January 17, 2022

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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 10

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich gardener}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????liam POV????
I sat in the car driving,I kept on starring at Kate,who had suddenly gone quiet.

Seeing her sad only made me want to make her happy.

An idea popped into my head and Instead of taking her home,I took her somewhere else

We were almost there when she asked where I was taking her

“Somewhere you will love” I said and stopped the car

I got out and got her out too,”where are you taking me Liam”she said again

“Just be patient” I said helping her to climb the rocky hill

finally we made it to the top and she stood holding me close to her,its so high and am sure she held me so she wouldn’t fall off.

“Wow liam,this is so beautiful” she said starring at the whole place

The sun setting and the beautiful water fall with the birds flying around and also the clouds adding a magic touch to it all.

I knew bringing her here would get her to smile, I missed seeing that smile of hers

We sat on the ground just watching the whole surrounding,taking in everything,
I wanted this to last for a while more but I knew we had to come back to reality

I stood up suddenly and she starred at me

“As much as I would like us to stay here,I know that I can’t do that, we have to leave or your family might be worried”I said and she stood up and together we both left the place.

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I wish she could say more,I wish she could tell me what’s going on in that head of hers.

I wish she could trust me enough to open up her heart to me.I just wish

????kate pov????
I sat in the car starring at liam,he has been the perfect gentleman, thanks to him I finally know the kind of creep Martin is

” do you want to listen to music,I can play one for you”liam said turning on the radio

The soft music began to play making me feel more sad

Why do I always have bad luck with men,Martin is not the first guy who have used me and dump me before,others have done that but thank God I found out one way or another

If liam hadn’t taken me to see martin then I would have married the bastard and lived a life of regret, just thinking about it made me hate myself more

Just then I felt him touching my hand, I turned and starred at him

“Dont keep your thoughts bottled up,am here my Darling Kate,just talk to me” he said kissing my hand

If only I had met him first,if only he had come at the right time, who knows I might have been so happy but now its too late,I have decided not to have any man in my life, I want to just live for me alone, want to go to somewhere far and restart my life,I need to do that,I need to make a new life for myself,that’s what have got to do

I held his hands, giving it a tight squeeze before kissing it,he would be happy with another Lady, a lady who is not me.

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He stopped the car right in front of my house and I got down and he also did too

“Liam its best if you go home now” I said to him

“Not until you tell me what’s going on in that little brain of yours, talk to me Kate” he said moving close to me

“Am not the right woman for you liam”

“No Kate,dont bring that now” he said

“Its the truth, am better left alone,all the guys I know are only after something from me,I never last long with a man well except for Martin who turned out to be like the rest, it’s best if I live my life being single,it will suit me and it will benefit you too, when you finally meet a beautiful girl you will……”

“To hell with beautiful girls,your the only one I want,the only girl I want for me” he said pulling me to him

I felt myself drowning in him but I just can’t let that happen.

“Tell me something Kate,dont you like me?what do you feel anytime you are in my arms,tell me you dont feel anything whenever I kiss you” he said kissing me gently on my lips

“Okay fine, I do feel something for you,I like you a lot but……”

“Why must there be a but, forget about the buts and let’s just live the moment” he said

“What assurance do I have that you won’t be like the rest”

“Haven’t I assured you enough,I like you like crazy” he said

“Your likeness for me today might just change tomorrow” I said holding his cheek

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“No Kate dont just throw this away without trying” he said

“There was never a thing before liam,you can’t be happy with me,am a like a curse,just find someone else,am sure they will make you so happy” I said and I gently kissed his cheeks

“Kate don’t do this” he said holding my hand

“Its for the best liam,its for the best” I said and began to walk In

“Kate!!!” He called and I turned

“This is the contract,have signed it” he said bringing the contract to me

“Thanks liam”

“There is really no way to change your mind” he said

“Have made my choice liam,please just respect it” I said and he nodded gently and walked off

Just watching him leave hurts me alot but its for the best.

If we meet in some other place,in another circumstance,I could have give him a try but that won’t ever happen right…….

So its best If he just leave”Goodbye liam”I.whispered gently before going in.