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High School Crush. Episode 3

6 min read

???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 3 ????

???? Kimberly ????

I woke quite early than yesterday so I did everything less hurriedly

I came to down to see Dad and my brother Ethan already sitted and ready to eat

“You are awake” Ethan said

“No still asleep” I replied while he glared at me

“Good morning Dad” I said ignoring Ethan

“Morning hope you are gonna have breakfast today and not run off like yesterday”

“I will” I said taking my sit

“Of course she will she has not to of her bestie is the CEO” Ethan grinned and I slapped his hands

I knew I shouldn’t have told Sandra she’s such a chatter box

“Mind your business okay” I said facing my food

I picked up my bag and head out as soon as I was done eating

I took a cab and went to the company


It has been two hours and Damien has been super frustrating

He’s been calling to his office and at the end he’d have nothing to send me

Jenny was just glaring hard at me that I was wondering why her eyes has fall out

The rest of the workers were giving me a pity face while the girls are glaring at me as if I stole something from them

I was working on a project in my office when Jenny entered my office for the 15th or 20th time today

“He’s calling you again” she said in a bored tone

“Oh lawd can you just like to him and say you didn’t see me” I begged desperately

“I will gladly do that like I want you around him……”

“And you will lose your job” Damien’s cold voice cut in

“Am sorry sir” Jenny said scurrying out of my office leaving me with Damien

If glare could kill he’d be ten feets under

“What” I said angrily folding my hands under my breâsts

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“Follow me” he said simply and I couldn’t help but groan

I swear I’d kill him eventually

We finally got to his office and he went to his sit

“What do want me to do” I asked

“Erm…I can’t even remember” he said grinning at me

Someone should just kill me

“Damien the last time I checked you said I should respect you as my boss but clearly I can’t do that cause you just keep acting like a creep” I said angrily

“C’mon Kimmy” he grinned

He obviously hasn’t stopped calling me Kimmy

“Now tell me what am doing at your office for the twentieth time” I asked

“You were keeping count”

“I actually lost count at nineteen…that’s not the point answer my Damm question”

“Yeah I asked you to maintain and employee relationship but you’re still my bestie so I can do what I want” he said smiling

“Now I get it you’re doing this to frustrate me right”

“If you see it that way”

“I’d be in my office” I said going out but he was first to get in my front


He dragged me to the sit on n front if him

“You’d sit right here till we close” he said leaning close to me and our faces was inches apart

That act caused me to gulp down nothing in particular

We stayed in that position for minutes before he cleared his throat and went back to his seat

This is going to be a long day

???? Damien ????

It was just so hard to concentrate with the way she was radiating this morning

I wanted to keep seeing her that’s why I keep calling her unreasonable works

But I guess I lost it when I saw that the guys were staring at her

And I called her again but have nothing to send her I mean am the only one to stare at her this way

I just had to ask her to sit in front of me which was a big risk because I know that will be distracted for the rest of the day

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It took everything in me not to kiss her my lips was inches away

Her lips was just saying “kiss me kiss me”

“Bang!!” I heard and look up to see Kim banging the table


“You zoned out I have been calling you for the past five minutes” she said

“It’s not my fault your beauty distracted me” I thought within me


???? Jenny ????

I stood at the door with two other ladies eavesdropping their conversation because it’s been two hours she had gone in and hasn’t come out .

And that got my blood boiling

Different thoughts were going on my mind

What if they are kissing each other
What if they are having séx

What if…..

This is so anonying

I signed and left the door since I couldn’t hear what they were saying clearly it was coming out in muffs

I will have to do anything to get the CEO wheater he likes me or not

I was still thinking when Kim came out and went to the direction of her office to get her bag

Soon Damien came out also ready to go

Then it was clear to me that they were going together

I walked quietly behind them and saw how Kim got in his car and they drove out….

???? Kimberly ????

We’re chatting happily when. He suddenly asked me to go get my bag that we’re leaving

“Where are we going”

“To your dad’s restaurant”

“You mean my house”

“Whatever you call it”

I smiled happily as we got into his car and drove off

We were welcome by my dad and anonying brother who works for Dad cause according to him he wants to be a renowned chef

I watched as my brother and Damien chat heartily

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I can’t Blame them bother they missed each other

“Hope my sister is less anonying” Ethan said Bring a frown to my face

“He’s the anonying one” I said sticking my tongue out at Damien

“Ouch my heart” he crossed his heart faking hurt while I rolled my eyes

“You’re both anonying” Dad said coming to our table with rice Krispies and chicken

“That’s no way to jugde” I wined

“I guess am satisfied with his judging sense” Damien said and I glared at him

Dad set the food on the table and all the food get was carrying was set on Damien side while Ethan brought a plate of rice for me and I gasp

Damien just had a satisfactory smirk on his face

“Dad!” I poured

“Bosses order girl” Ethan grinned

“Shut up or I’d be forced to scratch your face”

“Just like the old times just that the food is on my side more than yours” Damien grinned and I realized he was referring to what happened when we were in highschool

“You bastard” I seethed

Flashback ????

We just collected our report card from school that day and I did well than he did

Besides dad has promised that the person that got the best will get yo order what we’d both eat

So I did

I other rice krispie and chicken and rice only for him

And even denied him my chicken despite knowing how much he loves chicken

Flashback ends ????

So this is what the food was about he’s paying me back

“Enjoying the food” he said with a smirk tearing the chicken apart with his teeth and moaning in it’s deliciousness

I felt like wiping the smirk off his handsome face as my mouth water for the dressed chicken

Did I say handsome?? Scratch that he’s just sooo ugly


Damien o????
Kim take it easy he’s just starting