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High School Crush. Episode 11

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 11 ????

The next morning

???? Kimberly ????

I woke up as fast as I could Sonia could prepare his food and also clean the house

I made scrambled eggs with mashed potatoes for him which he ate with great relish

I was sure to pack everything needed and prepare for work

And I was done even before him

I patiently waited for him by the car so we could go together

Soon he came out of the house all dressed up and looking handsome
It took all my guts not to drool on my office wears

I saw him smirk and I frowned he caught me staring

When he came close he threw the house keys at me which I caught expertly before he slid into his car

I made to open the car but it didn’t open so I went to his window and knocked

“Open the car” I said

“Why should I do that” he asked

“As you can see I am going to work which is also your place of work” I said

“No one said anything about me driving you to work so” he smirked and started winning up his Glass I just stood there shocked

“Don’t let me get to work before you” he stated sternly before driving off and causing dust on my dress

Tch! What an arrogant handsome jerk!

I fumed angrily as I went to work there’s absolutely no way I can get to work before him without a car and he fúckin knows that

I dusted off the dirt and started heading to the office

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In about thirty minutes I was there and I exhaled angrily as I walk in to my office

Claire was already sitted on my sit watching her waist watch dramatically oblivious of the fact that I was around

Immediately she saw me she jerked up

“Oh my gosh Kim you got me worried why are you this late” she said rolling her eyes

“Yeah right all because of some certain someone”

“You don’t come this late at least you stopped coming late so what happened”

“Your brother fúcking happened I can’t believe he left me alone at the house despite the fact we slept together yesterday” I yelled angrily

“Huh really so how was it yesterday” Claire giggle like a five year old

Oh I shouldn’t have said that part now she thinks something is up with the two of us and o don’t even want her to know I leave with him now but my big mouth exposed me

“No-no Claire oh God that’s not what I meant sheesh” I exclaimed

“What is it that you meant huh” she pouted

“You know what forget it so what is it that you want to say that gat you expecting my arrival” I smirked

“Huh what do you mean so I can’t wait for you to arrive”

“Hmm yeah unless there’s a juicy gust so spill it” I snapped

“I can’t believe you know me so well” she murmured but I heard

“I do so spill it”

“Okay okay there is this new hot guy in my street” she beamed happily

“You see I knew it I knew it was about a guy”

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“Kimmy” she dragged

“Wha….” I was saying when a cockroach entered when I mean cockroach I meant Jenny

Claire and I stopped our bickering and faced the bítch in front of us

Her clothe was extremely short and exposed

Don’t tell me this is what she wore when going to my Damien’s office

“The boss demands your attention” she said snapping me out of my thoughts

“Okay” I replied casually

“Whøre” she muttered but I heard her but decided to ignored

She’s a bítch

I went into damien office boiling in anger because of what he did

“You came thirty minutes late miss” he said immediately I entered his office

“Oh really, that’s because some certain person refused to carry to work” I said with an eye roll trying so bad not to yelled

“I was helping you C’mon Kim” he said

“Helping me how”

“You wanted to pay me back so if I carry you that will he more expenses”

“Really dam you are so unbelievable” I said walking out of his office

I heard him laughing behind but I just slammed his door loud


I stared at my computer angrily

Why does it have to be her huh

The way he stared at her lovingly why can’t he stare at me like that also huh

He even plays around with her but he’s so strict when he comes to me

She came late but he didn’t even punish her

If it was me I’d be fired

I need to get what’s mine I can’t let Kim take him from me neve

I will have to seduce him till he notices me

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I repacked my bøøbs in a way that it becomes more exposed

I raised my skirt more higher before heading to his office

I knocked his door “come in” he said

I walked in seductively taking my steps one by one staring into his eyes with a smile

My heart flutters when he smiled back

“Sir this is the file you requested for” I said bending over so he can have a view of my bøøbs

After I dropped them I made to leave but he called so I halted

Oh my gosh my plan worked I bet his horny, I screamed within


“Sir” I said with a smile as I slowly turned

“The next time you try to seduce me or wear a dress like this again you’d lose your job and I with make sure no other company employs you” he yelled and I flinched

“Am sorry sir” I said close to tears

“Sorry for your filthy self now get out of my office” he yelled banging the table and I scurried out

Why can’t he just love me huh

As I was going I bumped into the witch that wants to take him from me

“Get out my way” I yelled with hatered lacing in my voice