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High School Crush. Episode 23

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 23 ????

???? Jenny ????

It has been three straight weeks since I lost my job and I have not been able to secure another.

I groaned frustratedly as I punched the chair

This was all Kim’s fault if he hadn’t caught Damien’s attention I will have had my way

And my stupid friend who tricked me

I had her assassinated alongside her stupid boyfriend, next time in another world she won’t play stupid tricks on me

Just as I was thinking, Martin Walked in

“Hey any luck” I asked

“Nope he’s keeping her at his grasp like a hawk” he replied sinking in the chair

“We need to act fast, like real fast, she mustn’t Know we haven’t made a progress” I replied

“What do you have me do huh, though this was a job handed to us to get rid of damien but I still want to have a taste of kim, he has even make her his girlfriend” he said and my blood rose in anger

We were sent, sent to get rid of damien and have access to the company and all his property

But I fell for Damien’s look and handsomeness, and I will use it to get to him

That is if I was able to he his girlfriend
But during our investigation I discovered he and Kim had lived each other since highschool

And the only way to get Damien now is if Kim is our if the way

That was where Martin came in

But he like me fell for her beauty and now the equation is balance

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All we need is a complete plan

“Jen stop getting worried okay we ate going to come up with something let’s have fun” he said staring at my body and licking his lips

“We don’t have time for all that we were given a year to do this and time is going” I replied

“We both know you don’t love damien you just want to taste his d**k” he said and was really right

All I wanted was to have séx with him .

“C’mon Jen” he said huskily his hands already tracing down my lower abdomen

“Ohh” I let out an involuntary moan when his hands came to the front of my p**y entrance

He slid my pant sideways and thrusts his hands into. My creamy wet cûnt

He started throbbing and I moan out in pleasure

He trailed kisses round my neck as he fingers me and my moan went louder

He’s hands were going faster and I was close to my orgasms when he stopped and I gasp

He pushed me on the couch and brought out his dîck

This time he had ripped off my pants completely and was postioning himself at my entrance

He thrust in and “ohhhan” i moaned as he went in and out of me

“Fùck” he groaned as he increased his pace

“Oh oh oh” I moaned as he continued to fùck me with pleasure

He raised my legs up causing him to go deeper into my body

We continued this for another thirty minutes and he didn’t let me cum

He flipped me over and came from behind thrusting into my a*shole

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I yelled out as I felt his whole in me

I was having great pleasure no doubt and his d**k was big enough

I felt his dîck expand and I knew he was close to exploding

But instead he pulled out and made me kneel

He thrust his organ into mouth and I Began to throb his dîck in my mouth at the same time teasing my clît

In few minutes his seeds came slashing down my throat and the residue was on my breasts

“Been long I had you’ he flashed me a smile dressing back up

“Where are you going” I asked

“To do my job” he replied simply and left

???? Jayden ????

I was in Claire’s office today again because I wanted a glimpse of her beautiful face

“Hey beautiful” I cooed walking in and she flashed my a killing smile that got my dîck twitching

‘good morning jay”


We started talking and she completely left her work

All throughout the talk I wasn’t listening to her but was lost staring at her lips and slightly exposed breasts

“Are you even listening” she said

“Ohh sorry got carried away” I replied and she frowned and turned away from me

“Claire” I called but she didn’t answer

I went closer to her and pulled her to a hug from behind

I felt her smile but she didn’t turn so t went to her front and she tried to turn her face from me again but pulled her into a quick kiss

She reciprocated quickly kissing me like her like depended on it

I used that opportunity to trace NY hands to her waist pulling her to myself more as she moaned into my mouth

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I carried her still not breaking the kiss and dropped her on the desk with her legs wrapped around my torso

I was about taking it to the next level when the door open and Kim walked in

“Oh my gosh, sorry bad timing” she said laughing while Claire groaned

“What are you looking for” Claire asked still in the same position

“I came to inform you that I am going with damien for lunch so that you won’t look for me but you seem to be having a good time, bye” she said closing the door and Claire claimed back my lips

???? Martin ????

I watched in anger as they both walked out of the restaurant doing all lovey dovey

Damien Said something to her and she laughed out loud

I just wonder how beautiful it will be to have her under me screaming my name in pleasure as I banged her

It’s a only a matter of time before that dream comes true

So for now enjoy your relationship

I ignited the car and zoomed off


Jenny and Martin ????????

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