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High School Crush. Episode 28

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Surprise episode ????????
???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 28 ????

???? Kimberly ????

After they both left my office I decided to finish the little files in front of me before going to the hospital

In few minutes I was done so I picked my bags and locked my office

I got into the car before igniting it, throughout my drive different thoughts were going through my mind

What if I have cancer? What if it’s kidney failure? What if it’s even Lukemia

“Arggh* I groaned lost in my thoughts

I was jolted by the consistent honking on a car behind before I noticed I hadn’t moved

I increased my pace full time till I got to the hospital, it was the nearest to the office

I got down nervously and walked in, I met two nurses by the reception

“Good afternoon”I greeted

“Good afternoon ma’am welcome” one of them replied

I explained my mission there and I was given a patient card, i was asked to wait for my turn at the reception, my tag number was number ten

An hour later it was my turn and I was ushered in by the doctor

“Good afternoon sir” I flashed him a smile

“Good afternoon ma’am” he replied

“What’s your case” he said when i had fully sitted

“I am a but nauseous, I feel dizzy, puke unnecessarily and have series of mood swings” I explained

“Oh I see” I mumbled jotting down things in smiles

” I think I know what is wrong with you but is only proper for me to conduct a test on you” he said

I was taken to the lab and the test was conducted on me after that I was asked to wait at the reception for the result to come out

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After waiting patiently for few minutes the same doctor came to call me and I went to his office

“Congratulations ma’am” he said smiling and I threw him a confused look

“You are eight weeks pregnant” he said said and I don’t know if I should shout or scream

I was surprised and shocked at the same time

There is a little being growing within me?

My lips broke into a smile as I collected the pregnancy results and left for the office

I was so happy and my next aim was to inform Damien as soon as possible

I drove in ultimate speed to work and I got down excitedly walk-in briskly to his office

“So you mean that was how you got in between her pants” I heard an unfamiliar voice as I was about to enter and I stopped dead.on my track’s

“Yeah, all I wanted was just too fùck and go no commitment” I heard Damien’s voice

“But I thought she was your girlfriend” the other voice said

“That is what I simply made her believe” Damien said and I felt my heart shattered

He was just playing me?and Makin a fool out of me

“What if in all your fúcking business she got pregnant what will have done” the voice asked again

“I will simply asked her to terminate it ain’t ready to be a father man” Damien said and they both bursted into laughter

My hands and legs was already shaking

He made a fool out of me, he just wants to get in between my legs?

I will never forgive him for this, with that I ran out of the company going home

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Hmm ????????

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