January 27, 2022

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Married To A Prince. Episode 34

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The palace has been in disarray ever since kyle went into coma for two months now

I really haven’t been myself
I miss him
I miss him son Much

I miss is talks
I miss his presence
oh! God! I miss my cold Mr pompous

there’s no day I don’t shed a tear
there’s no day I don’t think of him
I miss everything about him
the queen had been so sober and frustrated and the king couldn’t pass judgement on sky cause he’s his only son now while my husband lay in the shackles of the dark

different physicians and magicians had been invited to treat or find a way to bring him back to the world of humans,but the efforts were all wasted and futile
another monk had been invited all the way from Africa and this particular monk is from Nigeria
all I want his for my kyle to be back, back for me

I couldn’t help the tears rolling down my cheeks

why is life dealing me a hard blow! why?
just when have found happiness, one jealous freak of a brother just came out of the blues and snatch it away from me.

I stood up from the large bed were I had slept and fell back into it again
I feel so tired, weak and debilitated
my face was pale and my temperature’s quite high
oh! please I don’t wanna fall sick

A knock came on the door and I took my eyes to it
“who’s there?”I asked,tiredness evident in my voice
“it’s a maid ma’am” I heard a reply
“speak up”I said plainly

“your presence is needed in the royal room ma’am,the monk is arriving soon”she said and I took in a deep breath
what’s the essence of going there to face that jerk,when the monk will say same thing like the others

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“okay thanks”I replied the maid and heard her retreating step

I stood up with the intention of going into the bathroom but fell back into the bed again
“oh! Karen be strong for him
be strong for kyle please!!” I muttered to myself

“good morning my lord” I greeted the king who replied with a wave
he looks sober
I turned towards the queen with the aim of greeting her when she drew me into a hug and began crying on my shoulder
I couldn’t help it
I batted the tears that threatened to roll down my cheeks

“everything is gonna be fine ma’am
everything!” I said unsure of myself

the king just looked on while sky kept mute with a smirk on his face
his eyes were busy rummaging through the princess robe I had on.
if only Kyle was here,this beast won’t have had the nerves to stare lustfully at me, for goodness sake am his brothers wife!!!

she charged towards sky in anger and I took a seat tiredly
I can’t wait for all this to get over with so I can be alone in the comfort of my room

“you stupid son of mine!!”she yelled at sky who quickly placed an headphone over his ears

that’s what she’s Been doing ever since Kyle went into a deep sleep
she never gave sky a breathing space and it’s quite obvious she love Kyle more than sky

“how dare you shoot your brother with the silver arrow sky!
how could you hurt your blood huh?
why did you clasp your heart with jealousy,
how dare you deny your brother of his right sky?
that you could shoot him with the silver arrow?”she spoke and sky kept mute, obviously listening to the song playing from the headphone he had on

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“you can never be stronger or better than your brother sky, Never!!!

he’s a million times better than you
the arrow was to make him die sky,and you know it
but what happened?
he went into a deep sleep, isn’t that enough for you to see your nothing but a loser! huh?” she rasp forcefully pulling the headphone off his ears in anger

“mum!!!”sky yelled
his eyes blazing already
“what are you gonna do? huh?
are you gonna hung me on the roof or fry my brains huh?
your powers was a gift from me to you and I can take it back with the snap of my fingers” the queen yelled and he shrink


I shrink immediately mum said those words.
from what dad told us,her late father was a magician and had transferred his powers to mum,being his favourite before he died
as such mum transferred the powers to Kyle and I cause she prayed so hard before birthing us and kyle happens to be her favourite cause he once saved her life

ever since then mum had preferred him to me
I hated the fact that kyle seems to take the shine off me and i prays he never gets to wake up ever again
and his throne and bride will be mine

dad isn’t a hard but but mum is gonna be a threat and I don’t mind taking her off the way
I don’t care if she’s my mother

I kept shut as she continued ranting and cussing when a guard came in

“my lord the monk is….”
“let him in” dad replied impatiently and the Monk was ushered him in
I pray it ends up the same way it has almost been

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