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High School Crush. Episode 22

6 min read

???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 22 ????

???? Kimberly ????

My eyes stare open as I felt something wet on my lips

I looked up to see Damien kissing me
I should have known

“Good morning beautiful how was your night” he asked smiling

“It’s fine thanks to you” I said blushing hard

I saw that he was dripping wet showing that he just finished bathing

I can’t believe I forgot I have a work

So I quickly dashed out of bed and ran into the bathroom but make sure to lock it

I Know Damien has bathe but his preverted mind might lead him back and I am still sore down there

I can’t afford walking abnormally to work

I did my ladies business very quickly and got out

I took time in cleaning my body and dressing up for work

After I was done I let my hair flow down behind me as I picked up my bag and head downstairs

By the time I got downstairs I already saw damien dressed and sitted at the dinning with bread and tea placed on the table

“You made breakfast again” I asked surprised

“You’re mine now I should take go care of you” he said and I blushed

I sat down and we began eating, in less than thirty minutes we were done

I carried my bag and made to go out when he pulled me back to his chest

“What now Damien” I grouse

“We are going to work and I might hardly see you” he said

“C’mon dam” I rolled my eyes

He didn’t even Iet me finish talking then he crashed his lips on mine

I pulled him closer to me and reciprocated his kiss

The kiss was getting intense and I moaned into his mouth

We broke off to catch our breathe and Damien smile while I just glared at him

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He still didn’t release me as he trailed his kisses to my neck and teasing my eat lobes

“Don’t you think we are getting late” I said pulling away from him

“The last I remember I am the CEO” he grinned

“I think that’s enough Mr CEO lets get to work” I said opening the door

???? Damien ????

I feel so elated that Kim was finally mine and mine alone

Even though I can’t seem to get enough of her beautiful body

I wonder how I am even going to concentrate at work today

Throughout the ride to work I kept stealing glances at her earning cute blushes from her

I feel so lucky to have as mine

I can’t even wait to get married to her and have her to myself for ever

I’m mediately we got to work I rushed done so I could open the door for her

“What the hell are you doing” she whispered yelled at me

“What does it look like, opening the door for my girlfriend duh” I replied

“I thought we agreed not to let the staffs know” she whispered again

“Am not to sure about that” I grinned while she just walked off angrily

I looked up to see Claire giving me a knowing smile which I ignored and went inside

???? Kimberly ????

“Care to explain why you skipped work yesterday” Claire said walking to my office with a serious face which looks funny

“No” I replied

“Did you fall into the swimming pool again to stay home with damien” she said narrowing her eyes at me

“Does that look like something I’d do, besides I can fall inside water on purpose ain’t crazy” I replied with a roll of eyes

I noticed she wasn’t speaking but staring intently at my neck

“Is that what I think it is” she said giggling

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“What are you thinking” I asked confused

“OMG hickeys” she yelled and I got alarmed

Oh Damien it must have this morning

I tried so hard not to blush but we’ll my cheeks failed me in that aspect

“OMG! Tell me the full details, was he good how big is he? How..”

“What the hell Claire”. I yelled blushing so hard

“Ohh am so happy for you” she said smiling heartily

“Thanks now go get a boyfriend and leave me with mine” I said.

“Yeah whatever”.

We were about discussing again when the landline rang


“Okay” I replied and dropped the phone down

“Who was that” Claire asked.

“Damien, he sent for me” I replied

“Try not to break the company with your moans” she grinned

“Geez Claire you’re so dirty” I snapped walking out


“Am here what..!” I was saying but stopped and pulled me to himself and claimed my lips

I should have known that this was what he called me for

He pinned me to the wall and continue kissing while I dug my hands into his hair

We broke off after a while breathing heavily

“We kissed this morning what is wrong with you” I asked

“You are wrong with me” he replied with a grin

“Now I have to go back to work” I replied

“Not so fast you are staying with me till the rest of the day” he said

“But I have works to do” I argued

“And I own the company so relax and have fun” he said with a smile

Having no choice I went to sit in front of him

But preverted Damian came to carry to sit on his laps


Closing hours


After those long hours sitting idle with damien

Damien dragged me out claiming he has a surprise for me

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“Where are we going” I asked

“You will find out once we get there” he replied

“Ohhhh” I groaned

I entered the car and he stared it

After few minutes I noticed he diverted to a familiar route

By the time he pulled up, he pulled up in front of my house

“This is the surprise”


I just shake my head and followed him inside

“Look who we have here” Ethan grinned sighting me

“Hey lil bro” I said hugging him

“You finally remembered us” dad said walking to the restaurant

“C’mon dad I didn’t forget you before” I smile hugging him as well

“Good afternoon dad” Damien greeted

We all sat round the table and Ethan served us all

It was like they knew we were coming or damien possibly told them

“This is a special dish made by me so I want your review” Ethan said sitting beside I and damien

“I am sure it will taste like you” damien said to my ears and I blush

“That’s dirty”

“Let’s dig in” dad announced

We all stated eating

“Wow delicious” damien commented

“Yuck it’s tasteless” I lied knowing fully well it was delicious

“Then no more food for you” he glared taking the food from me

“Ethan it’s not fair” I Wynned

“Then admit my food is delicious”

“Okay fine It the best food I’ve ever tasted” I said.

“Better” he said and I sneered at him

After we finished eating damien cleared his throat

“Dad I have something to tell you” he said

My dad dropped his napkin “am listening”

Damien held my hands and looked up

“I and Kim are in a relationship” he said and my cheeks redden

“Oh my Kim is that true” Ethan chirped in excitedly while I just nodded

“You have my blessings” dad said and I ran to hug