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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 11

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
A week later????????????
????kate POV????
“I still can’t believe that liam is this rich” Lucy said as she sat on my bed starring at her phone

“He really is handsome too, just look at that watch,I can bet it is worth a billion” Sandra said as she also starred at Lucy phone

“Common guys its enough, its not as if he is that great” Jessica said standing by the window

“He is Jessy,he is described here as a great Greek God,how I wished I had been nice to him” Sandra said

“Well the only one of us that had been nice to him seemed to had asked him to leave for good” Jessica said starring at me

I sat on my bed dealing with some company files,I haven’t been to the company for a week now,have stayed indoor,when I told everyone about it,they had immediately cancelled everything and a lot of busybodies and gossips wanted to know why and knowing them to being people that won’t leave you in peace until they get what they come for,I decided to stay home until everything has died down

“Is that true Kate?how could you have asked him to stay away” Sandra said

“He is damn rich Kate, you could have just stayed with him” Lucy said

“I have my reasons for telling him to leave okay!!!” I said

“But from what we see you like that guy and he likes you too” Lucy added

“Ooh just let her be,if she wants to waste her life being single then she should but let me tell you this,you will regret it for good” Jessica said leaving my room

“Its best you take Jessica words seriously, no lady like being single and think about it liam is rich,if I were you I would stick to him like a glue” Sandra added before she left

“What is their problem, they were against liam before” I said

“That was before they knew he was a darn rich billionaire, they had gone crazy, especially Jessica,she said she regrets having behaved bad to him,I too but we were kind of happy that you at least were good to him and that he could have taken martin place in your life but when you kept rejecting to see him and giving all his presents out,we knew something was wrong,your dont want to her hurt by him too right?” Lucy said

“Its not tha……”

“Don’t try to deny it,I know that that’s what bothering you,your just scared to open your heart to love again but sincerely I know that liam likes you a lot and you should give him a chance” Lucy said patting my shoulders before she left.

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“You should give him a chance” her words kept ringing in my head

I stood up from the bed and went to take the box of chocolates that liam had brought last night

He always bring a thing with him anytime he comes looking for me,I thought that with the way he left that night he would have finally given up in pursuing me but no he didn’t

He was always here,looking for ways to see me but I kept telling anyone at home to tell him that am not at home and that’s what have been doing for a whole week,he just won’t give up

Am sure that he will be here today too,with one gift or another.

I opened the chocolate box and found a little piece of paper in it

“I won’t give up” just reading that got me a bit thrilled,to know that a guy is pursuing me this bad makes me feel so good and also scared at the same time

I was almost through with eating the box of chocolates when my dad walked in

“Dad,your suppose to be at work” I said

“Yes am supposed to but I had to give you this before I go” he said giving me a booklet

I opened it and saw that it’s a plane ticket.

“You have been sad for a while now my child, why not just take a trip,you will use your time there to get over everything” he said

“But dad am still working”

“Think of it as a leave,a two weeks leave my child,everything will still function if you aren’t here” he said to me and I nodded hugging him

I really need to go on this trip,to clear my head, then when am back I can do things right again.

My dad left and soon a maid walked into my room.

“Miss Kate,Mr liam is outside and this time he said he wouldn’t leave until he sees you” she said

I stood up and went to the window,making sure I wasn’t seen by him,I saw him standing downstairs starring at my window and he had no gift with him and he had a determined look on his face

I walked back in and told the maid to tell him that am not home, knowing liam he would insists on seeing me if he knew I was home,she left and I went back to dealing with the files brought to me.

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Thanks to liam investment, the company is back on tracks,though we are no longer the owner,liam still made father the president of the company which is something I would always be grateful for

The maid didn’t return and if she didn’t then it only means that liam have gone.

I went back to bed brought out my head set and began to listen to music and before I knew it I was asleep already

I woke to the sound of the thunder,my head set was off and I could hear the pouring rain outside

I got out of bed and went to pick up some of the files that had fell on the floor

Just then I heard my mother calling,I went to open the door and found her looking at me worriedly

“You’ve got to go talk to that guy of yours, he wouldn’t leave the rain” she said

“Liam?you mean he still outside?” I said

“Yes,he didn’t leave and the maid have been calling for you but it seemed like you aren’t just ready to see him”

“My head set had been on my head then” I said running downstairs

I opened the door and found him standing in the rain

“We have taken the umbrella to him but he says he doesn’t want it” the maid standing outside said to me

I took the umbrella from her and went into the rain to meet him

“Are you crazy liam,dont you know that you could die because of this ” I said angrily as I used the umbrella to cover us both

He kept on starring at me and suddenly he threw the umbrella away and hugged me

“Liam!!!” I said

“You have no idea how much have missed you” he said pulling me close to him.

I stood there in his arms also holding him tight

“Enough you love birds,come in or you might catch a cold ” my mom said and I we both went in together

“Take liam” I said giving him a towel to use.

While I stood in the kitchen also using the towel to clean my hair.

I was deep into it that I didn’t notice liam looking at me and when I finally did I starred at him

“Why are you starring at me that way” I said and he walked towards me hugging me again

“Liam,this hugging is too much” I said laughing

“For the whole week I couldn’t see you,at least let me hug you to make up for the two weeks” he said

“Care for some hot tea” my mom said interrupting us again

We both nodded and tea was given to us

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We sat on the chair sipping our tea And starring at each other.

“Why did you refuse to see me” he said

“That’s because we already said our goodbye,we don’t have anything much to say” I said

“That’s a lie,we still have a lot to talk about, you know that I just can’t forget and neither can you” he said

“Liam there is no po …..”

“There is a point Kate,there is” he said and picked my hand and placed it on his chest

“Feel this,it only beats for you Kate,dont throw all I feel for you away just because your scared to give your heart again” he said kissing my hand

And suddenly I saw the pain and frustration he has Been feeling for this past one week

“Your right liam,am scared to love again and if I do give my heart to you,will you promise not to break it,will you be faithful to me always, you can’t do that,you see men will always be men” I said

“Dont put words in my mouth,am not like other men,if you were to give me your heart then I promise not to ever break it,I will cherish and love it always because I know its you I want to spend the rest of my life with” he said

“Liam” I said a little confused

“I love you my dearest Kate,destiny have brought us together,dont give up on our love yet” he said kissing me

While he was kissing me an idea popped into my head

“Liam,you are really sure that its destiny that brought us together”

“Yes I am my love” he said

“Am travelling,am going on a trip but I won’t tell you where exactly,if your sure its destiny that brought us together, destiny will make you find me”

“You want me to look for you but I don’t know where your going”

“That’s the plan in all this,you’ve got to look for me,know where I am,you’ve got the means and the resources to do that and I know that you can do it,when you do find me,I won’t resist anymore,I will surely believe then that we belong to each other” I said holding his cheek

“Can’t you look for another test to give me” he said

“Just this one liam,just this one” I said

“Then your on,I will make sure I find you and prove to you that destiny do exist and then I will shower you with all my love” he said and kissed me and me feeling so happy,kissed him back……

If destiny really exist, it will bring you to me Liam,it will,I thought