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Saved By The Demon. Chapter 3

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Written by: Authoress Cisca ✍️

“ Wipe those tears, Lora. They make me weak. ”

???? Chapter 3 ☘️

???? Unknown ????

“Come back here!” Cried a woman as Lora ran out of the room down the stairs. ” Guards! Someone get the girl!” She said taking a stop as to catch her lost breath.

Lora kept running, jumping three or two steps at once to get far away from the incoming guards after her.

She stopped for a moment staring down below the high staircase. Jumping each step weren’t going to help as there were more to cover.

She made some fee steps backwards before proceeding with a great speed to jump down.

“Arrhh!” She screamed as she twisted her ankle.

She managed getting up to her feet to continue when some guards had already surrounded her.

They grabbed her by the hands dragging her back into the room she had ran away from.

“Let me go!” She cried. ” I said let me go!” But to their strong hold, her struggles were in vain.

Door opens…

“Don’t you ever think of leaving here.” Said one if the guards angrily.

Door closes…

She scoffed.

Who the hell does he think he is? She wondered to herself.

The young lady helped her walked to the bed. She sat in it, dragging herself to the middle of the bed.

“Will you think of running again?” Asked the young woman.

Her eyes were blue and stunning. Her smiles were adorable leaving Lora to wonder what kind of creature they really are.

She looked down at her twisted ankle. It really hurts… A lot. But she didn’t care. All she wants is to get the hell out of that place.

“Acacia is no more, so are your families. Running away won’t bring them back neither is it the right option to do. Here is the safest place you can ever stay. And trust me, no harm will ever come to you. ” Said the lady as she dressed Lora’s leg with bandages.


She looked at Lora with a soft smile. ” Sorry. I’m Elena by the way.”


“Nice meeting you, Lora. ”

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” You too, Elena. Thanks,,, for the bandage. ” She thanked.

” You’re welcome. ”

” What are you people? ”

” What do you think? ” Elena asked back.

” I don’t know. ” She replied. ” Maybe some kind of anti-demon hunters? ”

Elena giggled.” No. We are not any hunters related. We are what you humans call servants of the devil. ”

Lora moved backward but the pains of her twisted ankle prevented her from doing anything.

“What do you guys want from me?”

“It’s simple. We just want to save you from the hunters. Like I said earlier, we mean no harm to you. ” She said with her both hands in the air.

Elena stood up about to leave.” I’ll be back tonight. You’ll be meeting with the master. ”

” The master? ” Lora asked with so much confusion written on her face.

What master??…

“Yes, the master.”

“Y… your master,,, how does he look like? His he Lucifer? ” She stammered.

” No, ” Elena chuckled. ” He’s the vice-commander of Lucifer. He’s popularly known as the Demon. ”

” What’s the duty of a vice commander of Lucifer? ”

” They serve as the right hand of Lucifer. You can say they are the gateway to Lucifer himself. They give account of every activities on Earth, both humans and Demons. ”

Lora tried to understand what Elena had just said. If they were the devil’s right hand, then they’re no difference with the devil himself.

“Are you scared?” Elena asked her as she noticed the worried face.

“Uhmm… Yeah. Kind of nervous too.” Lora said with a heavy breath.

” It’s common. Everyone sees him as Lucifer too. ”

” Are you scared of him? ”

” Me? ” Elena asked. ” No. ”

~ Lora ~

I was done bathing before Elena showed up just as she had told me early this morning.

I tried dressing my hair in the manner my mom always dressed it before she died.

Urggh! I made it looked worst instead.

“Is it time?” I asked like I was even ready.

She trailed her eyes on me from my head to toe, then back to meet my eyes. ” You’re not thinking of meeting him like this, are you?”

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I looked at myself then at her.” What happened to the dress?”

One thing was for sure, I wasn’t that fashion type. Neither do I know one. All dresses looked the same to me but not those in that locked wardrobe even though I haven’t seen what was in there.

But,,, I was pretty sure those were a lot different.

Elena unlocked the wardrobe revealing what has been locked in it. My mouth were wide open so were my eyes.

Those dresses we’re a lot expensive to buy a skyscraper if not mistaken.

“Do you love this one?” Elena asked bringing out a yellow silky dress.

“Its beautiful but I’ve never worn something that is not red, blue or white. ”

She turned and looked at me,” those are your favourite colours?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

She hunged the cloth back in the wardrobe searching for another dress with either if the colours I have just mentioned.

Finally, she found red gown. It was full of royalty as well as too expensive for someone like me to wear.

“Do you like this one?”

I nodded…

” Okay. Put it on then. I can turn around if you prefer me too.” She offered.

My mother once told me that all girls were the same and that there was nothing to hid when you’re in their midst.

“It’s okay. That’s not necessary.” I whispered letting the turn gown pool around my feet.

She helped me with the dressing and makeup. One thing was left… Shoes.

She opened another wardrobe, different kinds of footwear’s contained in it. They were heels, flat shoes, boots and Snickers.

She took out a pair of red heels for me to put on. Back at Acacia, we were only used to scandals and boots.

I haven’t for once since I was born worn heels and today I was putting it on. I could walk comfortable with it, perhaps it wasn’t that high.

I felt my ankle almost twisted as I tested it. The pains weren’t gone yet and it won’t be nice wearing it to meet the master.

But all thanks to the long gown,,, it hid the bandage from exposing.

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We got out of the room heading downstairs. I had the chances to gaze around to see fullness and beauty of the gigantic mansion even though I knew they were more unseen.

It was beautiful, so beautiful that I felt Heaven beside me.

Or,,, maybe, was it because most of my life has been in the village filled with old and worn out houses and huts?

We got to the last stairs. Elena held my already cold hands, “Are you scared?” She asked me..

“No,” I shook, “just nervous.”

“I understand. The hall is just at the left. The master will be waiting. ”

I nodded.” Thank you. ” I whispered.

She nodded too before leaving to who-knows-where.

After taking some few steps, I stopped turning to see if Elena was in no way watching. She wasn’t.

At the entrance of the hall, at the front of the tall golden door, I took a thousand deep breaths before pushing it open proceeding in.

Like I said, there were a lot yet to be seen and this place,,, wasn’t an exception.

I looked around the enormous hall. It was so wide and designed in gold. I felt as if I was in heaven. Everywhere shinning and stunning at sight.

What is this place? What type of creature are they? Is this some kind of heaven I’m thinking?

I could see the massive table which can occupy a plot of land if I may guess with chairs surrounding it. I decided to make a few steps further to this massive table.

Then, I thought I heard a sound as I waited for something or someone to happen. It was like the whistle of the wind.

I went further to sit at the seat that was at the right end of the table. I had been living in a wretched place for so long that the sight of this elegant place lured me in.

But then, footsteps we’re heard. Closer and closer they got to my direction.

I felt my feet shivering in a sudden and unknown fear and I didn’t want to look back to see who it was coming.

My bones were seized with fear.

They weren’t just ordinary fear,, they were greater than the one I had felt earlier.