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High School Crush. Episode 31

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 31 ????

????Sandra ????

This morning was a bit chilly so I got claded in some coat

Kim on the other hand was still sleeping, I wonder if it’s because of her pregnancy or she just decided to be lazy

I went to the kitchen and prepared her favorite

By the time I was done she was already awake and yawning lazily on the couch

“Sandy” she yelled


“Don’t tell me you allowed me to sleep on the couch till this morning” she narrowed her gaze to mine

“What else do you expect me to do? You slept too early and I didn’t want to disturb your sleep” I shrug

“You should have carried me then” she yelled

“Carried you?? Have you forgotten you are no longer one but two huh” I asked

“That’s why Damien is better than you he’d have carried me” she muttered but I heard her

“Then go meet him” I hushed

“No I am angry at him” she pouted

“I thought you were missing him few minutes ago” I asked surprised

“No I wasn’t” she replied while I just stare blankly at her

Now I get why they say pregnant women are handful

I am beginning to doubt if she was the Kim I knew

Putting her bickering and childish attitude aside I helped her prepare her bathe and waited till she finished bathing

I served our food and went up to get my bag since I’d be meeting with someone today

But by the time I got down I meet Kim eating my food

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“Kim” I yelled in hunger and pain

“What” she answered with her mouth full

“You are eating my food what am I supposed to eat huh” I said trying so hard not to cry

I love food a lot so don’t Blame me

“Ohh I didn’t know, I thought the whole is for me I didn’t know yours was part too, it’s not even enough I will just have to manage” she blabbed and my mouth hung in shock

Damien should better come get his girl cause she’s driving me crazy

I walked off angrily with one thought on my mind getting damien

They need to reconcile

????Damien ????

“Any luck” I asked Claire who rushed in

“No luck at all see what your stupidity has caused you”

“Aish” I ruffled my hair

I have looked for her at every possible place I know she loves going but to no avail

I even to her house though I couldn’t tell her father she was missing but I didn’t meet her there

I will sure gate myself if anything happens to her

I was about to go get something inside when my phone rang, it was an unknown caller

“Hello” a feminine voice came through

“Hi” I replied gruffy

“I know where Kim is so just meet me at the ally near your Alma meter” she said and my heart beats accelerated

“Who are you how..” she hung up with out answering my questions

Without thinking I picked my car keys and ran out

I bumped into Claire ” where are you going”

“Someone called saying she knows where Kim is and am going over there” I replied as fast as u could

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“Dressed in PJs only and looking completely miserable, what if the person is lying huh”

“I gat to give it a try bye” I ran off

I checked my self on the mirror of my car and I sure looked miserable

In few minutes I was already there

As I got down and began to walk towards where I was asked to come

I saw a familiar figure standing as if on cue she turned it was “Sandra”

“Oh you look miserable” she muttered

“Where’s is Kim” I asked but a knock on my head as a response

“What was that for” I ask

“That’s for being stupid, how could you leave her at the hospital what if I didn’t pass by huh” she yelled angrily poking my nose

“Am sorry, but where is she” I said desperately

I really want to see her

“Follow me she’s at my house causing me troubles because of the little you inside her” she murmured

???? Kimberly ????

I was tired, I had ransacked every where at her house and nothing seemed appealing to eat and am damn hungry

Crumbling on the couch, I started crying even though I didn’t know why I was crying but I feel so hungry

Just then the door rang and I jumped up in happiness thinking it was Sandra

But the door open and shows the person I least expected

Damien, he was standing there and looking miserable like some sadist

Without thinking I ran to him and hugged him

“Oh how I missed your scent” I murmured inhaling him

Then I remembered I was supposed to be angry at him so I disengage the hug and shifted back

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“Why are you here” I changed the tone of my voice

“Don’t you miss me, I have been looking for you” he said with a smile on his face

” I don’t Miss you so go” i lied I desperately want to kiss those lips

“You miss me so please come back to me” he pleaded

“I know lying you don’t have to tell me, aish” I ruffled my head at my stupid behavior and made to go back to sit but he pulled me to himself and crashed his lips on mine

“Ahh” I moaned how I miss his lips, in unconsciously wrapped my legs round his torso digging my hands to his hair as he kissed me more deeply

“Eww, didn’t know you miss him this much” I heard Sandy’s voice and I jumped off Damien

” No I don’t miss him” I countered

“C’mon Kim I thought you just forgave me”

“No I didn’t” I replied

He came to hug Mr from behind and I felt the warmth i have been longing for

“Leave Me alone” I said even though I made no attempt to leave his embrace

“No beauty am not letting you go ever again” he said behind my ears and I let out an involuntary moan

“No I won’t forgive you” I said turning to hug him more to myself

“Aish” Sandra groaned pushing past us

To be continued….