January 17, 2022

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The Golden Boys. Episode 3

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oh! no!
I just don’t wanna ever see him
such a proud peacock.
I turned towards the shower and let the water run down my body
washing the sweats off my body

I placed my hands on the wall for support then used the other for scrubbing my body

life hasn’t been fair though fun with grandma and molly by my side
they are all have gat and I like it that way!

I turn off the shower and walk into the bedroom
I walk to the side of my bed where my closet and dilapidated dressing table laid.
i sat facing the mirror and pulled the off the towel from my head.
my eyes fell on the wall clock and I flinch

geez! 8:01
am damn late for school .

I hurriedly pack my hair into a corn row and scamper to my wardrobe, to get my old uniform.
luckily for me, it isn’t that bad cause I did a lot of washing and ironing on it to give it a fine look.

I slipped my straight long legs into the skirt before putting on my blouse that goes with it.

I applied lip gloss on my lips,wore my socks and my shiny black flat shoe,struck in my legs and pickup my school bag from my bed flunging it over my shoulders.

I stood in front of the mirror admiring my reflection,when the door burst open and molly rushed in looking wild.

“the next time you barge in here without a knock on the door, i will make sure i twist your neck” I yelled watching her from the mirror.

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“is there any need knocking anyways? the room is ours remember? so there’s nothing wrong barging into my room or perhaps our room” she argued pulling out her uniform from her closet, which was behind her bed too.

“will you shut up and take correction” I yelled and she scoffed.

“what have I done again?” she queried wrapping a towel on her body

“barging into the room cause it’s ours isn’t right, it’s immature, what if I was unclad huh?”i yelled my hands Akimbo.

“fine! fine! fine!, I got your point, big sisters are always wiser” she said with her hands up on the air.

“we are damn late,meet me up in school” I said walking towards the door.

“aren’t you gonna wait for me?” she asked and I frowned

“no waiting!
it’s late already” I said moving out

“c-mon Samantha we will take the bus today” she said and I scoffed

“and who the hell told you grandma would give us a fare to take a bus huh? when we barely have enough to eat” I remarked and she smiled.

“Bills on me!
I think I have some cash to spare” she said and I stared at her in disbelief.
“yeah!” she added giggling

“alright then, I will be in the sitting room” I cooed and she dash off into the bathroom
I walked through the hall way when I Bumped into Janet, my best friend ever
she stared at me with wide eyes
“don’t tell me your just arriving?
for goodness sake Samantha, your not a baby!
I think am gonna punish you this time to at least drive some senses into your head” she rasp holding a roaster

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Janet had been my friend right from nursery school, her parents aren’t rich though, they are middle class citizens and gives Janet whatever she wants
luckily, she’s an only child
she’s actually the school disciplinary prefect and she was elected last month as our class captain
she’s a brainy
more like a bookworm
and he has been my best friend ever

“c-mon Janet, you and I know how rough it has always been, selling of papers in the morning
preparing breakfast and all that,
my granny is getting old and I should be the one doing all this” I rasp leaning on the wall

“chill Beastie, you don’t need to tell me that!
it’s something I can read through your eyes” she said and I Snickered
she pulled me off the wall I had lean my back on and we began heading towards our class

“have gat a news for you” I said and she smirked
“what’s it all about?”she asked looking anxious
“I met a cute looking guy when I had gone to sell sell morning papers
you needed to see how cute and dreamy he….” I was still saying when she shut me up with a scoff

“cut it out Samantha, have gat a bigger news for you” she said grinning and I rolled my eyes at her

what could be more better than the cute guy I met today?

“spill it out” I said and she dilly-dallied for some minutes and finally jumped on me

“Golden boy David is back!!!”she screamed and I smiled
“tell me your joking?” I asked and she smiled harder
“nope am not!
he’s back, and the news is all over the net” she yelled bringing out her phone and quickly logged into the class group

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his pictures flowed in
he looks so cute

Golden boy David, had always been Janet’s crush and she seems to like him more than the others
the Golden boys consists of five cute boys with Angel like voices
David, Tristan, Mason, Eric and Travis
they were actually trained by B.S entertainment,where they own a record
they sang a song together ‘Golden love’ and the song hit the whole of Australia and beyond
different entertainment signed duet with them and their networking kept growing and they’ve turned into billionaires and works super stars

David had actually left for British and hadn’t returned for four whole years and Janet was patiently waiting for her crush and now he’s back!!
the whole ladies are seriously crushing over him

“finally my David his back” Janet said dreamily, placing her hands on her chest
“not like he knows you” I remarked and she frowned at me
“what he hell!
he’s gonna get to know me soon” she chuckled as we both moved into our classroom