January 17, 2022

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High School Crush. Episode 7

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 7 ????

???? Kimberly ????

I couldn’t hold the laughter as Jenny swept my office and clean the whole of my toilet

She had a frown on her face but who cares

That was Claire’s punishment for her and her probation from being fired

She add few rules to it “never come close to my brother”

“Do not insult kim” and so many other funny rules

Never knew Jenny will find her match this quick

Damien eventually came to work three hours later

I guess he is embarrassed from yesterday’s drama or afraid of my orders from him

But I want to keep him guessing

Though I still have the mind of asking him who Claire is to him
Cause it seems she truly has a say in the company

I was working on a document when Claire barge in my office

“What is it this time” I asked tiredly cause she’s been doing that all morning

“I might have done something horrible to damien and he’d be looking for me so I decided to hang out with you since this is going to the last place he’d check” she rushed her words

“What exactly did you do” I asked sternly folding my arms under my breasts

“So how about that crush huh the one you have on damien” she said changing the topic

“You don’t answer questions with questions” I rolled my eyes

“Just answer me and quit blushing unnecessarily”

“No am not” I said obviously lying cause if by my calculations my cheeks will be burning because of the question she asked

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“Yes you are”

“Wait is he really your brother or you said that to get Jenny to do your will”,

“He’s my cousin technically”

“And you never told me” I said faking anger

“C’mon you never asked beside it doesn’t matter your secrets are safe with me” she winked

“Gosh Claire you are one hell of a girl”

“And you fit damien like hell” she teased

“Get out I have work to do”

“Aye aye boss”

What a trouble

I packed the files accordingly and made my way to damien office to submit it

I knocked twice but got no reply
So I just barged in and luckily the door wasn’t really locked but my mouth hang in shock at what I saw

It was Damien clothed in pie all over with his office really messy

I need no one to tell me that this was Claire’s hand work

Did I forget to tell you she’s really clumsy oh yeah she damn is

I bursted out laughing while damien just signed tiredly

“So you are going to laugh me huh” he said

“Hell yeah it’s so hilarious you look like a clown”

“Really Kim really”

“Really really” I laughed

“Just wait till I get my hands on Claire she’s gone for good”

“Just go get a shower I’d go get another pair of cloth from your house and give me your car keys” I said stretching out my hands

“You sure or you wanna play another prank on me” he said in hesitation

“I pinky promise”

“Okay fine it’s on my desk” he said and I went over there to get it

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???? Jenny ????

I groaned bitterly inside the toilet thinking of the humiliation the bítch Kim and Claire made me go through

She should just wait till I have damien wrapped round my finger

I’d make like miesrable for her and Claire not minding if she’s his sister or not

I can’t believe they made me sweep and wash the toilet

A whole me Jenny


I was about going out when my friends call came through

???? Damien ????

I smiled inwardly as Kim clean up my body and dressed me

It brought that warm feeling and happiness within

It was like her hands should never leave my body but sadly it did
.after she knotted my tie

After I had changed and now Inna better cloth we resumed to the work initially on ground

We were supposed to be through by now but thanks to Claire it’s getting dark and we weren’t anywhere near done

Those papers are scheduled to be submitted the next day and the load is much

I would have asked my secretary to join us but I don’t like her she’s so seductive

Finally the files were sorted and arranged but it was already very late

She packed her things and left hurriedly while I ran behind her so that I can help her home

It’s late and past midnight already and I don’t want those rouge staring at what’s mine at all

“Let me give you a lift” I said from behind and I saw her startled

“Oh it’s fine my house isn’t far from here and you know it I’d just get going”

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“I insist Kim besides I am the one who made you go home this late and the dark is pretty dangerous”


“Don’t hesitate Kim” I said opening the door for her and she gave me that smile that gat my heart dancing

I rushed to my side and drove off

Throughout the drive she was silent and I didn’t bother bringing up a discussion because she looks tired

We finally arrived in front of her house and she tried to get off but the seat belt held her down

She was trying to undo it the same goes to me and that gesture brought our faces together with our lips few inches apart

I bend my lips slowly towards hers lost in the beauty of her emerald eyes and about to kiss the hell out of her when my phone suddenly beeped causing us to jolt out of our postion

She got down hurridely and muttered a silent bye as she ran. Into the house

I checked my phone to see who disrupted our kiss and it turned out to be Claire

She’s such a kill joy