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Hospital Romance. Episode 9

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???????? HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????
????{cold meets crazy again}????

???? Episode 9 ????

???? Theresa ????

I watched the cute handsome boy as he lied down.
No doubt he is Noah’s son.

But how?
Carla said he is three years.
And he is suffering from a blood sickness.

It seems sometimes he just collapses due to loss of plenty blood.
I sighed and watched Carla stroke his hair.

“He will be fine”I told Carla and she smiled a little.
“I hope so”Carla said and sighed deeply.

“And where is Anna?”I asked and she shrugged.
“I don’t know”She said and got up.

“Okay! , I have to clean up”I said and left.
I have to tell Noah.
He deserves to know.

????️ Noah ????️

I sat down in the men’s dressing room lost in thought.
After our making out she ignored me and left.

Just like that!
Do I really hate her?

Blake entered and I frowned.
“You said you were not coming”I said and he smiled.

“Theresa said there was an emergency and you were no where to be found”he said and I gasped.

“Emergency?”I asked and he nodded changing his clothes.

“A little boy was suffering from blood circulation effects “he said and I nodded.

“How is he now?”I asked and he smirked.
“Good”he said and I smiled.

“Okay I will go meet Nala now I left her stranded she must be worried”I said and left to my office.

My cell phone rang and I saw mom’s name on the screen.
Gosh! I don’t need her trauntums now.

????”Hello Mom”I said after answering.

????”Noah , you have to come home early”she said.

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????”Why? , I am not done with work”I said.

????”Well work can wait” she said and I frowned.

????”What is it mom , that I have to come home early”I said to her scoffing.
She is so adamant.

????”Just come before five pm”she said and hanged up.

???? Damien ????

After f*cking Nala I was damn tired.

“My parents and I are having dinner in Noah’s house today”Nala said after we collapsed on the bed.

“Okay , so what do you want me to do?”I asked and she smirked.

“Let’s find out if what Anna said about a son is true”she said and I smiled.

“Easy to do”I said and climed on top of her.

“What if it’s true”I said and thrusted into her again.
She moaned and gripped on my back.

“That’s an answer for another day”she said nearly audible.
I continued my fast pace until we both came together.

Phanting , moaning and groaning at the same time.
“I have made many mistakes in my life , but f*cking you was never one”I said and kissed her jaw.

“Enough I have to get to the hospital”she said and went to the bathroom.

???? Anna????

I ignored Noah after our make out.
I left him and went to have a cold juice.

My nerves were jumping and I had to calm them.
I went to Diego’s ward later in the afternoon and met Carla feeding Diego.

“Diego”I said and kissed his cheeks.
“Mama”his tiny voice said and smiled.

“You scared Mama to death”I said and he nodded.
“I am sowwy” he said and Carla laughed.
‘sowwy’ instead of sorry.

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“Carla I think our shift is over”I said and she nodded.
“Theresa also said we can take him home he is better now”Carla said.

“I will go pack our things”I said and went to the dressing room to pick our bags and other things.

I was coming out and I met Theresa.
“Anna , he is fine now”she said and I smiled.

“Thanks Theresa , we will get going our shift is over”I said and she nodded.

“Bye and remember not to give him seafoods”she said and I smiled.

“I will go get his medicines”I said and left.

I met doctor Blake at the hallway and I smiled at him.

“Thanks for today”I said and he smiled.

“It’s nothing”he said and handed me Diego’s medicine.

“After a week he can stop taking them”he said and I nodded.

“Thanks”I said and placed the medicine in my bag and left.

???? Blake ????

I watched her leave and sighed.
Noah has to know.

I went to his office and saw Theresa.
“Have you seen Noah”I asked and she shrugged.

“The receptionist said he just left”she said disappointedly.

“Sh*t!”I exclaimed.
“You wanted to tell him”she said and I nodded.

She smiled and patted my back.
“Tommorow is another day Blake”she said and left.

Nala came in shortly and I sighed.

“Blake have you seen Noah?”she asked and I shrugged.

“Theresa said he went home”I said.

“Noah went home?”she asked baffled.

“Yeah! , Why?”I asked and she snorted.

“Nothing , it’s just 4pm that’s why”she said and I mouthed an ‘oh’.

Theresa entered and scoffed at Nala.

“I heard you are in so I came to look for you”Theresa said to Nala.

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“Why?”Nala asked.

“Where were you all day?”Theresa asked clearly anionned.

“I went to have coffee with Noah”Nala said.

“You used two hours to have coffee , ignoring your duties”Theresa said and scoffed.

“You can ask Noah”Nala said.
But Noah was in the dressing room or?

Theresa shok her head and left.
Nala also looked at me awkwardly before leaving.

???????????? IN THE EVENING????????????

????️ Noah????️
I was in my room clearly angry.
First Anna won’t get out of my head.

Second that son stunt Carla said in the morning is eating me up.
Third I came home for mom to say we are having dinner with the Roberts.

Nala’s parents and her.
Why can’t they understand that I don’t like her.

I got a message from my phone from Blake.
I opened it and it read.

‘i have something to tell you’
I sighed and got up to go meet him.

When I got downstairs the Nala and her parents were there.

Oh sh*t.
I turned to go back to my room.

“Noah , I was about to call you”Mom said and I sighed.

“Good evening Mr and Mrs Roberts”I told Nala’s parents and they smiled at me.

“How are you Noah?” her father asked.

“Good”I said and sat at the dinning table with them.
“How is work?”her mother also asked.

“Fine” I said and forced a smile.

“Nala said you asked her out”Mom said and I glanced at Nala.

She smiled and I scoffed.

“When?” I asked Nala…………..