January 17, 2022

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High School Crush. Episode 27

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 27 ????

???? Kimberly ????

Two months has passed since the incident, Jenny and Martin are no where to be find, Damien did virtually everything to find them but it seems the both fled

But it is non of my business anymore since they are no longer a threat to me or my love so I am good

I feel sluggish this morning and waking up seems so hard

For the past week I have been having serious dizziness and mood swings

Though I didn’t let Damien know so he won’t get worked up over nothiness

There’s going to be an urgent meeting this morning with the board so Damien left me home but made me promise to drive his second car to work

I dragged myself out of the bed and slide into my flip flops when I suddenly have the urge to puke

I rushed into the bathroom and emptied my stomach

What the hell did I eat, this is like the third time I’d be puking in two days

I washed my face clean staring at myself at the mirror, I looked pale and sick

I just ignored it and started bathing

In few minutes I was done and got claded in my clothes

I took my shades, and picked up my side bag I took another glance at the room to see I forgot anything but it seemed like I have picked everything I needed

I went downstairs and rushed my breakfast before picking up one of his car keys

I got in the car and zoomed off to work

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“First time not seeing you two together” Jayden’s head popped behind me

“Shouldn’t you be at the board meeting” I asked

“There’s a board meeting??” He asked in shock

“Let me guess Claire was with you” I answered

“Well..erm… maybe’ he stuttered itching the back of his hair

“What are you still doing here” I demanded like a elder sister while he scrambled away

I chuckled at his behavior,it’s really obvious that both him and Claire are so into each other’s

I shook my head and walked to my office humming Ariana’s song into you

????Am so into you into you into you ????

“Ahh” I signed dropping bag on the desk and sunk into my sit

I just began arranging the files on my desk when the door opened and Claire walked in

“Hey girlfriend” she called in her usual cheerful voice

“Why do you have two heads” I asked rather, my eyes were spinning and it felt like she had to heads or something

“No i have six heads” she replied sacarstically

This time I could see clearly

“Way to go Claire you succeeded in Making Jayden late for the meeting this morning” I snapped

“What meeting” she asked

“The one I came to inform you about yesterday” I replied

“When” she asked and I shook my head

“How would you know when you were busy moaning Jayden’s name on your desk as you guys make out” I said with an eye roll and her face heated up

“Oh my gosh, Jayden is such a bada*s when it comes to s*x, if you see the way he handled….”

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“Claire c’mon” I cut in her dirty talks

“What? I was just trying to give you the details” she shrugged

“I never said i….urghhh” I was saying when I felt the urge to puke again

I ran to the restroom and emptied my stomach

I splashed water to my eyes and walked back out sluggishly

“What’s wrong with you Kim” Claire asked concernly

“I think I am coming down with fever” I replied casually

“I noticed you look pale and wanted to ask you about it”

“And you got carried away telling me your make out session with jay, you area great friend” I replied

“C’mon Kim, you’ve got to get yourself treated”

“No am fine” I replied walking to my sit just then the door opened and Damien walked in smiling

“Hey baby” he greeted ignoring the fact that Claire was there

Claire finally found out our relationship of recent

” Hi” I replied dryly

“What’s wrong with her” he asked Claire walking towards me to feel my forehead

“So you finally saw me” Claire rolled her eyes

I just shook my head and ignored their bickerings

“Seems like your girlfriend here is coming down with fever and refused to treat herself” she said

“Let’s go” Damien said

“To where” I asked

“The hospital of course, I can’t let my other half get sick it’s going to affect me too” he said and I blushed

” No don’t worry you have to meet you with someone in the next five minutes and I don’t want to disturb your work” I said

“But you are not okay” he argued

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“That’s why I will go to the hospital myself and tell you what’s wrong with me when I come back” I said Adamantly

“Okay fine” he finally gave in

“But make sure you are fine, I don’t wanna lose you” he said kissing me

“Do you two realize that I am here” Claire utters

“We know, you’ve done that a lot even more with jay in my presence” I replied kissing back damien

She walked out shaking her head causing us to laugh

What a trouble maker