is Diego’s principal , I called a number a while ago telling her about your son’s condition”she said and I panicked.

????”I will be there right now”I said”

????”He is in the school’s emergency room”she said.

????”how is he?”I asked.

????”Am afraid he needs a hospital”she said and I panicked.

????”I am on my way”I said and hanged up.

“What happened Anna?”Nala asked.

I ignored her and looked at Noah.
His son is dying.

“Please Noah” I said and he scoffed.

“It’s Doctor Noah and you should go back to your duties”he said and I wiped my tears.

“Anna what is happening , why are you crying”Theresa said worriedly.

“Because her son is dying”Carla yelled angrily.

All three pair of eyes settled on me.
Noah had an expression on his face I didn’t understand.

Theresa was shocked.
Nala was surprised.

But that wasn’t my business.
All I cared about was my Diego.

“Your son………”Noah wishpered.