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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 2

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Written by: Authoress Cisca �

“ Runaway, It’s the hunters. ”

� Chapter 2 �

I rushed out if my room making my way down the stairs to see Dad and Mom already awake with Tina my little sister beside them.

They didn’t seem to have noticed me enter the sitting room until I asked.

“Dad, Mom, what’s going on?”

They trailed their eyes on me. Mother held Tina’s hand as she brought her to me.” Take your sister with you, gos into the basement and hide. Do not come out. ”

” But mother… ”

” Just do as I said! ” She interrupted with a yell.

With the hot tears already rolling out of my eyes, I took Tina’s hand into mine heading down to the basement.

I made sure we were hiding in something that wouldn’t get us caught easily. My mind was still thinking over what might be the cause of the sudden chaos when Tina’s voice distracted me.

“Lora, what’s going on? Why are there fires everywhere? ” I noticed the shaky tone in her voice as she asked me that.

She was only ten, three years older than Kittie yet I saw her as kittie’s age mate. She was innocent to witness the crazy happenings out there.

I wish I knew what was going on…

“I don’t know, Tina. I really don’t know. But I do know that everything is going to be alright. ” I reassured her trying to believe my own words.

Everywhere were on fire, nothing seems to be alright.

“Mummy, Daddy,, are they gonna be okay?”

“Of course, Tina. Have I ever told you that they are the strongest and courageous people on Earth. ”

” Really? ”

” Yes. And that’s why they made them the leaders of Acacia. So don’t worry, they’ll be here in no time. ”

We heard footsteps climbing down the stairs to the same basement Tina and I hid. I shhed her to listen.

“Is that mommy?” She asked in a whisper.

“Maybe.” I said in a whisper.

“Lora? Lora? Tina?!” Mother called and before I could even make a move, Tina had already jumped out running in mother’s arm.

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“Mommy! Mommy what’s going on?”

“Nothing serious, sweetheart.” Then she took me beside, away from where can not hear a thing from what we discussed.

” What’s going on?” I asked.

“It’s the hunters, they’re here again. ”

” Why? ”

” They think we have a Demon in our village.”

“Is there?”

“No. There’s no Demon here. They just want to take down this village”

“I thought this has been settled a long time ago. Why then are they here? ‘

“I wish I know.”

“Mommy,” Tina called from where she sat drawing her attention to herself. ” What of Dad. Where is he?”

“Come her sweetie.” Tina walked up to her while she buried Tina’s face in her hands.” Daddy is out there saving the day. He’s gonna be fine, okay?”

Tina nodded..

She focused at me,” Acacia is no longer safe. I want you to take your sister with you out of here. With the hunters here no on is safe, not even this basement is. ”

” No, no mother this is not happening.” I shook my head in disagreement. “If the hunters are gonna take you guys, they’re taking me too. You’re not planning on giving me the burden of taking care of Tina, are you? No, mom, I can’t. ”

” Mummy, you’re not leaving us, are you? ” Tina asked in her thin voice.

Mother sighed looking down at her. “No, Tina. Mummy is not leaving you. She just want you to wait outside while she go call Daddy. Okay? ”

She nodded again.

Then to me. I looked away not wanting to look at her in the eye. She was making everything look like it was over, like they were gonna die.

And I don’t want them to… None of them deserve to die either.

She held my chin, turning my face to look at her. “Take your sister with you. I want you two to run away, far away from Acacia. You two don’t deserve to die, none of you! Don’t try dying for us, Lora, it’s not your duty to.”

She kissed my forehead then Tina’s.” Now, go. Go wait for mommy outside. Okay? ”

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I was crying, crying for two reasons. One, I was gonna loose my parents tonight. Two, poor Tina. What will she say when she grows up?

“I love you, Mom.” The word escaped my mouth.

“I love you too, sweetheart. Take your sister with you, will you? ‘

I nodded continuously..

“Good. Now go! Go! ”

I took Tina’s hand into mine as we ran out if the basement through a secret door.

I didn’t stop crying as we kept running. The smell of smokes had already evaporated the atmosphere.

Those noise back at the village kept sounding in my ears, I couldn’t concentrate.

We didn’t stop running…

Tina made a stop causing me to stop too. I looked at her to know what the problem was.

“Tina? What’s wrong?”

” Mommy is still there.” She said pointing back at the village. ” She said we should wait for her.”

“Come on, Tina. Let’s go.”

“I’m not going anywhere without mommy and daddy.” She insisted.

” Tina, let’s go!”

” No! Go if you want to but I’m waiting.” She persisted .

“No one is coming, Tina.” I told her.

“You’re lying! Say you don’t want me to follow you. I know mommy, she’s…”

” She’s not coming!” I yelled at her. “Neither is Dad coming.”

I knew I shouldn’t have told her but she was so stubborn and I had to.

“I’m sorry, Tina. She didn’t want you to feel sad so she didn’t tell you.”

She squeezed her toy to her chest shooking her head. ” No. No.. mommy! ” She sniffed.

I shut my eyes for awhile. But when I opened it, Tina was already making her way back to the village.

“Tina, wait!”


I ran, following her as fast I know my legs could carry me but she was faster. I was getting closer and closer but my speed was interrupted by a hard object on the ground.

“Ahh!” I screamed falling to the ground and rubbing my affected toe. “Tina.” I said realising I was once busy with something or even… Someone.

I noticed the burning fire in our house increasing and Tina was already few kilometers to it.

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What the hell is she thinking? Yet, I didn’t make a stop. If she was dying, I was gonna die too.

“Tina! Stop! Please just stop!” I screamed.

Damn it! I shouldn’t have told her that. Silly me!


There was the explosion.

“Tina!” I cried. ” No, Tina! No,,, no,,, noo!”

I watched as the whole building fell to the ground with Tina already in it.

“What have I done? What have I done? No,,, Tina. Not you?”

I pushed myself to keep running when the building exploded again throwing me hard to the ground.

My head landed on that same stone I had stepped on few minutes ago.

I felt weak each seconds I exhaled and I wished death would take over. What was life without them? What was life without the people I love?


I closed my eyes awaiting patiently for death to take over. Whatever that was going on, whatever noise that kept echoing faded away as I felt nothingness in me.

Yes, death was finally coming and I was ready to accept it. And I guess it did.

???? Unknown POV ????

It was over…

The hunters were gone for good, Acacia already burnt to the ground. No single soul left behind.

Then they came, walking in search for any survival. But there was no one found alive. Still, they didn’t stop searching.

“We find no dead body, Sire.” Said one if the guards.

“Keep searching. ” Said the figure on a black horse.

” I found one!” Another said from afar. ” She’s alive. ”

The others directed their movement to where her body laid.

“How is she?” Asked the figure.

“Her pulse is getting weaker. She might not make it in the next one hour. ” Said the guard as he felt her weak pulse.

The figure got down from his horse, walking closer to her unconscious body. He bent towards her and taking her into his arms.

Her eyelashes moved, and again until it was halfway opened. Everything was so him and blur as she couldn’t see who it was.

“Help… me. Help… help me.” She said those words with her last breath.

Again, everything went blank…