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High School Crush. Episode 8

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???? MR C.E.O ????

????His highschool crush ????

✍️Writen by Lois ✍️

???? Episode 8 ????

???? Damien ????

I couldn’t stop thinking about the previous kiss

I was damn angry Claire interrupted and she got it hot when I got back home

I would have had a taste of those mesmerizing lips I always dreamt of but no

Someone has to ruin it

Claire tried her best to make me spill it but I didn’t because I know her she will not only tease me with it but make sure we kiss again and this time she will be at the scene

She’s that crazy

On one hand I was glad she stopped the kiss but on the other hand I was so angry

But in any of the ways ur created a somewhat tension between us two and everyone in the company kinda of noticed it most especially the pesky secretary

She’s always glancing at the both of us which I covered with a cold glare

Kim even had barely spoken a word to me since morning

Except “here’s the file sir” and them she goes out

???? Kimberly ????

I can’t believe he almost kissed me

Does that means he feels something for me as well

No it was just a coincidence

I just can’t stop blushing and smiling throughout yesternight

Dad and Ethan was just looking at me like I have two heads but who cares

The only issue is the tension between the two of us and it seems Claire notice it and she’s been pestering me about it though I tried not to make it obvious

But each time mentioned “is it my brother” I can’t help the blush in my face and that gave tge impression that something happened which didn’t

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And I had no choice but to tell her

“C’mon speak up what happened” she asked for the umpteenth time”

“I said nothing happened okay cool down ur itching pússy” I said with an eye roll

“Tell me or I will tell my brother you’re crushing on him”

“You wouldn’t dare” I glared at her

“Why not try me” she said standing up on going towards the door

I Know Claire to well not to joke with her words she’s super crazy

“Okay fine”

“Am listening” she said grinning widenly

“We almost kissed but a call disrupted the whole thing” i muttered lowly and she gasp

“Oh m gee”

“Now you know shut up” I said with my cheeks already going crimson red

“No wonder he was annoyed at me yesterday oh my goodness I shouldn’t have called” she murmured but I heard her

“Now bye to your office you’ve disturbed me enough for a day” I groaned and she giggled before leaving my office

Seriously her future husband has a lot of work to do

I continue my work but Jenny repeated glares as I walk to and fro wasn’t in any comfortable

She’s been extra grumpy and angry today that I was forced to ask if she was dumped by her boyfriend but I got another glare as my reply

Claire then decided to add more salt to her injury by calling it fùckéd and discarded the whole workers bursted into laughter while Jenny was forced to leave the place in embarrassment


???? Jenny ????

My blood has been boiling since the previous night

First Damien did not allow me work with them so I went home the same time the other workers did

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But came back to discover they worked till midnight

What got me boiling was the fact that Kim’s whøring aßs kissed my damien
Because I followed Damien’s car and I saw him drop her off at the front of her house

I didn’t want to believe what I saw but the tension between them this morning says it all

And she had the guts to tell me I was dumped?? And even laughed and make mockery of me in front of other workers

I never wanted to do something drastic before but they just bit my fingers

And I will do worse and make sure damien is mine

???? Kimberly ????

The day by so fast so I quickly packed my things immediately working hours are over and rushed out

I rushed based in three things first from Damien’s tempting eyes secondly from crazy Claire claws and thirdly because Ethan called saying Dad needs me and it sounded urgent

I would have trekked but it was a matter if urgency so I took a cab

By the time I get home from I was sweating profusely

I got to the entrance of the restaurant to find it slightly opened which is odd

I walked in to see that no food was even in display that means dad wasn’t working today

I started hearing heated argument coming to my direction and then I saw my dad Ethan and our landlord

Our landlord was shouting while my dad and brother was begging

Oh my how can I forget it was the end of the month and we haven’t paid the rent as promised

“Here she comes the great talker” the landlord Mr Fein said sarcastically

“I am so sorry I will try talking to my boss and I will pay you tomorrow afternoon” I pleaded

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“I have had enough if your pleases Kim pay me my money or I’d throw you out this instant” he grouse angrily

“You can’t do that at least you’d give us six months notice” Ethan mumbled avd I glared at him

“Are you hearing your son Darwin” Mr Fein growled

“I am sorry” dad said with a bow
.this guy is younger than my dad and he’s behaving like this because he’s richer

“Mr Fein I said I will pay you so cool your balls down” I yelled already annoyed

“Or you could pay me the way I asked you to” he said with a sily smile

“Go to hell mister” I yelled Angrily walking to my room

If he ever think I will sleep with him because of his good for nothing house then he’s dreaming

I can hear dad calling me back but I didn’t bother to answer

????Damien ????

I wanted to talk to Kim after work but I saw her walking away hurriedly

I just wanted to tell her not to make this more awkward than it already is but she was gone before I can see her

I decided to follow her home
I was about entering when I heard arguments.

I decided to hide at the back of the door and eveasdrop their discussion

Kim’s dad and brother was begging while Kim was negotiating with him

It was all cool Until the man I presume to be their landlord said “Or you could pay me the way I asked you to”

“Go to hell mister” Kim said Angrily walking towards her room

I retreated my steps when she was close to where I hid

I waited till she was gone before I went inside