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High School Crush. Episode 26

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 26 ????

???? Damien ????

“Arrrhgggg” I groaned rising up, the atmosphere was still dark and cold

I checked my time and saw it was past 2am In morning

I turned to my side and found Kim sleeping soundly, we were still in the comfort of her office

I stood up wearily and crouch to carry Kim as I staggered to my car

I laid her down calmly and went to ignite the car

In a few minutes we were already at the house

As I carried her into the house my mind flashed to the image of having Martin bang her that way, I would have killed the idiot with my bare hands

I signed tiredly dropping her on the bed on my room and changing her clothes

It’s a good thing I still have her to myself I can’t risk her being with another man

I smiled when I saw her move mumbling incoherent words

Striping myself of my clothes, I entered the shower and let the cold water run down my body

I would have bathe for Kim but I don’t want to disturb her sleep, Knowing fully well her p**y might have been damaged through the reckless banging all thanks to those two devil’s

They should both wait till I get my hands on them by day break

I got claded in my briefs and sunk into the bed cuddling the fast sleeping Kim

“I love you damien” I heard her mumbled and my lips broke into a heartwarming smile

???? Kimberly ????

My eyes ached as I opened them, I looked round and discovered I was inside Damien’s room and not my office which I passed out at

I tried to stand but “arrrhgggg” I winced feeling intense pains between my legs

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Oh i forgot my V was damaged by Damien dîck

“You should rest I’d carry you” I heard Damien’s voice from behind

He was standing by the bathroom door with a towel wrapped by his waist

It looks like he was about bathing, I sat up carefully and he came close to me and carried in a bridal style to the bathroom

I was in my light night gown which I didn’t notice before

He dropped me gently inside the bathtub

If Martin had have his way I don’t know how I would had feel

I feel so lucky to have damien

He removed my gown and I was Stark naked in my glory

He started running the showers, he was also naked and I feel his breath right by neck

“I love you” he mumbled huskily

In thirty minutes we were done

He carried me back to the bed and I was pouting like a baby while he only chuckled

He crouch to my side and Began to cream my body while I stare into his dreaming eyes

Before I could think his lips are sealed with Mine we were kissing in ultimate passing

He broke the kiss after out breath hitched

I blushed at the act and he just played with my cheeks

He went to his wardrobe And brought out one of his shirts

I wore it with a bump short while he carried me as we went downstairs to the kitchen

“We are going to cook” he said happily

“What do we wanna cook” I asked

“Bread and tea” he said and I glared at him

” The correct word is make” i countered

“I don’t think you are right” he argued

“Enough of the argument am starving” I pouted

“Am sorry mi’lady” he said with a dramatic bow and I laughed out loud

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Few minutes later ….

“That was the best breakfast ever” Damien mumbled

“We eat this virtually everyday” I replied

“But this one is the best” he said grinning widely staring at my bøøbs

“Prevert” I rolled my eyes

The time was past twelve by the time we were bickering

“What are you going to do to Jen and Martin” I suddenly asked

“Oh geez I totally forgot about them” he said

He picked up his car.keys and went up to change

“I will be right back sweetie” he said pecking my forehead

???? Damien ????

I rushed hastily out of the house

I can’t believe I totally forgot about those rascals

Why won’t I when Kim is right there by my side giving me the best of company

“Grrrrrrrrrrrgh” I scratched my car to an halt in front of the company

I got down hurridely and that was when I realized that I was in my causals and not in my office wears

I walked and the staffs were giving me a weird look,

My main aim is for Claire not to see me cause there’s absolutely no explanation for now

But it seems like luck wasn’t on my side because she was already standing by the hallway by the time I reached they

“Hey Claire please let me pass”, i said softly at the annoying cousin of mine blocking the road

“What the hell is going on”, he demanded

“I’d explain but right now I need to get to my office” I snapped

“Your office door has been broken down and same goes to the janitors closet opposite Kim’s office” she said

“Wait what”

“That was how we all saw it when we came this morning, what happened yesterday” she asked concerning

“Nothing, just get the repairs I will be going home now” I said causally turning back

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Those bastards escaped,I groaned angrily hitting my staring

They can run for all I care but I will catch them it’s a promise

???? Jenny ????

I woke up with great pain lingering on my head

I checked my wrist watch and it was past five in the morning

I looked around and saw I was in the closet if Damien’s office

That bastard escaped and out smarted me

Now I don’t want him again but to kill him and make him suffer pain

I pressed the emergency button on my watch sending a signal to my brother and our location

There is no doubt we are going to get scolded

In less than thirty minutes he was already by the door bringing it down

Oh I forgot he’s a crazy driver

Soon he brought down the one blocking mine

His eyes were blazing with anger

“Where is Martin” he asked angrily

“I..I.. don’t know” I stuttered

He just dragged me me down towards where we heard banging and brought Martin out too

Throughout the ride his angry breaths were heard and Martin looked at me in fear

It’s funny to see Martin scared of my brother even when he’s two months older than him

But I understand since my brother is a dangerous person and short tempered

” I will send you both to Istanbul for a short while because he will be on the lookout for you” he said angrily

“But throughout your stay there you better come up with something to get what I want else I will feed your heads to the birds” he added again

And we both nodded in fear

Oh God! If I should lay my hands on those two they’d be dead for sure